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Question Of The Hour: How Long Does CBD Stay In Dogs System

Question Of The Hour: How Long Does CBD Stay In Dogs System

how long does CBD stay in dogs system

Want to know how long does CBD stay in dogs system? Well, this is the perfect article for you. I have acquired all the necessary information you might need to answer this question like a pro. 

What Is CBD?

what is cbd

Pet parents often wonder how CBD can prove helpful for their dogs. This is probably one of the biggest questions in the CBD for the pet industry. But there is another question, which is more popular than the former. That is, “How long does CBD stay in dogs system?”  

But first, we need to understand what CBD is. This will enable you to understand the whole concept of CBD for pets and some of the major factors that determine retention and other similar factors.  

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is an all-natural chemical component found in the cannabis class of plants. Unlike THC, CBD is not a psychoactive substance. As a result, CBD is safe to use for dogs and other pets.  

CBD products come in various shapes and sizes. The first is broad spectrum, and the second is full spectrum. Broad-spectrum CBD includes all the chemicals that can be found in cannabis, except for THC. Meanwhile, the full spectrum contains trace amounts of THC. As a result, you will have options available.  

One good thing about CBD is that it is a naturally occurring substance. Therefore, you need not worry about synthetic formulas entering your or your pet’s system.  

The Half-Life Of CBD

The Half Life Of CBD

CBD retention is greatly dependent on several external and internal factors. However, you will often come across a term called the half-life. What is this half-life, and how does it affect a drug’s retention rate? This section will try to answer that query.  

The half-life of a drug means the total duration a drug will take in order to process half of its metabolites. This is a very important metric for drug testers and medical practitioners. Doctors often decide the dosage of a medication after consulting, taking this metric into account.  

Half-lives of drugs come in several different formats. However, drugs are generally classified between short half-life and long half-life formats. While the former requires more than two dosages to maintain homeostasis, the latter only requires two proper dosages to work well.

The half-life of CBD products usually oscillates between 18 to 32 hours. This means your body will take around 18 to 32 hours to break down half of the CBD you consume. Meanwhile, this period gradually goes down when it comes to pets because of their faster metabolism.  

CBD for pets is a specific niche. As a result, studies are still going on regarding this subject. However, the current demand for such products implies that this would eventually blow up with time.  

How Does CBD Affect Your Dog’s Body? 

How Does CBD Affect Your Dog’s Body

As of writing this article, several studies have concluded that CBD usage for pets is a viable option. In fact, countless studies show that CBD can actually help dogs deal with several medical problems. Studies are still going on in order to decide the total effectiveness of the substance. However, it is certain that CBD usage has some positive effects on your pooch’s health. Here are some of those common problems that CBD products can solve for your dogs. 

Healthy Gastrointestinal Function: Dogs can develop gastrointestinal or GI problems quite easily. In fact, 2 out of 3 dogs will suffer from GI problems throughout their lives. Regular and consistent usage of CBD products can help your dog find the necessary help.

Healthy Cognitive Abilities: Debilitating mental functions are very common in senior dogs. As a result, you can use CBD oil and other products to help them deal with these debilitating health concerns.

Joint & Mobility: Another problem that dogs go through includes joint and mobility issues. Now, studies show that these CBD products are quite effective in dealing with such joint and mobility issues.  

Stress Alleviation: Dogs can experience high levels of stress with time. CBD products can help alleviate these stresses. As a result, taking care of your pooch’s mental health ailments.  

How Long Does CBD Stay In Dogs System? 

how long does CBD stay in dogs system

The cannabis market of the CBD pet product market is growing at a rapid rate. Every day, newer grounds are covered when it comes to CBD usage. I personally believe that cannabis has successfully transitioned from a taboo subject to something more accepting.  

Still, as a pet parent, you must be concerned about the substance’s retention rate or ask yourself, “how long does CBD stay in dogs system?”. This is because cannabis has always had a psychoactive status. This means people have used it to get high. But now, things have changed, and it is time that we look at cannabis with an open mind and tap into its medicinal aspect. 

As per current sources, the half-life of CBD in dogs is around 4 to 5 hours. Therefore, the chemical works best during the first four or five hours after exposure. Hence, CBD generally stays in a dog’s system for around four to 5 hours.  

Factors Deciding The Retention Factor 

CBD can linger in your dog’s system for around 8 hours. However, this is a generalized assumption. This is because there are other factors that can affect a drug’s half-life. In this section, I will discuss some of the primary factors that determine: 

Weight: CBD retention is greatly dependent on body weight. Bigger dogs with bigger CBD dosages will retain the CBD for longer and vice versa. 

Diet: A dog’s diet determines or dramatically influences its metabolic activity. Dogs with faster metabolic functions will flush out CBD metabolites faster than dogs with slower metabolic rates.  

Biochemical Makeup: every dog has an individual biochemical makeup. This biochemical Makeup is one of the most critical factors related to the dog’s ability to retain CBD metabolites.  

