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A Pothead’s Guide To Cannabis: Does Weed Go Bad?

A Pothead’s Guide To Cannabis: Does Weed Go Bad?

does weed go bad

Does weed go bad? The answer to that, my friend, is a sad yes. But don’t you worry, as we got you covered. This article will not only answer ‘Can weed go bad?’ but also, ‘Is it okay to smoke moldy weed?’ So stick around as we explain everything related to the subject. 

Does Weed Go Bad?

Weed Go Bad

This might come to potheads as a piece of bad news, but your favorite weed, like most other perishable products, has a shelf life. This means that your weed would eventually go bad at some point in time.  And take it from somebody who knows his pot, smoking or consuming bad weed is not the brightest of ideas. 

If your weed is moldy and you consume it, then things can go really bad. So this guide will not only answer ‘Does weed go bad.’ But also analyze a few other topics related to it, like, can you smoke old weed, when does weed go bad, what to do with old weed, etc. 

The Basics

Before we dive deeper into the technicalities, we need to be clear on the basics of weed shelf life. This would help you to understand the things that you have to consider while storing a big bag of pot. 

Under ideal conditions, cannabis or marijuana can stay fresh for quite a long while. In fact, if you keep the conditions right, which will be discussed later on, your cannabis can stay up to a year. However, there are other factors that you need to consider, factors that are not in your hands unless you are a grower.

If a batch of weed is properly dried, harvested, and cured, then it automatically has a longer shelf-life than the batch which does not hold up the aforementioned markers. So, in order to truly ensure that your batch of weed lasts, source it from an authorized grower that follows certain guidelines. This will make sure that you have procured a substance that is of premium quality and not something laced with other substances which have their own shelf-life. 

The Scientific Answer

Now that the basics are clear and you know ‘how long does weed stay good’, I think you are ready to proceed to the next stage of the discussion. Under ideal conditions, weed can stay fresh for up to a year in storage. But what happens scientifically in that one year’s time? This section is to answer just that. 

The cannabis you are smoking contains a certain number of chemicals that make the magic happen. These chemicals include cannabinoids, terpenes, THC, etc. Now, it does not matter under which storing conditions your cannabis is kept; after a while, these chemicals start breaking down. As a result, the bud will eventually lose its potency.

Terpenes are the chemicals that add characteristic flavor and effects associated with cannabis. Therefore, if you are buying an exotic strain like Ice Cream Gelato or Horchata strains, be sure to consume it before the chemicals break down. In fact, once the terpenes break down, the flavor of the weed will be soon replaced with a nasty and bitter aftertaste. 

Subsequently, if cannabinoids and THC break down, the cannabis will not be as potent as it used to be. In fact, if you consume a bud whose THC and CBD have started breaking down, you will not experience pleasant highs. 

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, cannabis that has been in storage for a year it will lose up to 16% of its THC. And 26% if it is in storage for 2 years. Therefore, as time progresses, weed will lose more and more of its potency. 

Signs Of A Weed Gone Bad

Signs Of A Weed Gone Bad

By this point, I am sure you have a concrete answer to the question, ‘does weed go bad’. But how do you actually identify if your weed is okay to consume or not? For that, you need to have some knowledge about the markers you need to know in order to identify if your weed has gone bad.  

Smelling Funny

If you are a long-time user, you are familiar with the skunky aroma of the substance. This is one of the characteristics of weed. So, if you smell something similar to a rotten egg, then your cannabis is sadly past its prime. This change in smell usually indicates that there is a mold buildup. Next time, when you wonder, does cannabis go bad? Just look for this marker to have a conclusive answer. 

Change In Texture

If your nose is failing you and you cannot determine the freshness of your weed by smelling, there is another way you can proceed. If your weed is past its shelf life, then the very texture of your cannabis will change. If the cannabis is flaky, crumbling, and very dry, then the cannabis is not fit for consumption.

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Last but not least, if you see some discoloration in your cannabis that looks like white fuzz, this means that the weed has become moldy. Many new users would prune off the moldy parts and then use the ‘good’ parts. This is definitely one of the worst ideas. If you see any sign of mold in a nig, consider disposing the whole bag. Inhaling or consuming anything that is moldy can be really harmful and even life-threatening.  

Tips For Storing

Does not matter how you store your weed, it will go bad at one point in time. But, if you store your weed under optimal conditions. You can get some extra miles out of your weed. Let us look at some of the things you need to do in order to make your weed last longer. 

The Right Container

Airtight mason jars made out of glass are probably one of the best storage containers that you can go for. The glass helps in retaining the flavor and keeps the unnecessary humidity out of your cannabis. 

Check Humidity Levels.

If your weed has a humidity level of more than 60%, this can be bad news. Always try to store your weed under conditions where the humidity level is below 60%. Otherwise, the cannabis can quickly be plagued with molds, which is never a good sign.

Keep Things Dark

Cannabis products do not work well under sunlight. If you are looking to store your cannabis for a long period of time, then you need to store it in an airtight jar with a humidity level of less than 60% and away from sunlight. This would add a little more miles to your cannabis. 

Final Thought

So, with that, I am sure you can answer the question, ‘does weed go bad?” by yourself. This is not something new users bother with. But, if you are somebody who wants to consume cannabis healthily and responsibly, then this is something that you need to consider. Keep following our page for all things cannabis.

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