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Gangsta Of Cannabis World: Godfather OG Strain

Gangsta Of Cannabis World: Godfather OG Strain

godfather og strain

Everyone is a gangsta till the real gangsta walks in. If there is one cannabis that can even topple the reign of the OG Kush, then it is the Godfather OG strain. A unique strain that has a weirdly new flavor profile and one of the highest THC content of all time. Let us analyze this amazing strain.

Godfather OG Strain: Overview

godfather og strain overview

Godfather OG Strain, or G-OG, is easily one of the most potent strains out there. In fact, the whole of the cannabis world feels that the G-OG strain is worthy to be crowned the king of all strains. But what makes it so special that it is worthy to become one of the best strains?

The answer is simple. The strain boasts some unique properties that make it so popular among users. In fact, Greenstate calls this cannabis the Don of All OGs. Secondly, the strain has been around for a while, and this has added to its appeal. 

Brace yourself as I will take you on a journey to explore this amazing strain in question. Here we go!

THC Content And Lineage

The Godfather OG strain has been around for a while now. In fact, it can even be considered ancient, according to the pot timeline. The strain is unique and has the iconic OG Kush in its lineage. So, it is understandable why the strain is so popular and revered. 

This strain is primarily an Indica dominant strain with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. In some cases, the strain breakup can be  60% Indica, 35% Sativa, and 5% Ruderalis. As a result, it is known to produce potent indica-oriented effects like couch-locking, sedation, etc. 

The Godfather OG is a great strain that boasts a moderately high THC level. According to sources, the strain demonstrates around 29% to 34% THC. As a result, people need to be wary of its possible side effects, something that we will discuss later on in the article.

The Godfather OG is remarkably low on CBD. In fact, it is one of the strains with the lowest CBD levels. As a result, it limits its industrial usage. 



Godfather OG is not a strain that only has one trick up its sleeves. In fact, it is a highly versatile strain that has one of the best characteristics. This is a result of crossing the Alpha OG with the XXX OG. Apart from that, the strain also has legends like Hindu Kush, Lemon Thai, and even Chemdawg. Thanks to such an amazing lineage, the strain has some amazing characteristics.


Like many other OG strains, the Godfather OG strain is not a good-looking strain. By this, I mean it does not boast the peppy hues of some other top-shelf strains like White Widow, Mochi Gelato, or Purple Haze. But never judge a bud by its colors.

Buds of the Godfather OG strain are not perfectly round. In fact, you can even call it pebble-shaped. The buds of The Godfather OG are elongated and have a shape that is reminiscent of the iconic Indian strain named the Idukki Gold. 

The Godfather OG strain generally comes in light green hues along with deep dark shades. Apart from its primary color palette, the strain also has some small orange hairs called pistils. Subsequently, a white crystalline formation coats these pistils. This also adds to the overall color palette of the strain. 

While the strain might not boast some funky hues, it certainly packs a huge punch that is reminiscent of some of the best cannabis out there. 


Amongst other things, the strain is very popular for its unique and illustrative terpene profile. Three of the most common terpenes of this strain include myrcene, humulene, and caryophyllene. Here is a detailed rundown of the prominent terpenes that the Godfather OG brings to the table. 

Humulene: Humulene or α-humulene is a naturally occurring terpene that can be found in flowers like hops, Salvia officinalis, Uyaku, Ginseng, etc. This is one of the many sesquiterpenoids that is extracted from the farnesyl diphosphate or FPP. Apart from flavoring, the terpene is also known for its ability to deal with muscle inflammation and soreness

Myrcene: This is another terpene that can be found in or strain of question. This terpene is usually formed in essential oils. The sweet aroma of the strain has made it one of the most widely used terpenes in the perfume industry. Myrcene is most widely available in plants like wild thyme or verbena, lemongrass, mangoes, cardamom, etc. This is a volatile component, so it can never exist in its natural form. As soon as myrcene comes in contact with the air, it will vaporize rapidly.

Caryophyllene:  The final prominent terpene of the Godfather OG strain is the caryophyllene. This is a naturally forming bicyclic sesquiterpene. Similar to Myrcene, this is also a prominent component of several essential oils and natural flavoring. Caryophyllene can be abundantly found in rosemary, hops, copaiba, etc. The terpene improves general immunity and cold tolerance. 


I personally loved the flavor and aroma profile of the strain. In fact, this is one of the best strains for individuals who love old-school flavored strains. This is not at all a sweet strain. It has an old-school skunk that might put off newer users. Still, It was a delight to my senses. 

To put things in perspective, the strain has a flavor profile that is a mix of woody, pungent, and spicy flavors. This leaves a tingling sensation in your throat that stays well after you are done with the strain.

The general aroma profile of the strain is also highly reminiscent of its flavor profile. Therefore, it can be safely said that the strain has a very specific flavor profile that will appeal to a selective population. This is primarily because the market is currently saturated with strains that are full of delectable flavors.  



