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How To Light A Joint Without A Lighter? Is This Possible!

How To Light A Joint Without A Lighter? Is This Possible!

How to light a joint

At present, getting high has turned into a fun activity among youngsters in most parts of the world. Well, different variants of weed have thus, turned into the best friends of people. 

There are places where keeping weeds and joints have turned quite normal. Now, what would you do if there is a joint in your hand but not a lighter to burn it?

See, knowing some survival skills is always important!

So, in this article, you can check out how to light a joint without a lighter. Yes, here we are to turn a stoner into a school-level scientist. For now, you can check out the entries given in the list:

Right Approaches To Light A Joint Without A Lighter

It is very important to know how to light a joint in the absence of a lighter. You might need some other props for it but, it would be really fun. So, read the entries as you roll one up. 

1.  The Solar Light

Solar Light

The sun denotes fire and you need it to light up your joint. Now, do you remember making holes on paper using the magnifying glass under the sunlight back in school?

Well, dude! Happy aging!

It is time to repeat the same experiment but not on paper. You just need to hold the tip of your joint under the magnifying glass and focus the sunlight on it for a few minutes. 

Now, as you see your herb getting the flame, quickly put it on your lips and inhale repeatedly. Expect the flame to catch easily and there you are, lighting up a joint without a lighter. 

As every fun experiment has a drawback, this one is no different. You can get no result doing it on a cloudy day. Moreover, this process might take a long time if there is hazy sunlight. An incident like this can be a real test of your patience. 

2. The Toaster Coil

Toaster Coil

If you are unable to find your lighter after rolling up your blunt, just don’t start breaking things around you. Rather, you can just crawl into your kitchen and turn on the toaster. 

There are several flammable coils in your toaster that can light up your joint instantly. All you have to do is inhale normally. 

Again, watch out for the safety of your fingers while you are giving a question to your toaster out of the syllabus. 

Remember, not to put your fingers inside the loop of the toaster just to check if the coil has caught the flame. You can easily feel it by the heat of the toaster.

Do not forget to thank your toaster after lighting up your joint. It is a machine that not only toasts bread for your stomach but also toasts up weed for your heart. 

3. A Gas Stove 

Gas Stove 

A gas stove is yet another instrument in your kitchen to count on when it comes to lighting a joint. All you need to do is set the fire on it using the sparkler. Afterward, you can simply light up your joint and start smoking

When you choose this process, make sure the blue flame is high enough to reach the tip of the joint. Otherwise, you can burn your face up within a few seconds. So, always remember to keep the flame of the stove at maximum power. 

4. The Spaghetti Flame

Spaghetti FlameSpaghetti Flame

If you are concerned about how to light a joint without a lighter, the spaghetti flame can always help you. This is one of the safest ways you can get the fire for burning up your joint. 

Generally, the spaghetti is long and you can easily hold one end and set the other on fire. Once you light the flame up, try to dispose of the spaghetti tip immediately. 

5. A Hot Knife

Hot Knife

If you are looking for how to light a joint in a cool way, the burning butter knife technique is for you. Well, this might seem to be the weirdest technique to burn a joint but it carries a different swag. 

To light your joint in this technique, you need to hold a butter knife over a stove flame. Make sure you heat it up till it turns red. Now, be very careful while handling the knife when it is red hot. 

After you light up the joint, do not forget to immerse it in a tub of cold water. It is surely for fun that you can light up your joint with Reggie weed like this in absence of a gaslighter. Compared to this technique, it can always be easier for you to purchase a new one from a nearby shop. 

6. The Car Lighter

Car Lighter

The car lighter can be yet another process of how to light a joint with a conventional one. If you have a car lighter installed in your car, all you need to do is walk up to the garage.

Turning on the ignition of your car for a few minutes, you can use the car lighter. This is one of the luxurious ways you can burn up your joint with moldy weed the next time you smoke. 

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However, you should always avoid trying to learn how to smoke a joint while being in a car. It can lead to a fatal accident and well, you can reach a dark high permanently.

Just fear your death a bit is all that I am trying to say!

Best Lighters For Weed

Okay, this does look like a conflict of situation kind of a deal, but since we are on the topic of lighters. Why not we look at some of the best lighters that are personal favorites?  All the lighters listed here are some of the most iconic and best lighters that you can find for consuming cannabis. Some lighters are here because of the practicality of the design. While others are due to the rich lineage they share with the history of cannabis. Therefore, they have earned their place on this small list. 

BIC EZ Reach

The very name should give you an idea of the primary concept that went into designing this lighter. The longer neck of the lighter makes it easy to light deep bowls and bongs. Hence, this is a staple for all the bong aficionados. Even though the longer neck hampers the overall structural integrity of the lighter, you cannot carry it in your pocket. Still, this is an amazing lighter that you can opt for.  

DISSIM Inverted Soft Flame

As a personal user of the DISSIM, I believe that this is the most perfect lighter that has ever been created in order to smoke out of a bowl or a bong. If you think that the EZ has a practical design, wait till you see this bad boy. As the name suggests, this lighter produces the flame upside down. Therefore, you do not have to strain your wrist to light up the bong or the bowl that you are smoking out of. 


How can the list be complete if we do not list one of the most modular and iconic lighters of all time? Many lighter experts believe that Zippos are the best-designed lighter. Well, I believe that Clippers are the best lighters that are out there. One unique feature that this lighter has is its ability to increase the flame as soon as you tilt it downwards. Therefore, making them perfect for clearing out bongs with a single rip.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Smoke A Joint With A Light?

To smoke a joint with a light, you need to burn it properly. The two things you need for this are patience and knowledge of the tight technique. 

2. How Can You Light A Cigarette Without A Lighter Or Matches?

A spaghetti stick or the toaster technique can be the best to light a cigarette without lighter or matches. 

3. How Can I Light A Blunt In A Hotel Without A Lighter?

The best way you can burn a blunt in a hotel without a lighter is by phoning the reception and ordering a lighter. 

Final Words

If you have made it till here reading the article, it is probably clear to you that it is possible to light a joint without a lighter. Well, these are fun experiments that you can try at your place. No matter which approaches you choose, make sure you are safe. 

Even if you are having a pod party with your friends, you can keep it simple when it comes to lighting a joint. Burning a spaghetti stick can be the best alternative among all the entries in this list in terms of safety. So, you can always try it. 

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