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15 Best CBD Cigarettes Of 2023

15 Best CBD Cigarettes Of 2023

Best CBD Cigarettes

Smoking CBD cigarettes have become a craze among young adults. But before you get triggered, let me make this very straight to you. No, CBD is not marijuana. CBD cigarettes are mainly smoked by people that want to kick off their nicotine addiction. Best people want to taste the best CBD cigarettes. Hence, unless you do not have a suitable replacement for the nicotine, why will you cut from your nicotine habits?

My Experiences Over Smoking The CBD Cigarettes

I am sure you have already heard about CBD oil prescribed by doctors to people who suffer from anxiety and depression. I live in California, where the Government has approved CBD for medicinal and recreational purposes as they provide a ton of health benefits. 

Doctors especially prescribe the best CBD cigarettes to patients with cancer as it has been known to relieve unbearable symptoms. Previously I smoked cigarettes. But now I want to shift my selections and slowly shift to have the best CBD cigarettes. That was my best decision. I quit my nicotine smoking.

Only searching with the CBD cigarettes near me is not going to give you the ideas about the types of CBD cigarettes which are available here. When you are well aware of the names of the market’s best CBD cigarettes. Your searching will be much more precise.

What Are The Top 15 Best CBD Cigarettes?

Finding out the best CBD cigarettes can be a hard task as there are many fake counterparts sold in the pharmacies. I have personally used these CBD cigarettes, and I can tell you with confidence that these are the best CBD cigarettes you will ever find. 


Solstice PreRolls 

Solstice Pre Rolls are not hemp-derived; it is actually THC. It is one of the best CBD cigarettes. The pro that this CBD cigarette provides is that it gives you the ultimate experience of smoking marijuana. 

Make sure that you are in a state or county that has legalized the use of recreational marijuana; otherwise, you may fall in trouble with the law. I suggest you smoke Blueberry Cheesecake prerolls. 

I bet it is going to be the best weed that you have smoked in your life. These prerolls are a blend of 70% weed and 30% nicotine, it is one of the best CBD cigarettes on the market.  

Price – $21/pack



Often referred to as ‘Orange Cookies,’ the plain jane hemp Prerolls offer high-quality marijuana joints, the company also offers us free smoking equipment, which makes every pure hit bliss. The company also claims it to be ‘paranoia free,’ so you can smoke up as much as you want without getting paranoid.

Price – $11/pack



WILD HEMP CBD HEMPETTES is the most popular CBD cigarette on the market. It costs only $11 per pack. You can get it at any pharmacy store. If you are a pothead, you must have already heard about these being the best CBD cigarettes as it is advertised very heavily on the Internet. 

This CBD cigarette has done so well because it provides 100% original hemp. It’s so smooth that your senses will be instantly able to make a distinction.

Price – $11/pack 



You will not be able to distinguish between a normal cigarette and this best CBD cigarette by the look of it. However, I do need to inform you that smoking HempTrance’s best CBD cigarettes in a large quantity at the same time can make you very paranoid. 

If you have shown paranoid tendencies, then I would not suggest you try this one out.

Price – $14/pack 



NEUROGAN’S CBD CIGARETTES come in a pack of 20. It is a brand new way to enjoy organic hemp. Smoking a neurogan daily will keep you very relaxed and keep you calm throughout the day. 

If you have suffered from depressing episodes, I highly suggest you try this one out as It is bound to improve your mental state. It is both 100% nicotine and tobacco-free. The package that it comes in is recyclable. If your work stresses you out, you can have it in your break.

Price – $15/pack



CBDOOBIE is considered to be the king of best CBD cigarettes Pre Rolls. A single joint of this best CBD Cigarette contains 60mg of pure hemp. You can take it anywhere with you and light up whenever you feel the need.

The thing that sets CBdoobie apart is it is 100% THC free and mainly prescribed by doctors.

Price – $15/cigarette 

7. Terpy J’s CBD

Terpy J's CBD

This pack of best CBD cigarettes comes in a pack of 6 and is slightly on the expensive side. I have personally smoked Terpy J’s for three years. They come in flavors of Sour Diesel and Orange cookies. 

Suppose you consider weed to be an essential part of your life. Then don’t hesitate to buy Terpy J’s as it is made out of pure hemp and gives you a high-quality experience. The only reason why I have placed it at number 7 is because of its high price point. 

A pack of it comes at a little over $50, which I feel is very reasonable, but the larger audience may not like spending over $50 on CBD cigarettes.

Price – $50/pack 



Heimat is an old player in the business of producing and selling high-quality cigarettes. Recently they have upped their game and stepped into making CBD cigarettes. These cigarettes are not pure help as the makers have decided to touch their classic cigarette taste in them. 

Price – $19/pack 



Each cigarette that you buy from this brand is of top-notch quality best CBD cigarettes. It is not made out of pure hemp, and it contains very potent THC.

