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purple weed
How To Grow Purple Weed?-The Ultimate Guide

For most marijuana growers, producing purple weed is equivalent to the Holy Grail. The most…

Tattoo Weed
Jumping On The ‘Tattoo Weed’ Trend: Top Weed-Inspired Tattoos

20th April, or the more popular ‘420’, has become synonymous with any other statewide holiday,…

Stoner Easy Trippy Paintings
Jumping On The ‘Stoner Easy Trippy Paintings’ Trend: Top Weed-Inspired Trippy Painting Ideas

Welcome to the ‘stoner easy trippy paintings’ trend! Both individual testimonies and experimental evidence are…

Dosilato Strain
Dosilato Strain – Everything You Need To Know And More!

Whether you are currently in the mood to try out some new strains, or something…

Gushers Strain
Gushers Strain Review – Everything You Need To Know

It is possible that you didn’t know that the Gushers Strain has been ruling hearts…

How To Smoke Hash
How To Smoke Hash Marijuana Tips & Tricks In 2023

Cannabis resin plants are the source of hash, a condensed drug version. Compared to regular…

Purple Cookies Strain
Purple Cookies Strain – A Complete Review

If you have been searching for one of those strains that feel as great as…

Mac 1 Strain
Mac 1 Strain: Effects, Ratings, And Flavors

The world of marijuana and cannabis is constantly evolving over time, bringing more and more…

how to roll a backwood
How To Roll A Backwood Blunt – A Complete Guide

Did you know that humanity first used cannabis 2,800 years ago? Since then, people have…

Stinger Detox
Stinger Detox: Does It Work?

If you are a fan of marijuana and are suddenly informed that you have to…

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