Like many other hybrid strains that I have reviewed, the sativa effects of the strain manifest themselves first. Just moments after taking a swig, you will be enveloped with warm and fuzzy feelings of serenity. 

Just after taking a hit, I felt that my mind got un-cluttered by itself. The initial feeling is equivalent to washing away inhibitions, prejudices, and fears. This was the sativa side of things working its magic. I also felt confident about writing and creating original pieces. This is because the sativa de-cluttered my mind and helped me to put my thoughts into words. 

Just after the sativa effects are manifested, the trip will cascade into the indica landscape. In other words, the effects of the strain come in stages. The first stage comprises sativa effects, and the second stage comprises the Indica effect. 

Around 45 minutes into the trip, I started feeling extremely fatigued and spent. As time went on, this feeling slowly dialed up to 11. This feeling lasted for another two hours and came in waves. Towards the end of the trip, I ended up taking a nap. 

I timed myself throughout the journey. According to my own experience, the whole trip lasted for around 4 hours. Now, keep in mind that I am a regular user. Your trip timeline might differ from mine. So adjust your expectations accordingly.  


Given my personal experience, I believe that this strain can be used in several aspects. However, low CBD content can affect its industrial usage. Especially in places where CBD products are popular. Here is a detailed rundown of some of the usages of the Godfather OG strain. 

Analgesic. Users who have consumed this strain have claimed that this strain has some really potent analgesic properties. The caryophyllene particles present in the strain help release muscle tension, reduce inflammation, and help manage pain. Users who experience frequent bouts of migraine, arthritis pain, etc., can seek this strain to find respite.

Sedation: In my experience, the strain demonstrates a potent couch-locking capability along with sedation. Apart from inducing a sense of fatigue, the strain also managed to knock me off to sleep. As a result, individuals who are suffering from insomnia will find this strain helpful in order to fall asleep. 

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Mood altering: Finally, I think that the strain can be very helpful as a mood-altering drug. I personally go through extremes of emotions. I believe that the strain left me in a better place than most other strains. Apart from timing myself, I felt that the strain also helped me regulate my thoughts better, and this enhanced my creativity. It was easier for me to write and translate my thoughts into words. Therefore, Godfather OG strain extracts can work wonders for people who experience the aforementioned conditions on a regular basis. 

Side Effects

Even though the strain is probably one of the best strains for medical usage, this does not mean that the substance is devoid of side effects. I personally did not experience any side effects. However, users have come up with their own list of side effects that I think you need to know about. Here is a small rundown of some of the most potent side effects that you need to know about:

  • Loss of coordination
  • Cottonmouth
  • Red eyes
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Paranoia
  • Loss of sense, time, and place
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Hallucinations

Growing Information

Growing Information

The Godfather OG might sound like a protected species of cannabis that is only open to a selective population. However, that is not the case. Since it is one of the oldest strains of modern times, the seeds are quite readily available. In fact, it is the second most popular choice of strain for growers. 

The Godfather OG is an easy strain to grow. This means you do not have to be an expert grower in order to make your cannabis cultivation flourish. Still, I am here to help you navigate these uncharted waters as effectively as possible.

Temperature & Sunlight: The Godfather OG requires moderate climate and indirect sunlight in order to flourish. This strain grows best in temperate climates and in shades. Therefore, you have to regulate the temperature and sunlight at every step. Hence, an indoor growing rig will come in handy. 

Flowering: The Godfather OG is a slow-maturing plant. Therefore, the plant will take longer than the usual flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks. Expert growers claim that the strain starts flowering at around the 12th week. 

Yield: The strain is quite generous when it comes to yield. As per growers, the strain is one of the most generous strains when it comes to yield. As per sources, a single plant can yield up to 30 ounces of marijuana. Therefore, this makes the growing experience rewarding for novice growers. 

Some More OG Strains To Look Out For

Some More OG Strains To Look Out For

I think it is time to look at some more strains from the OG family in order to broaden your palette. If you liked Godfather OG, I am sure you will love the following strains as well. So, stick around to know more about the OG family tree. 

OG Kush

I mean, how can a list of the OG family of cannabis be without the mention of the one that started it all? OG Kush or OGK is the best the money can buy. I do not want to get into too many details, but I think that you should give it a swing in order to know what I am talking about. 

Skywalker OG

Named after the famous Jedi of the Star Wars franchise, it is one of the most demanded strains in the USA. This strain is a popular hybrid between the famed OGK and the iconic Dutch Passion. 

Banana OG

The Final OG I am going to list is the Banana OG. Trust me when I say this: the Banana OG is the most flavorful strain of all time. I do not enjoy flavorful strains. I consider myself a skunk purist. Still, the Banana OG is one of the top five strains in my book. 

Closing Note

With that, you and I have reached the very end of my review of the Godfather of all the strains, the Godfather OG. Keep following our page for more such content on cannabis. And keep an eye out for newer strain reviews and stories related to the world of cannabis.

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