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How To Roll A Backwood Blunt – A Complete Guide

How To Roll A Backwood Blunt – A Complete Guide

how to roll a backwood

Did you know that humanity first used cannabis 2,800 years ago? Since then, people have been exploring several novel ways to appreciate this unusual plant. 

Acquiring rolling skills No matter how experienced you are with cannabis or how many various strains you’ve tried, Backwoods is a terrific place to start.

Backwoods is developing a fantastic reputation for producing delicious and unwinding blunts. Instead of processed tobacco pulp, these wraps contain plain, dried tobacco leaves. 

They are thus far more delicate than other blunt wraps, such as Swishers or Zig Zag wraps. It simply takes a little expertise to know how to roll backwood wraps as easily as you would any other blunt or joint.

What Is A Blunt?

What Is A Blunt

We’d start from the beginning to know how to roll a backwood blunt. So let’s first understand what a “blunt” is.

A cigar packed with cannabis instead of its loose-leaf tobacco is blunt. You can also refer to blunts as: 

  • Swishers. 
  • Dutchies.
  • Backwoods.

These different names depending on the kind of cigar or cigarillo used to roll them. Many people appreciate the extra high that the combination of cannabis and its tobacco wrap produces.

In the middle of the 1980s, New Yorkers invented the blunt, which takes its name from the Phillies Blunt cigar line. 

Did you ever wonder how to move a backwood using the wrapper?

You can also use the wrappers from tobacco leaves to roll a backwood blunt. Among the well-known blunt wraps are:

  • Dutch Masters. 
  • Backwoods Smokes. 
  • Zig Zags White. 
  • Owl King Palm.

What Is Backwoods Blunt?

What Is Backwoods Blunt

If you’re wondering how to roll a backwood blunt, you must understand its process of construction using any variety of cannabis you prefer.

In contrast to other cigar brands, Backwoods blunts employ a single, all-natural tobacco leaf as its outer covering rather than pressed tobacco paper or any kind of cigar wrapper. Because of this, they are more desirable to cannabis purists seeking a pure experience.

Backwoods is a product of the 1970s changes in cigarette legislation that made tobacco advertising challenges. As a result, little cigars developed and branded by Backwood still get promoted on television. 

They are available in a range of tastes, including Sweet Aromatic and Honey Bourbon. Thanks to their leaf covering, they are the ideal size to rip apart and stuff with weed.

Why Use Backwood For Blunts?

Why Use Backwood For Blunts

The backwood unroll process, designed to be manual, allows the guts to come out all at once. So this princess takes place quite naturally. 

Rap legends like Mac Dre, who claims that smoking pot “ain’t all that nice without a Backwood, it ain’t all that good,” turn to them as their preferred brand.

Backwoods are remarkably simple to roll even if the leaf is more prone to breaking and harder to stick than, for example, a Swisher Sweet. 

You can create a tight, well-fitting blunt with little to no effort. Some smokers have been able to roll up to an eighth of their herb with only one cigar wrap.

How To Roll A Backwood Blunt?

In this part, we shall teach you how to move a backwood using the wrapper—

Break Up The Weed By Hands

Break Up The Weed By Hands

To prepare the cannabis for rolling, you’ll need a rolling tray, a level surface, and some dry hands. The marijuana must be sufficiently dry in order to crumble into the little pieces needed to roll a joint. Avoid uneven burning of your joint by properly grounding the nugs.

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Remove The Tobacco From The Wrap

Remove The Tobacco From The Wrap

In the case of the backwood blunt, its production process is unique. It is made from a single tobacco leaf. Therefore, you must get your backwoods unrolled with utmost care since you want to save the wrapper for your blunt. Although the practice is essential in this situation, you should have more than one cigar on your first attempt, just in case. At this point, a rolling tray comes in incredibly handy.

Place Broken Buds In The Wrap

Place Broken Buds In The Wrap

Placing the broken buds mark the beginning of how to roll a backwood blunt. Every Backwoods leaf has a different form, making it challenging to pack with marijuana because there isn’t a built-in pocket. Once you have it exactly perfect, arrange your herbs in a line along the wrap, starting at the center and moving outward along the length of the leaf.

Roll The Leaf Gently

Roll The Leaf Gently

Be delicate with your fingers and thumbs because perfecting the technique of rolling a blunt will take time and practice. Aim for a small cone shape to resemble the original Backwoods Cigar, as it was more tapered than cylindrical. Be cautious to avoid damaging the Backwoods blunt’s appearance and feel by cracking or tearing the wrap.

Lick The Edge And Seal The Deal

Lick The Edge And Seal The Deal

You can lick the inside of the last remaining strip of blunt wrap to seal it after you’re almost completely coiled up. For this, you need to use more saliva than you would for a joint or blunt. 

If there is any remaining blunt wrap at the end, you may twist it to seal the blunt and keep anything from spilling out.

Joys Of Smoking A Blunt

Joys Of Smoking A Blunt

Now that you know how to roll a backwood blunt, it is time to roll one up for yourself, smoke it up, and relax!

Blunts typically use tobacco and cigar for the wrapping process. The presence of tobacco makes it a great smoking method for most individuals. In addition, some people find the taste and smell of cannabis particularly enjoyable. 

This is because cannabis combines citrusy and pine-like notes with the dank and resinous aromas of the blunt wrap. Moreover, when added to the gradual burn of a standard blunt, the roll makes the experience quite pleasurable.

Blunts, a sort of smoke that faced restrictions in the past, no longer manage negative attention. Instead, a blunt may be consumed, rolled, and smoked almost anywhere, much like a joint. So it’s unexpected to see someone using a Backwood to smoke tobacco instead of marijuana.

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