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Strain For People With A Sweet Tooth: Hella Jelly Strain

Strain For People With A Sweet Tooth: Hella Jelly Strain

hella jelly strain

The Hella Jelly Strain might be my next best friend. I mean, it is sweet, packs a punch, and makes me happy. Therefore, I believe that I should take some time to appreciate my new friend. Keep reading in order to know some of the most important aspects of the Hella Jelly Strain.  

Overview Of The Hella Jelly Strain

Overview Of The Hella Jelly Strain

For me, Sundays are for chilling and ‘reviewing’ new cannabis strains. And today, I had a chance to review the iconic Hella Jelly Strain from the house of the Humboldt Seed Company. Trust me, it was nothing like I have ever experienced before.

The Hella Jelly Strain is primarily a hybrid strain with Californian lineage. As a result, I was expecting quality. And I was not disappointed. The strain was beautiful in its execution and presented me with a calming high. The 27% THC never felt too much to handle. However, I believe that moderation is the key for new users.

Throughout the experience, I was feeling like I was going through a dopamine rush. Here is everything you need to know before engaging with this strain.

Genetic Mapping Of The Hella Jelly Strain

Genetic Mapping Of The Hella Jelly Strain

Genetic mapping of a hybrid cannabis strain is very important. Having a clear understanding of this aspect is very important. It can help us understand the strain’s characteristics and what it brings to the table. Therefore, this section will look at the things that make up the genetic lineage of the Hella Jelly Strain.  

The Hella Jelly is a hybrid strain that is known for some of its iconic characteristics. It is a product of crossing two iconic strains, namely, Notorious THC and Very Cherry. As a result, understanding these parent strains is very important for understanding the Hella Jelly strain.  

So, here is a detailed rundown of the parent strains of the Hella Jelly strain in order to understand its genetic lineage.  

Very Cherry 

The first parent strain on our list is the iconic Very Cherry strain. The strain is one of the most iconic sativa dominant strains of all time. The strain is known for its iconic tangy and cherry-like smell. In fact, it is one of the sweetest-smelling cannabis in existence. The floral essence of jasmine and a tart-like aftertaste make this strain one of the most unique strains in existence. 

Very Cherry is a hybrid strain as well. It is a product of crossing the Lemon Kush Bx3 with an unnamed strain from a Humboldt grower. As a result, We are treated to an amazingly beautiful strain with some iconic characteristics.  

Notorious THC

The next strain in question is the iconic Notorious THC. Notorious is an iconic Indica-dominant strain with one of the highest THC content in existence. This is also a Humboldt Seed Company production. It is a cross between the iconic Humboldt OG and Caramel Cream strains.  

The Notorious strain boasts moderate levels of THC, around 19% to 23%. However, some phenotypes can even boast around 30% THC. Therefore, you never really know what you are getting into. The Notorious THC is a popular recreational as well as medical usage cannabis. Patients claim that the strain helps them manage pain due to its Indica-dominant nature and high THC content.  

Characteristics Of The Hella Jelly Strain

Now that the genetic mapping of the strain is clear. I believe that you are ready to learn more about the strain’s characteristics. This section will help you understand the characteristics beforehand.  

I literally scoured the internet and researched extensively about the strain’s genetic lineage and characteristics. Therefore, in this section, I will list all the important characteristics that you must know about this strain. This will help you understand the strain closely and will even warn you of certain things. 

I have broadly categorized the strain’s characteristics into three distinct sections: Terpenes, Aroma/Flavor, and Appearance. Understanding these will give you a general idea about the strain and the things you must expect.  


The first thing I would like to discuss is the terpene profile of the strain. The terpene profile of a strain is one of the most important things. The terpene profile decides several aspects of a strain, like its aroma, characteristics, flavor, effects, etc. Therefore, I would like to go over some of the most important terpenes found in the Hella Jelly Strain.  

  • Caryophyllene: Surprisingly, this is the most prevalent terpene found in this strain. Caryophyllene has a spicy undertone that balances out the sweetness of the strain. Furthermore, the terpene also has euphoric capabilities that make people feel more relaxed and calm.  
  • Myrcene: The next terpene on our list is Myrcene. Myrcene is the next most dominant terpene found in the Hella Jelly Strain. This terpene is mostly found in sweet-tasting strains like the Ice Cream Gelato, Animal Mint Cookies, etc. Myrcene is popular for its sedation and sleep-inducing capabilities.  
  • Humulene: The third most common terpene found in this strain is the Humulene. Humulene is mostly found in spices all around the world and comes with earthy undernotes. Humulene is a shifting terpene, it exudes different characteristics in different contexts. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory effects.  

Aroma & Flavor

Now that you are aware of the terpenes, I am sure you might be itching to know the aroma and the flavor profile of the strain. I am purely going to talk about my experience with the strain. This will help you to get an objective idea about the strain and the olfactory sensation that you must expect.  

The first thing I noticed about the strain is its aroma. I opened my bag of weed, and I was treated with a beautiful, musky aroma that lingered for a while. The first sniff will fill your nose with a deep forestry aroma. The aroma literally snapped and filled my senses with it. 

