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A Comprehensive Guide To CBD Dog Treats

A Comprehensive Guide To CBD Dog Treats

cbd dog treats

Understanding CBD dog treats can be tricky for some. These are not just treats that have some essence of CBD. In fact, it is much more than that. This article will help you become familiar with this new CBD phenomenon for pets.  

What Are CBD Dog Treats?  

CBD products for pets are a huge new trend taking over the pet industry. Most CBD product manufacturers are breaking newer horizons and trying to develop more unique formulas and products focused on helping pets.  

CBD dog treats are products of this innovative zeal. These treats may look like your run-of-the-mill dog treats. But they are CBD-laced treats that can help your dog feel better. CBD dog treats usually come in two variants: full-spectrum and broad-spectrum.  

The former does not contain traces of THC. Meanwhile, the variant includes some traces of THC. As a result, I personally go for broad-spectrum treats in order to deal with my dog’s ailments.  

How Do CBD Dog Treats Benefit Your Pooch? 

Why should you get the CBD dog treats for your furry baby? What does it bring to the table? What are its benefits? This section will answer these questions. This section is purely meant to study some of the most important and viable benefits of CBD dog treats.  

CBD for pets is still a new topic of concern for researchers. Researchers believe that the topic is vast and needs more time for research. As a result, the benefits that will be listed here are purely based on user reviews and company claims. So, your dog might demonstrate different results or effects.  

With that note, here are some of the most prominent benefits of CBD dog treats for your dog.  

To Help With Anxiety 

Dogs are anxious angels. I have a furry baby at home, and let me tell you that the bugger gets stressed about the smallest of small things. In fact, my cat, who is half the size of my dog, does not get worked up as much as my dog. As a result, I asked my vet for something that would calm my pooch down. She suggested CBD dog treats to me. Now, my dog seems much calmer and less anxious. Howevevr, his zoomies are still very fast and frequent. 

Joint Pain 

Senior dogs often experience joint-related problems and conditions like arthritis, dysplasia, and other joint-related issues. This is an inevitable aspect of having a furry baby. However, CBD dog treats and other products can genuinely help you to manage your dog’s pain. In the USA, around 20% of dogs suffer from early-onset joint issues. Subsequently, 40% of the dogs suffer from age-related common problems. But do not expect these treats to help you fix the problem. These treats would only enable you to deal with the pain.  

Skin Issues 

Skin issues are a huge deal when it comes to dogs. Dogs with long coats suffer from skin issues. These issues include psoriasis, tick-related infections, etc. CBD topicals, CBD dog treats, etc. CBD topicals, dog treats, and oils can help deal with these problems. CBD contains several good properties like anti-inflammation, anti-viral, analgesic, etc. All these deter the onset of skin infections and problems. So, give your dog an optimal dosage in order to help him with his skin issues.  

Epilepsy & Seizures 

Epilepsy and seizures are two of the most common conditions in dogs. These conditions could be genetical in nature or could be because of old age. Whichever might be the case, CBD dog treats, oils, etc., are perfect for dogs who suffer from epilepsy and other similar conditions. These treats are known to help your pup manage the pain and other related symptoms. Hence, these treats are perfect to use if your dog suffers from seizures and epilepsy.  

Cardiovascular Health 

‘Heart problems in dogs are rare. One in ten dogs might demonstrate heart-related issues. However, it is still a real health problem that your dog might go through. Therefore, using CBD products like CBD dog treats, oils, patches, etc., can provide some support to the whole thing. CBD is known to help dogs in maintaining their blood pressure, heart rate, etc. Howevevr, CBD products are only meant to provide respite and not heal. So, it would be best if you visited the vet to deal with the root cause of the problem. Otherwise, you are just dealing with the symptoms and not the problem.  


Cancer is one of the most prevalent issues that you might have to deal with when it comes to your dog. As per recent statistics, cancer is one of the most common and general health conditions that your dog might go through. Hence, it is essential that you keep something handy. Again, CBD products will not work as a deterrent. However, these products can truly help your dog deal with some of the symptoms, including nausea, pain, weakness, lethargy, depression, etc. So, these treats are excellent alternatives for your dog.  

How Do You Evaluate The Right CBD Dog Treats? 

As a paw parent, it is your responsibility to provide your furry babies the best. As a result, it is imperative to understand the markers that you must look out for in order to choose the best product for your dog(s).  

  • Safety: Always go for companies that are transparent with their product listing, manufacturing details, and lab testing protocols along with results. Refrain from compromising the safety of your pooch by getting sketchy products.  
  • Formulation: THC can prove fatal for your dog. As a result, I suggest that you only go for products that do not contain traces of THC. Hence, always get broad-spectrum CBD dog treats for your dog. They have most chemicals except THC.  
  • Cost: Nothing is as precious as your dog’s life. However, you must not pay an exorbitant amount to get a sub-par formula that does more damage than good. Hence, Keep an eye on the rice tag. Otherwise, you are doing yourself a disservice. 

