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The Burning Question: How To Lower Weed Tolerance

The Burning Question: How To Lower Weed Tolerance

how to lower weed tolerance

How to lower weed tolerance? Well, if this is what you are looking for, then this is the article you need in your life. We will look at some of the most prominent and effective ways that can help you lower the overall cannabis tolerance levels in your body. Read more to know how. 

What Is Weed Tolerance?

What Is Weed Tolerance

It is not just true for marijuana, but if you consume any substance consistently for an extended period of time, you will develop a certain amount of tolerance. This is your body’s way of adjusting to the habit you developed. 

Cannabis primarily activates the cannabinoid receptors (CB1) of your central nervous system and brain. In fact, this gives rise to the psychoactive effects or the feeling of high in your body. Now, if this activation becomes more and more frequent, your brain automatically tries minimizing it. This is what happens when you develop tolerance.

Tolerance for any substance develops when you trick your system into thinking that the substance is a natural inclusion. Even though this might not be outright harmful, it can pose some threats in the long run. 

Factors Affecting Weed Tolerance

Factors Affecting Weed Tolerance

In order to truly understand cannabis tolerance or how to lower weed tolerance, we need to understand how it builds up over time. This will be the first step in resetting your tolerance, a more important subject than masking the cannabis smell. So, without further ado, let us dive right in.

Potency Of Cannabis

Potency Of Cannabis

Potency is the foremost thing that can develop a high tolerance towards a substance. If you are consistently consuming cannabis with 30% THC or products like wax or high-quality kief, your tolerance level is bound to be high. 

A small experiment conducted in the late 2000s tried studying this. The experiment showed that people who consumed cannabis with 10 or 20% THC content developed tolerance at a slower rate than people who consumed cannabis with around 30% or higher THC levels.  

Using Frequency

Frequency is another factor that can be a major issue while discussing tolerance. If you are somebody who uses cannabis rarely, then there is a chance that your tolerance levels will be low. But if you are a daily user, then you can develop high tolerance. In fact, if you consume cannabis regularly, it will stay in your system longer. Therefore, frequency plays a major role. 

The Person’s Biology

Potency and frequency play a major role. But sometimes, the user’s biology also plays an equally important role. This is something that I have noticed over the years, some people are inherently more tolerant towards certain substances. In fact, if you have a history of substance abuse in the past, you will develop a higher level of tolerance. So, your metabolism is an equally important aspect that develops tolerance. 

How To Reset It?

How To Reset It

Now that tolerance and other aspects connected to it are clear to you, I think you are ready to understand ways that can help you lower it. This section will primarily look at some of the suggestions that will educate you on how to lower weed tolerance. Here we go!

Take A Tolerance Break

This is the best and most effective way of dealing with high tolerance. Tolerance break, or simply ‘T-Break,’ involves taking a hiatus from cannabis usage for a short duration of time. This duration can range from one to two weeks. 

As we have already learned in the previous section, consistent use can help you develop tolerance. So, if you break that cycle for a duration of time, your body will automatically reset your tolerance level.

If you are a moderate user, a week will be an optimal ‘T Break.’ But if you are a heavy user, you need to go through a longer break. 


Another logical way in which you can lower or reset your tolerance is by reducing cannabis usage altogether. Abstaining might be difficult for medical marijuana users. So, they can choose to reduce the amount they consume. 

For example, if you consume two joints worth of cannabis in a day, consider lowering it to half a joint a day. Sounds drastic and difficult. But trust me, it will help you to reset your cannabis tolerance. 

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Microdosing is also another solution that can help you. While micro-dosing, you will be consuming cannabis consistently but at a much lower dosage than what you are used to. This is an amazing method that will help you in the long run.

Switch Strains And Products

Quite often, cannabis users predominantly gravitate towards one specific strain or product. This is the easiest way of developing high weed tolerance. What to do? Ideally, you should never consume one singular form of strain. You must consider switching strains and products with different THC levels.

Switching strains and products will greatly help you control your tolerance level. Your body developed a habit of processing a certain level of THC. If you switch things from time to time, your body will not find the space to adapt to the changes. 


The final and most convenient method for lowering tolerance is if you exercise more. THC molecules are primarily stored in the fat cells of your body. Logically speaking, if you exert yourself more and burn that fat, you are burning the THC as well. 

So, if you are on a ‘T Break,’ I will suggest that you try to burn those calories harder in the gym. In this way, you are increasing the chance of lowering your overall cannabis tolerance. Furthermore, it will also help you to remove the residual THC content from your body s well. Therefore, it is a win-win situation. 

End Note

In summation, these are the best solutions you can find on ‘how to lower weed tolerance.’ Even if you have been consuming cannabis for years and years, you can easily control your general tolerance by following some simple methods. For more cannabis content, keep following our page.

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