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How Long Do Vapes Last?

How Long Do Vapes Last?

how long do vapes last

Thinking about buying a new vape but wondering, “how long do vapes last?” Then you are in the right place. We bring you all the necessary information you might need in order to determine which markers you need to look out for if you are planning on buying a new vape

How Long Should A Disposable Vape Last You?

How Long Should a Disposable Vape Last You

A disposable vape usually lasts a few days before you need to replace it. This time period generally lasts for two or three days or depending upon the individual who is vaping. Therefore, there is no concrete answer to the former question, “how long do vapes last?” 

Once the vape reaches its depletion limit, you have to replace the entire device. This depletion limit we are talking about generally means the depletion limit of the battery or the e-juice that the vape is filled with. When the battery of disposable vapes dies, the vape will blink every time you try to use it. And if the e-juice of the vape is over, then the vape would either taste burnt or would not produce any smoke. 

To know the exact duration a vape would last, you need to keep an eye out for the puff count of the vape. While some vapes have a puff count of about 600, others might have 6000. Therefore, when you ask how long does 6000 puffs last when compared to 600 puffs? The answer would certainly differ to a great extent. Therefore, the longevity of these vapes purely depends upon the puff count of the respective vapes. 

Now, before we proceed, we would like to clarify that the puff counts that you see on your vapes are upper-case values. In other words, the company assumed that an average puff would last about a second. Therefore, if you are somebody who takes longer and deeper puffs then you might experience lesser puff counts than an individual who takes standard one-second puff.  

How Long Should A Pre-Filled Pod Vape Last You?

While a vaping device in question might last you for months or even years, the e-juice has a shorter shelf-life than that. Vaping pods can last an individual for about a week or so, depending upon the smoker in question. 

If you are using a rechargeable vaping device, then you can stop worrying about the battery. However, you have to replace the pre-filled pod from time to time in order to keep vaping. Pre-filled vape pod usually contains around 2 ml of e-liquid. Now if you made a switch to vaping after being a heavy smoker, then such a vape would roughly last around two to three days. Hence, it is a good idea to carry some extra refillable pods along with you. 

Again, this can certainly differ from individual to individual. If you are somebody who rations vaping, then you can certainly make your vape pod last for about a week or weeks. But if you were a one-pack-a-day kind of individual, then you would certainly experience lesser puff count and battery life.

How Long Should A Refillable Vape Last You?

How Long Should a Refillable Vape Last You

Refillable vapes are the OG of long-lasting vapes. If you want your vapes to last for quite a long time, then these vapes are for you. These vapes can last around a year or longer. As a result, these are suitable for heavier vapers. 

Refillable vapes are essentially quite modular in nature. Therefore, once the vape reaches the depletion level, it can be easily dismantled and replace the component that needs to be replaced. So, whether you are facing an issue with the pod, atomizer, or battery, you can easily fix it without hassle. This flexibility provided by the kit is something that greatly attracts the vapers. 

If a refillable vape has an in-built battery, then the general lifespan of the vape is similar to that of a pre-filled pod. However, in recent months there has been a slew of rechargeable vapes that have removable batteries, like the Innokin Kroma 217. These vapes have a longer life than usual because if the battery malfunctions, you can just replace the battery easily. As a result, diminishes the possibility of damages caused by batteries. 

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Battery damage is the primary cause of vape malfunction. Therefore, with the inception of removable battery technologies, vapes can now have a longer life and increase the span of how long do vapes last. 

Top Vape Kits You Can Try 

Top Vape Kits You Can Try

As is apparent from the aforementioned discussion, there are a lot of factors that determine how long vapes last. As a result, it makes buying the right vape a challenging task because of the number of parameters you have to consider. However, do not worry, as we bring you some of the best vapes that you can buy that have good battery life, amazing puff count, and a myriad of delectable flavors.

  • Elf Bar: These are mostly disposable vape pens that come with roughly 550 to 600 puff counts and with around 550 mAh battery. 
  • Geek Bar: This is another company that sells disposable kits with around 575 puffs and a 500 mAh battery.
  • Crystal Bar: Also known as SKE Crystal Bar. These are disposable vape pens with 500 to 600 puff counts and a battery of about 500 mAh. 
  • Lost Mary: One of the most popular vapes amongst the vaping community. These vapes contain an average of 600 puffs and a modest 550 mAh battery.  


In summation, we believe that you have a rough idea of how long do vapes last in reality. Given there are different brands with different vape kits that come in a range of options, it can be difficult to actually determine how long does a disposable vape last you, or any other vape for that matter. However, if you know the markers that you have to notice, then it becomes easier to determine how long your vape will actually last.

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