Best CBD Dog Treats In 2024 

Getting the proper CBD dog treats for your dog sounds relatively easy now. Am I right? However, since you are already here, I suggest I help you out a little more and talk about some of the best CBD dog treat brands in 2024 that you must check out today. Here we go! 

Verma Farms 

Verma Farms is a big shot in the CBD pet product industry. Therefore, getting a Verma farm product is one of the best choices that you can make. Some of the top-selling products of the brand include Bacon soft chews, Steak nites, and Sweet Pet-Tato bites. Each variant comes in 1.5 mg, 2.5 mg, or 5 mg worth of CBd content per serving. 


Penguins are calm and relaxed creatures who are always ‘chilling.’ Pun intended. These CBD dog treats are trying to mimic that. Penguin brings pet-specific CBD products with a unique twist. However, the brand does not make dedicated CBD dog treats. Instead, it sells a flavorless and odorless edible mixture that can be mixed easily with any food that you make at home. This will enable you to control what your dog eats to a great extent. Therefore, you can stay within the dietary restrictions that your pet might need.  


Holistapet is a great brand that has become a master at creating healthy yet delicious treats for your dog. The brand offers several options for your dog to choose from. The brand only uses organic industrial hemp and broad-spectrum CBD essence to create its products. The company claims that its broad-spectrum CBD essence is devoid of THC contents.  


The Evn brand is one of the best brands in the CBD market at the moment. The brand is known to provide quality along with its products. The company offers non-GMO, gluten-free, and 0% THC variants. Therefore, your pooch will not face any problems adjusting to this CBD product. The brand offers 500 mg and 1000 mg variants. Thus, your dog will be sorted for a while.  

Honest Paws 

The Honest Paws company has dedicated its time and energy to creating organic CBD treats for years now. The company only offers organic and natural CBD products for dogs. All their products come with a seal of approval for their quality. Each CBD treat provides a great range of options. Furthermore, the brand offers full spectrum as well as broad spectrum options. So you will have enough options.  

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Balance CBD 

The Balance CBD brand offers a variety of CBD products specially curated for your dog. The brand provides options that are made without soy, wheat, corn, or dairy. Therefore, the brand keeps your dog’s needs in mind beforehand. Subsequently, the company offers products that are made using organic materials like blueberries, cranberries, etc. Therefore, your pooch is only getting what is natural and what is best.  

Fab CBD 

Fab CBD dog treats are the best dog treats for dogs that are picky eaters. The dog treats are made using crunchy materials and are absolutely delicious. Users claim that the treats were not only delicious but also helped their dog to calm down. Some of the most popular variants offered by the brand include peanut-flavored non-GMO Cbd dog treats and broad-spectrum crunchy dog treats.  

Joy Organics 

This is the only brand that has established itself as Joy Organics. Joy Organics, along with Verma Farms, are stalwarts of the CBD for the pet industry. Therefore, you are only getting the best when you are buying anything from Joy Organics. The company is famous for its phytocannabinoid-rich CBD products with zany flavors. Therefore, you can keep surprising your pooch with new and iconic flavors.  

Paw CBD 

Paw CBD is the only brand on this list that comes with a veterinarian-approved formula. The brand has sat with physicians in order to create its unique formula. Therefore, you do not have to worry about medical complications. As a result, this brand is very popular among dogs with specific medical conditions or senior dogs. The healthy and delicious CBD dog treats by the company are sure to appeal to your dog.  

Austin & Kat 

Austin and Kat is a unique brand that is relatively new. The brand offers a great selection of CBD products specifically meant for dogs with mental health issues. The brand pioneers calming CBD dog treats formulated to promote good health and mental clarity. The company uses organically sourced broad-spectrum CBD essence in order to use them in their recipe. Hence, you are not subjecting your dog to any synthetic component.  


Make your dog calmer and more collected using the anxious pet CBD dog treats. These dog treats were designed to help dogs that suffer from anxiety and stress. As per the sources, the company uses organically sourced components like organic turmeric, flaxseed, chamomile, ginger, etc., in order to create its unique products. As a result, you are only getting the best product when it comes to your furry baby. 

Pet Hemp Company 

Pet Hemp Company keeps your dog’s needs above anything else. Therefore, you can trust the brand to do and bring only what is best for them. The company offers products in different power variants, including 5 mg, 10 mg, or 20 mg. This is the only company that sells human-grade CBD products for pets. Hence, you can chomp along with your pooch. Just Kidding!  


Treatibles is a great brand that offers some unique products. The brand has revolutionized meat-flavored calming CBD dog treats for your pooch. In fact, the company brings amazing products packaged in some amazing flavors that will certainly appeal to your dog. The brand has been certified by USDA. Hence, you do not have to worry about quality with this brand.  

The Closing Thought 

In summary, CBD dog treats are an amazing way of supplying the benefits of CBD. However, CBD is still being studied. So, you must consult medical practitioners before deciding on your dog. Keep following our page for more such content

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