If you are someone who likes smoking potent THC, then it is best suited for you. Their most famous flavor is cherry wine flavor, which is very popular among youngsters.

Price – $8.95/cigarette 



The USP of this brand of best CBD cigarette is that it is made out of pure hemp. The hemp used inside the CBD cigarettes is obtained from the mountains of Colorado.

They are certified to be 90% pure. Apart from the cigarette being so good. CBD Fatty is undoubtedly one of the best CBD cigarettes 

Price – $14.99/cigarette  

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11. Timbr Organics CBD Cigarettes

Timbr Organics CBD cigarettes are high-quality hemp cigarettes. This is one of the best CBD cigarettes in 2022. The smooth nature and the additive-free smoking is the best part of smoking these CBD cigarettes. The cigarettes come with three-hole filters. Each of the cigarettes contains about 50 mg of CBD products.

These high-quality CBD cigarettes are a perfect alternative to the Tobacco field cigarettes. Each of the crush-proof packs contains ten numbers of cigarettes in each cartoon.

Price – $12.99/cigarette pack 

12. Sherbinski’s Gelato Hemp Cigarettes

Sherbinski Gelato Hemp cigarettes are crafted by merging the goodness of the CBD and the robust taste of the strains. The thin mint GSC and sunset sherbet weed strains are available in the flavors. For this gelato, hemp cigarettes are one of the best CBD cigarettes. 

The attractive flavors of the cigarettes are making these rolls the most popular types of CBD rolls among the flavor-loving consumers. The safety concerning points is also very high. These high-quality CBD cigarettes are the safest alternatives to tobacco. Each of the gelato hemp cigarettes comes with 20 cigarettes.

Price – $12.99/cigarette pack 

13. Shaboink Posty OG Cigarettes

Shaboink posty OG cigarettes are another great selection of the market’s best CBD cigarettes. The cigarettes’ natural flavors make these cigarettes a perfect choice for every natural weed flavor lover. Of course, traditional tobacco lovers always like the natural flavors of cigarettes. The actual CBD cigarettes flavors are very smooth and natural. And this taste is just like that.

The natural flavors come to switch the high-quality hemp, water, and natural plant-based terpenes. If you are like me, who does not like artificial fragrances, then these cigarettes are going to be your best choice. Every pack of the Shaboink Posty OG Hemp cigarettes is sold in the pack of 20 counts.

Price – $7.00/cigarette pack 

14.Snapz Hemp Cigarettes

Snapz Hemp cigarettes are full of flavors. Unlike me, many weed smokers like the taste of the different flavors. These Hemp cigarettes are the best CBD cigarettes on the market, available in multiple flavors. Yes, blueberry, strawberry, grape, and menthol are the most common flavors of the CBD cigarettes on the Market. And these are the best CBD cigarettes for anxiety.

Even though multiple flavors are available, all of the flavors are entirely toxin and artificial fragrance-free. So if you like to taste some of the unusual tastes of the weed cigarettes, Then you can smoke these and feel the fruity blasting flavors inside your mouth.

Price – $14.00/cigarette pack 

15.  Aspen Valley CBD Cigarettes

Each of the CBD cigarettes is crafted with a shake and high-quality rounded CBD flowers. Unlike every other brand, this brand’s cigarette flavors are original in taste, and cigarettes contain about 0.85g of CBD flower extracts.

Each of the best CBD cigarettes is made with fine premium quality grounded flower dust. And the best part of these cigarettes is they are entirely free of toxins and nicotine. So CBD cigarettes safe, on the other hand, Smoking cigarettes with nicotine is much more harmful than smoking CBD cigarettes. If you like to get over this bad habit, then these CBD cigarettes will be your best pick.

Price – $10.00/cigarette pack 

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Cigarettes

Q1: Are CBD Cigarettes Having A Very Strong Flavour?

Hempettes contain less than 0.3% THC. After you smoke these cigarettes, you will feel a much more calming and cooling effect rather than the high feelings. In addition, each cigarette contains nearly 75 mg of CBD, which will taste smooth rather than the high and addicted feelings.

Q2: Will CBD Cigarettes Signs Be Showing In The Drug Test?

CBD does not show up in the drug test. Many CBD products are having a trace amount of THC( delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). These are the main active ingredients of Marijuana. If these agents are present in your CBD products, they will show up in the drug test. That means using CBD products sometimes lead to positive drug test result.

Q3: How Long Does CBD Stay In The Urine?

The usual day’s length is 2 to 5. But this range can differ for everyone. Some CBD products’ traces can be found in your systems for at least one week.


What I like the most about the best CBD cigarettes because it offers the same benefits as the hemp flower, but it does not alter your mind’s state. It is used extensively all over the US. You can get it at your nearby pharmacy. 

Ensure that you live in a state or country that has legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes; otherwise, smoking CBD cigarettes can land you in trouble.

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