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High-dose CBD Unsuccessful In Relieving Knee Pain In Osteoarthritis Patients

High-dose CBD Unsuccessful In Relieving Knee Pain In Osteoarthritis Patients

High dose CBD Unsuccessful In Relieving Knee Pain In Osteoarthritis Patients

CBD (Cannabidiol) is often marketed by multiple suppliers as a painkiller – for instance, for osteoarthritis of the knee. Animal experiments feature how the substance extracted from hemp has a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory impact on Arthritis.

As per pain researchers of MedUni Vienna, CBD isn’t effective like pain medication, even in the case of high doses. The accurate results of this clinical study included patients hailing from the Anaesthesia department, pain medicine department, and Intensive Care Medicine department at University Hospital Vienna and MedUni Vienna have been published in ‘The Lancet Regional Health – Europe,’ a prestigious scientific journal.

86 women and men around the average age of 63 years who suffered from pain because of their knee joint degeneration were included in the study.

While 1 half of the involved patients were given high dosage CBD by mouth, the other half was also given a sort of placebo that wasn’t recognizable much, that is, a particular drug without any active ingredients. The strictly regulated study period of around 8 weeks featured that CBD didn’t have any solid pain-relieving impact apart from the placebo.

At the moment, knee pain related to osteoarthritis is typically treated with analgesics like tramadol, ibuprofen, and/or diclofenac. The side-effects, but at the same time, contraindications because mostly elderly people are impacted are somewhere proving to be major challenges.

CBD’s analgesic impact featured in animal studies could easily have provided a relatively new treatment alternative, but at the same time, clinical studies that have sufficient high amounts of CBD dose have been missing so far.

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In this context, Pramhas said, “Our study is the first to provide solid information on the lack of analgesic potential of CBD in a common chronic pain condition due to the comparatively high oral dosage and the long observation period.

The MedUni Vienna research team and Pramhas usually point out that in case this particular potential can’t be featured with any high-dose oral medication, then any sort of skepticism becomes so much more appropriate with painkillers that have CBD for skin application. Pramhas concluded with, “According to our study, pain such as that caused by knee osteoarthritis is not one of them.

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