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Know Your Mary Jane: Cheetah Piss Strain

Know Your Mary Jane: Cheetah Piss Strain

Cheetah Piss Strain

Cheetah Piss Strain has one of the biggest and best influences on the cannabis market. Here is a detailed rundown of the amazing Cheetah Piss strain. Stick around, and we will help you understand this amazing strain from close up. Here we go.

Cheetah Piss Strain Overview

Cheetah Piss Strain Overview

Cheetah Piss Strain is definitely a mouthful. I mean, how or why would anybody name a perfectly good strain ‘Cheetah Piss’? We do not have answers for that, but we certainly have an answer for everything else related to the strain. 

This is one of the most hyped strains of 2024 that you can try. It is a perfect sativa-dominant strain that feels like a confluence of amazingly high and unique aromas. Cheetah piss has a THC content of around 20% to 22% In fact, Leafly believes that this strain is one of the best strains for people who enjoy wake-and-bake sessions. 

Users have reported that the strain has one of the best stimulating sativa highs of all time. In fact, it keeps the users coherent and stimulated enough to work on their art. Apart from that, it also has potent anti-anxiety and analgesic effects that can help people deal with their anxiety or extremes of moods. 

Here are other aspects of the strain that you need to know in order to be a Cheetah piss guru.



The Cheetah Piss is a three-way hybrid. This means the strain is a combination of three different strains. Hence, understanding the genetic physiology of the strain can actually help in understanding the strain effectively. So, let us look at the strains that made up the Cheetah Piss Strain. 

Gelato 42

The first parent strain that I would like to talk about is the iconic Gelato 42 or the Larry Bird Strain. This is an Indica-dominant strain that was initially formed by the Cookies Fam grow house. As soon as you inhale the smoke from the Larry Bird, you will notice heavy tones of citrusy goodness, along with hints of sweetness of berries and diesel-y undertones. 

The overall THC level of the Larry Bird strain ranges from 20% to 25%. The strain will provide you with an instantaneous feeling of psychedelic high. This will follow up with a potent feeling of headrush. This is an indica-dominant strain and, therefore, has some really potent body high. 

London Poundcake 97

The second parent strain is the famous London Poundcake 97. This is also an India-dominant strain that contributes heavily to the Cheetah Piss’ lineage. This has a fruity flavor that has undertones of nut. I personally felt that the strain has a roasted cashew flavor. Apart from that, there are hints of berries, lemons, and pines. 

The THC content of the strain is one of the highest of all the strains, clocking at 29%. As a result, novice cannabis connoisseurs must steer clear of this strain. This is an ideal strain for spending a day in or at night. The sedative capabilities are strong with this strain.


The final parent strain that makes up the Cheetah piss is the Lemonade.  As the name suggests, the strain has a unique lemony flavor with a hint of skunk. This is a perfect strain for a day at the beach.

Lemonade is known to produce a captivating and transcending high. The Sativa-dominant strain can help people open the horizons of their minds and think creatively. Personally, this strain can be a little too much for new users as the THC content ranges from 20% to 25%. 

Characteristics: Appearance, Aroma & Taste


Apart from amazing high and potent effects. The strain is also known for its other characteristics, like appearance, aroma, and taste. The cheetah piss strain has a distinctive-looking bud with purple hues along with frosty trichomes. This makes the strain look unique and iconic. 

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When it comes to aroma, the strain brings an equally interesting package to the table. The aroma can be best defined using keywords like lemony, nutty, skunky, and diesel-like tones. Some users also noted that there is a hint of ammonia. 

The flavor of the strain is reminiscent of the aroma profile. There is a creamy flavor profile that adds a dynamic range to the strain’s taste. I personally experienced a deep skunk followed by hints of butter and nuts. Therefore, the taste of strain is a unique experience in itself that cannot be categorized.

User Reviews

“being a person who sufferes from ptsd i have to say cheeta piss is the answer for those days that you have to go to the market. it makes all of my anziety go away and lets me focus on the task at hand. all in all cheeta piss is a good strai.”- Daniel Joel Ybarra

“cheetah piss is exotics and it tastes like passband like ammonia kinda but it doesn’t tastes bad it tastes good I know that sounds weird but,its true I been smoking for 24 years Im an exotics smoker ,regular OG smoker and cheetah piss is it HUNEY it hits you so smooth for one second then you be so damn high laughing talking ish happy then so relaxed and high. all 3nof these effects with exotics you usually get 2 crossed effects but the ones with. 3 combos of terms is amazing and this is why cheetah is perfect for all 3 of those effects at the same time your focused relaxed and socially motivated but happy asf enjoy y’all some cheetah piss but go easy on it bc its smooth only for 2 mseconds then boom”- Shana Etienne

End Note

And that is all we have for the iconic cheetah piss strain. The way the strain has grown in size and fame, it can be safely said that the strain is equivalent to taking on the biggest names in the industry, like the OG Kush itself. For more such content, keep following our page daily.

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