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Apple Fritter Strain: A Pleasant Trip For The Body And Mind

Apple Fritter Strain: A Pleasant Trip For The Body And Mind

Apple Fritter Strain

Are you a cannabis connoisseur looking to review some crazy strains out there? Have you heard about the apple fritter strain that has been gaining widespread popularity in recent times? Don’t worry if you have not been able to keep up with the latest in the CBD industry. Stay tuned because we have a plan, and strains are currently topping our charts! 

Why waste time on bad weed when you have so many strains to choose from? So instead of wasting any more time, let’s find out all the necessary details about the apple fritter strain in this article. Then, all you have to do is simply scroll down and find out the information you have been looking for!

Introducing The Apple Fritter Strain: Exploring Deets!

Exploring Deets

Yes, the apple fritter strain has gained widespread popularity but have you thought about what strain is apple fritter? Not really, right? Let’s find out all the exciting deets about this strain! Simply scroll down to find out now.

What Is The Apple Fritter Strain

What Is The Apple Fritter Strain

The Apple Fritter Strain is Indica-dominant, characterized by a sweet flavor and even sweeter aroma. But that’s not the real magic of the strain. With a whopping 25% THC, the apple fritter strain boasts a high that you simply can’t miss out on, especially if you are a recreational marijuana user

If you consider yourself a self-respecting marijuana aficionado, there is no reason to miss out on this potent powerhouse. Keep reading to find out the characteristics of the apple fritter weed strain, and don’t forget to try the same out when you get the opportunity.


First created by breeders at Lumpy’s Flowers about ten years ago, Apple Fritter is pleasant on your body and mind. 

FYI, Lumpy’s is basically a growing company well-known for cultivars such as Candy Apple Haze, Truffle Runtz, Cherry Jane, and Reckless Rainbow. The Apple Fritter strain is the brand’s most popular creation to date. 

To create this strain, Lumpy’s crossed Animal Cookies with Sour Apple – and boom, the hybrid Apple Fritter strain was born. This hybrid strain has led to the birth of other strains, such as Apple Runtz and Cherry Pie. Undoubtedly, this strain is a very potent cultivar. 

Smell And Taste:

You will find that several consumers have reported that Apple Fritters has a mixed aroma – it smells like butter, cheese, and obviously apply, at the same time. So, it is a dessert strain of sorts. 

On consumption, this apple-flavored dessert strain tastes pretty good – you will also be able to taste an earthy and sweet grassiness that will definitely satisfy the palate of most cannabis connoisseurs.

The terpene profile of the Apple Fritter strain weaves together the citrusy tones of limonene, the cinnamon touches of caryophyllene, the herbal smell of terpinolene (also found on nutmeg, rosemary, and sage), and the hoppy notes of humulene. 

Plus, terpinolene is also found in Apple Conifer tress, which potentially explains its connect with the Apple Fritter strain. 

Characteristics Of The Apple Fritter Strain:

When two potent American strains are crossed, the apple fritter strain yield is obtained – yes, when you blend the sour apple strain with the animal cookies strain, the results are the apple fritter strain. In fact, many people might make the mistake of calling this the sour apple fritter strain, but you can drop the ‘sour’ and just enjoy the fine balance in taste. 

Check out the table for more details:

Genetics Indica-dominant
Parents Animal Cookies X Sour Apple
THC 25%
Flavors Earthy, Sweet, Sour, and Apple-like
Effects Relaxing, Energetic, and Focussed

Growing Apple Fritter Strain:

Growing Apple Fritter Strain

Did you know that the apple fritter strain is pretty easy to grow at home? If you choose to grow this strain at home, you will find out that it is a pretty rewarding experience owing to the apple fritter strain thc level. In fact, it is a great alternative for anyone without plenty of growing experience. 

Check out the table below for some much-needed apple fritter strain grow info!

Grow Difficulty Beginner or Intermediate
Best Growth Suitability Both Indoor and Outdoor
Climate Sunny or Warm
Variety Feminized
Height (Outdoor) Medium
Height (Indoor) Medium
Flowering Time 60 to 65 Days
Harvest Period (Outdoor) October
Yield (Outdoor) 450 to 500g/plant 
Yield (Indoor) 450g/m²

The Effects Of The Apple Fritter Strain: Spoilt For Choice

The growing popularity of the apple fritter strain bags has made us wonder about the effects of this potent powerhouse of a strain! So what are the effects of the apple fritter strain? Scroll down to find out now!

1. Anxiety

Online sites like Leafy conducted surveys in which 21% of the voters mentioned how the apple fritter strain could help with treating your anxiety, especially if sweaty palms and the like characterize your anxiety.

2. Depression

The same survey also found out that around 12% of people have confessed that the apple fritter strain actually helps with depression. Although people have said so, it is always better to consult with medical experts before opting for any dosage of the same for treating such conditions. 

3. Stress

Similarly, the same survey also found that a solid 18% of people voted that the apple fritter strain helps with stress! If you are stressed, why don’t you consider trying this strain out, especially since it’s so easy to grow? The short apple fritter strain flowering time only contributes to its lasting popularity. 

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Is Apple Fritter A Head High Or Body High?

Each strain can influence consumers differently – there are so many factors that are at play here. These factors include tolerance levels, experience with marijuana, physical makeup, and more so, when you are legit asking how the strain feels like, the simple answer is that you need to try it for real and see! 

That being said, the Apple Fritter strain typically gives both a body and head high. You might feel like your thoughts are slowing down as your whole body starts to calm down, motivating you to lie down and just enjoy the relaxing moments of your life. 

While consuming any strain, especially the Apple Fritter strain, ensure that you are purchasing the same from legalized dispensaries that sell only reputable brands that people trust. This will definitely ensure that you have a really good experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Strain Apple Fritter Good For?

The apple fritter strain is used for recreational purposes by several connoisseurs of marijuana, but that’s not the only use of this strain. The apple fritter strain also has a medical purpose, and patients often use the same for treating mental health conditions such as depression, stress, and even chronic pain. 

2. Are Apple Fritter Strains Easy To Grow?

The apple fritter strain is easy to grow, considering these are medium-sized plants that turn out to be dense and bushy, and are often accompanied by several colas. The strain was found to respond much better to topping, trimming, and low-stress training. The flowering period for the strain lasts for about nine to ten weeks, and growers can always depend upon techniques such as the Screen of Green method. 

3. What Strains Are Similar To Apple Fritter?

Strains that are considered to be similar to the apple fritter are as follows,

• Gucci OG,
Kali Mist,
Lemon Pie,
Jack Herer, and
Casey Jones.

4. Who Made Apple Fritter Strain?

Created in the famous wine regions of the United States, located in Northern California, the Apple Fritter strain was first bred by Lumpy’s Flowers. In fact, Lumpy’s Flowers brought strains of Apple Cookies and Sour Apple together to create the apple fritter strain, which happens to be very potent and primarily made from Indica. 

And It’s A Spiritual Wrap! 

Now that you have a fair idea about the potency and other characteristics of the apple fritter strain allbud, what are you even waiting for? If you are a recreational user of marijuana, then you must try this strain out, especially for its potency and other characteristics. 

On the other hand, if you are a medicinal user of cannabis, it is better to consult your doctor before using this strain, or any strain for that matter! Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts and experiences of the same in the comment sections below!

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