Hence, these factors greatly decide how long does CBD stay in dogs system. However, these are just passive markers. CBD retention is a broad subject, and more studies should be conducted in order to come up with a conclusive answer. Still, I have tried making some sense of the subject.  

Alternative To CBD Products: Dramamine 

Alternative To CBD Products Dramamine

CBD is a great alternative form of medication. However, it is not the only kind. In fact, the pet medication industry is a billion-dollar industry that is going through some great changes. While some of these changes are welcome, some can destabilize the industry as a whole. 

Dramamine is one such component. Dramamine is an antihistamine that was originally developed for human beings. It regulates the inner ear or the vestibular system. The vestibular system is in charge of things like homeostasis, emetic response, and other similar issues.  

Lately, Dramamine is being used to help dogs who are dealing with problems like loss of balance, orientation, dysplasia, etc.  

Dramamine Side-Effects

Dramamine might be one of the most recent inventions in the pet care sector. It has proven to be quite effective in a lot of ways. However, this is a chemical-based medication. As a result, you need to understand that there might be some side effects to this chemical. As a pet parent, you need to understand these factors. Here we go! 

Sedation: Dramamine can induce sleep and act as a sedative compound. As a result, your dog will spend more time lazing around.

Dehydration: Dramamine is known to seep out moisture from the user. As a result, your dog might end up feeling dehydrated. This can be a challenge for pet parents who want their dogs to be at the top of their game.

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Diarrhea: Dramamine is a very potent substance, to say the least. In higher dosages, this substance actually turns out to be fatal. Users have brought forth cases where their dog went through serious cases of diarrhea due to Dramamine overdosing. Hence, consult your vet before making any decision.  

CBD Vs. Dramamine

CBD vs Dramamine is not related to our topic at hand but is trying to answer how long does CBD stay in dogs system. Still, you can never have too much knowledge as a pet parent. As a result, this section will study some of the key points of Dramamine vs CBD.  

This part of the discussion is a very technical and research-based aspect of the whole deal. As per the current studies, CBD products are proven to be 30% safer than Dramamine. As a result, companies are looking to capitalize on this craze and bring newer and more potent CBD formulas.   

Therefore, CBD is a much safer and more potent option than Dramamine.  

Some Of The Best CBD Products For Your Dogs 

Some Of The Best CBD Products For Your Dogs 

CBD products for pets have filled the market. Every day, new products with different retention rates have come to the forefront. As a result, the question is, how long does CBD stay in dogs system. This small list will try and look at some of the best CBD products that you can buy for your furry baby or babies. 

HolistaPet Calming Chews For Dogs 

HolistaPet Calming Chews For Dogs is the perfect choice for you if you want to get a CBD product that has several different uses. These chews actually contain calming properties. As a result, your dog will be at ease while dealing with old age or chronic issues.  

Citizens Hemp CBD Treats For Cats And Dogs 

These Hemp CBD treats are guaranteed to be the next best thing for your furry babies. These gummies are actually made using natural and organic products. However, these gummies come in some amazing flavoring options.  

CBD Living CBD Pet Shampoo

Dogs enjoy running around in snow, rain, and mud. As a result, your job as a pet parent is to take special care of their coat and skin health. The CBD pet shampoo by CBD Living is the perfect option for you. They are not only cleaning agents, but they also offer shinier coats for your good boy or girl.  

Pet Releaf TriActive Supplement 

The Pet Releaf TriActive Supplement is one of the best dog supplements that you can buy. These supplements are easy to administer and come in convenient packaging. Furthermore, the formula is developed by a doctor. Hence, you do not have to worry about the product’s authenticity.  

Pure Hemp Botanicals 1500 MG Pet CBD Tincture 

This CBD product from the house of Pure Pet Harmony is like the gold standard for pet CBD products. As per the listing, this pet product is potent enough to knock out a full-grown horse. But that does not mean that this product contains THC essence. This product is known to help pets with ailments like chronic pain or mental health issues.  

Verma Farm CBD Oils & Tinctures 

Verma Farms is a Hawaii-based CBD farm that is known to bring authentic CBD products for your pets. Some of the most popular CBD products from the farm include CBD dog edibles, tinctures, and pet-friendly oils. As a result, you and your pet can easily have some options to play around with.  

King Kanine Oils & Balms 

King Kanine is one of the most celebrated CBD products on the market. The brand has established itself quite well, and every day, it strives towards newer heights. These CBD products are some of the best CBD products in the market. But they are also one of the priciest CBD products that you can go for. However, the brand understands its customers and claims that its price tag is justified.  

The Closing Thought

So that was my detailed answer to your question, “How long does CBD stay in dogs system?” As of the time this article was written, research is still going on regarding CBD usage. Hence, there is no conclusive answer to the question above. However, I have tried my best to address your queries. Keep following our page for more cannabis-related content.

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