The next part of the olfactory experience pertains to the strain’s flavoring. I do not enjoy sweet-smelling strains. However, this was an exception. The zesty snaps of the strain’s aroma could be felt while ‘reviewing’ as well.  

The general essence of the strain can be best explained as sweet and fruity. In fact, the strain reminded me of the Gelato and Gelatti strain. The zesty whisper of citrusy and orangy flavors enriched my experience to a great extent. However, I also picked up hints of spice and old-school musk that added more layers to the experience.  

This strain is for people who like a balanced flavor profile that oscillates between sweet and musky.  


Appearance is probably not the most important thing for many to consider. However, I like my cannabis to look good. I mean, the strain is one of the best-looking strains of all time. The subtle interplay of hues and textures makes it visually interesting.  

The buds come with a great color combination. The primary hues include neon green, deep green, yellow, and purple. Moreover, the hues are complimented by orange pistils. This makes a great interplay of colors and patterns. 

The buds of the Hella jelly are well-shaped. These buds come in a rounded shape and are tightly packed. As a result, these buds look dense and tucked in. As a result, these strains boast amazing structural integrity. The strain was mostly easy to crush and was not at all time-consuming.  

Effects & Usages Of The Hella Jelly Strain 

Effects & Usages Of The Hella Jelly Strain

Consuming cannabis is not just about the texture of the bud or the general essence. In fact, it is all about the experience. As a result, understanding that aspect of the strain is seminal for understanding a strain.

Hella Jelly strain was a unique experience for me. I expected a run-of-the-mill experience cannabis experience. However, I was wrong, and it was so much more than just a sativa-dominant strain.  

The strain primarily demonstrated sativa-dominant experience. However, there was a psychological side to it as well. In fact, the high came in stages and lingered for a good amount of time.  

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I usually ‘review’ newer strains alongside my partner. This helps me create an objective idea about the strain that I am reviewing. My partner’s high was more of a sativa-dominant high. She was giggling, more social. Meanwhile, I was more mellow, calm, and at peace.  

Hence, it can be safely said that the strain demonstrates different effects. Therefore, your experience could be very different from my experience.  

Medical Uses 

Hella jelly Strain is a Sativa-dominant strain with a THC content ranging from 19% to 23%. As a result, researchers believe that the strain possesses great medicinal properties. The sativa-dominant aspect of the strain makes it a perfect candidate for medicinal usage. 

Furthermore, the strain is also believed to be high in terpenes like caryophyllene, humulene, and myrcene. These terpenes add heavily to the aromatic and flavor profile of the strain. In fact, these terpenes also add other properties like mood enhancement and pain management. Therefore, people who deal with mental health issues or chronic pain can easily find this strain to be helpful.  

During my experience, I felt that the strain works in stages. The first stage works like the uppers. And the final stage is about sedation. Therefore, I think that patients dealing with insomnia can also check this strain out. 

Word of advice: Consult a medical practitioner before you start using this strain as a medical cannabis.  

Recreational Usage 

I am a huge believer in the recreational usage of cannabis. I love consuming cannabis, and I cannot lie. I have been a cannabis lover for around 5 years, and it has helped me get through some really tough times. 

However, I have never experienced something so unique as the Hella Jelly Strain. In fact, it is one of the best recreational strains I have come across. The high was calming and serene. The buzz lasted for more than 2 hours, and it was something.  

I never felt the strain was getting out of hand during my experince. The high was calming and made me feel relaxed. It was not a couch-locking high. But I enjoyed lazing around. It also filled my head with newer ideas and thoughts. Therefore, there was a heavy cerebral aspect to the whole experience.  

Meanwhile, my partner said that the strain made her hungry. As a result, she spent most of her high snacking. But later on, she took a small nap. All in all, it is a perfect strain for Sunday usage. But I can also see that the strain has great potential to be a perfect wake-and-bake strain. Therefore, choose whatever floats your boat.  


I personally felt that the strain did not demonstrate any high levels of side effects.  However, some users have some complaints. As a result, I think It is important for me to bring up these points in order to educate you. Here are some of the most common and widely reported side effects of the Hella Jelly Strain: 

  • Dry mouth: Hella Jelly tends to leave your body dehydrated. As a result, many people complained that the strain left them highly dehydrated and wanting hydration.  
  • Red Eyes: This is probably one of the most common side effects of consuming cannabis. You cannot expect to consume cannabis and not end up with bloodshot eyes.  
  • Paranoia: The Hella Jelly Strain might be a sweet-tasting strain with sativa-like properties. Still, people with anxiety must be wary of this strain. People who deal with anxiety should stay away from this strain at all costs. Otherwise, the strain can really mess with your head and leave you with a panic attack. 
  • Green Out: Cannabis overdose might be rare. But it is a real thing that happens. Some people might experience Green Out episodes after the over-consumption of cannabis. It is not fatal, but it can take you to the ER.  

Closing Note

With that, you have reached the very end of our article about the all-new Hella Jelly Strain. It was an amazing experience that not only opened my eyes but also changed my perception of sweet-tasting cannabis. Keep following our page for more such cannabis-related information and stories.

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