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Black Diamond Strain Review: Here’s What You Need To Know!

Black Diamond Strain Review: Here’s What You Need To Know!

black diamond strain

The Black Diamond strain, A.K.A the Black Diamond Kush or the Black Diamond OG, is a popular Indica-based marijuana strain hailing from Northern Carolina. It is an ideal strain for most patients seeking solid medication and also choosing to stay sociable and active. 

Additionally, a cross between Diamond OG and Blackberry, its flowers have a purple coloring and a glittery trichome covering that makes the strain appear like a beautiful gem. Moreover, the strain has an earthy and musky aroma – it is almost like a nice, deep red wine. 

Also, the strain is well-known for making people giggle for hours – so it’s a great strain when you are binge-watching sitcoms at home or just hanging out with friends. 

Additionally, the strain is known for its hunger pangs. As a result, if you have been looking for a strain that can increase your appetite, then this one is great for you. 

Here’s our review of the strain. Stay tuned. 

Exploring The Black Diamond Strain: Here’s What You Need To Know

So, I tried the Black Diamond strain. And if you are a fan of Kush, then this strain is meant for you! So, without wasting time, let’s check out what we found out about this strain!

Here’s all you need to know!

Appearance, Aroma, Flavors:

The Black Diamond strain features an earthy and sweet aroma that complements a similar flavor profile and a dense bud structure. 

In fact, the very first thing that we noticed about this strain was that whenever it was in any room, a sweet-smelling Blackberry aroma was everywhere. Seriously, we could only smell the luscious fruit everywhere. 

Additionally, the little buds of the Black Diamond strain are a combination of kelly green pine trees and dark purple with long hair in light orange in the middle of the icy trichomes. 

Once you inhale the strain, you will be able to taste the sweet blackberry of the strain. Only that’s not the only thing you will smell – you will also be able to taste the rich cocoa. 

Side Effects:

Our first time with the Black Diamond strain left us with a mellow and sleepy video, while the kick-off was pretty exciting. We actually tried out Flagstaff’s (Arizona) Black Diamon OG strain, and our review is mostly based on that. 

The effects of this strain might first appear in your spine. You will literally feel it creeping up and down your whole body gradually, relaxing your muscles in the process. Pains and aches that you normally experience might start dissipating only moments after you inhale. 

Moreover, we can also say that the creeping effects will ultimately take hold of your mind with a short relaxing period followed by curiosity. During this point, it is possible that the strain will start hitting the muscles near your eyes and the ocular nerves. Now, once this particular effect spreads, it will be a fast, free-fall bang into Indica space. 

Yes, it is possible that you will start to think of a Sativa strain taking you up. But don’t forget about the drop because, deep down, this is an Indica strain. In fact, it’s a lot like being on a rollercoaster – you know how it takes you all the way up, only to drop you down to the ground. 

Also, the slingshot makes this alternative a questionable option for insomniacs. 

If you feel that this cannot stimulate your mind before you go to sleep, like the Purple Kush or the Granddaddy Purple, then opt for something that will make you sleep. Also, those who do not face problems while falling asleep can have a good time with this strain.

Growing Information:

The Black Diamond strain is an almost balanced hybrid that leads slightly towards Indica. It actually grows well both in the outdoors and indoors. In fact, if you are able to find a clone or a seed, you can have a great time growing this strain. However, do remember that this strain is not for beginners. 

Most cultivars prefer soil and not hydroponic media. Plus, relatively warmer climate where the strain can flower in outdoors during October in the Northern Hemisphere or even between nine and eight weeks indoors. When it is growing inside, the SoG (Sea of Green) growing process keeps the bushy, short beauty happy and productive. 

What’s The Internet Saying About The Black Diamond Strain?

But what about people online – our fellow cannabis enthusiasts? What are people saying about strain online?

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Here are some examples! 

1. Review By Indicrys:

Worth a try if u like og kushes. tastes like lithium but with some musk and light bberry. Very light sedation like one user already said, very mellow hi. Not real euphoric off the jump like I like but it set in for a bit about 20 mins after smokin. You can go to bed or get some work done.” 

2. Review By Squeakywarrior:

Very effective nighttime strain but a little too heavy in my opinion to be a functional daily driver. It also tastes terrible imo so if you are into smooth flavor this is not for you. If you are in pain, anxiety, want to couch lock or sleep – this is the way.” 

3. Review By JFoxy119:

Worth a try if u like og kushes. tastes like lithium but with some musk and light bberry. Very light sedation like one user already said, very mellow hi. Not real euphoric off the jump like I like but it set in for a bit about 20 mins after smokin. You can go to bed or get some work done.” 

4. Review By Thejaymuller:

Pretty damn versatile. Contention with whatever you’re doing, I think if one word if any could describe this high it’s equilibrium. Usually hate indicas, but this sedation is light and unique. Would get again.” 

Our Verdict: A Memorable Experience

Those who want to reduce stress, enjoy some berry-infused smoke, and basically want to take it down a few notches can consume this cannabis strain. It is a great choice for a majority of people, but we wouldn’t recommend this strain for everyone because of its heavy effects.

Moreover, people who haven’t tried this one should ensure that their first session takes place somewhere safe and comfy. Also, make sure there are no other plans after the session – it depends on how heavy you will feel after the session. 

Overall, the Black Diamond strain keeps the chill and berries vibe alive, making it a pretty good alternative for relaxing after an exhausting day. It is literally the perfect strain when you just want to feel silly and watch cartoons.

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