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Gigi Hadid Was Arrested For The Possession Of Cannabis By The Airport Authorities

Gigi Hadid Was Arrested For The Possession Of Cannabis By The Airport Authorities

Gigi Hadid Was Arrested For The Possession Of Cannabis

Gigi Hadid, a supermodel and reality TV star, was arrested on July 10, 2023, for the possession of cannabis. She was arrested from the Cayman Islands, along with a friend of hers named Leah Nicole McCarthy.

They were held at the Owen Roberts International Airport for alleged possession of marijuana while checking their baggage by the airport authorities. They were taken by the police and kept in the Prisoner Detention Center, and released afterward on bail.

Lean and Gigi took a private airplane to the Owen Roberts International Airport, and the Customs and Border Control officer checked their baggage as per the rules. That was when the authorities found a few items that could have been used for the consumption of cannabis and arrested them on suspicion of importing cannabis to their country.

They were taken to the Summary Court on July 12, 2023, and they pled guilty during the hearing and were fined an amount of dollar one thousand and released them.

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From the year 2017, the Cayman Islands allowed the consumption of cannabis if they are prescribed for medical uses like pain medication, treating nausea because of chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, along with some other health issues. It can also be given to canines if they are prescribed medications for epilepsy, arthritis, or cancer. It is not legal to use cannabis for recreational purposes in the Cayman Islands. Also, it is not permitted for people to take it out of the country as well as for people who are coming into their country.

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