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The Godfather Of Cannabis: The Italian Ice Strain

The Godfather Of Cannabis: The Italian Ice Strain

Italian ice strain

Let me make you an offer that you cannot refuse. Can I interest you in trying the iconic Italian ice strain? Come along, and I will educate you on some of the points that you need to know before trying the Italian ice strain.  

Overview Of The Italian Ice Strain 

What if I tell you that there is a strain that would transport you to the Isles of Sicily? Where you can feel the sea breeze caressing your cheeks, the sun feels happy, and the air makes a whistling sound that resembles a violin. The Italian Ice Strain is the only strain that is capable of doing this.  


This weekend, I got a chance to try out the amazing Italian Ice Strain. This cannabis strain was an unexpected curveball. It was one of those highs that stayed with me for a long period of time. It made me question reality and made me wonder about the meaning of life itself. 

A tad bit dramatic, but all I meant to say was that the Italian Ice was one heck of an indica-dominant hybrid weed. Not only was it pretty to look at, but it also packed a moderate punch as well, with a THC content ranging from 15% to 25%.  

Genetic Lineage Of The Italian Ice Strain 

The Italian Ice strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. It might not be the strongest weed strain in existence. However, it punches way above its weight. This is primarily because of its rich genetic lineage. The genetic lineage of the Italian Ice strain is strong. And maybe that is why this strain is one of the best strains in existence. 


The Italian ice strain is a product of crossing two iconic strains. These strains include the Gelato 45 and Forbidden Fruit strains. Both of these strains bring unique properties to the table. This is why these strains should be studied extensively.  

Here is a detailed rundown of the two parent strains of the Italian Ice. 

Gelato 45 

First up, we will discuss the Gelato 45 strain. Like its offspring, this is a hybrid strain. Gelato is a sweet-tasting cannabis strain that is a product of crossing the Girl Scout Cookies with Sherbet.  

Gelato 45 is one of the most popular strains out there. It is popular for several different reasons. One of those reasons is its ability to induce giggles and keep people happy. I personally feel that the Gelato 45 is a perfect strain for pre-party scenes. It makes me funnier, more social, and less anxious.  

Apart from its recreational ability, the strain is also very popular for its ability to perform as a Medicinal cannabis strain. Ever since I have started reviewing cannabis strains, I have noticed that a lot of chemo patient prefer this strain to alleviate their pain.  

Forbidden Fruit 

Forbidden fruit or FF is probably the only strain that I am scared to over-indulge. The FF strain is a hybrid strain as well. It is a cross between two of my personally favorite and reviewed strains: Cherry Pie and Tangie.  

The Forbidden Fruit or FF, is a beautiful-looking strain with dark green hues and orangy pistils. In fact, I have personally lauded this strain as one of the best-looking strains.  But its appeal does not stop at the surface level.  

The FF strain can be a little too much to handle for people with zero to no experience with cannabis. I personally think that a person should wait and build up tolerance before they try out the FF strain.  

Characteristics Of The Italian Ice Strain 

The Italian ice strain might sound like the name of a 90s thrasher band. But trust me when I say this: it is the best weed you will ever smoke, my brother/sister. It has a weird appeal that is absolutely unparalleled. I mean it when I say that it is a curveball. 


The Italian Ice is one of those strains that will either be your go-to or the biggest no. This is primarily because of the strain’s unique characteristics. In fact, it is definitely one of the strain’s biggest USPs.  

To help you understand the Italian ice strain, I have gone ahead and broken down the general characteristics of the strain into three primary umbrella categories. These categories include terpene, aroma/flavor, and appearance. So, let’s go!  


The first thing that I would like to discuss is the strain’s overall terpene profile. The THC and CBD ratio is important for a strain. But it is not the all-encompassing factor that decides everything.  

The terpene profile of the strain is equally important. It decides several important factors like the flavor, aroma, effects, etc. Hence, I think it is best to start the discussion with that point. Here is a detailed rundown of some of the most common terpenes found in the Italian Ice Strain: 

  • Linalool: Linalool terpene is known for its sweet and flowery essence. It is one of the most common terpenes found in sweet-smelling cannabis. Apart from its essence, the strain is pretty famous for its calming effects.  
  • Myrcene: Myrcene is the next most common terpene found in the Italian ice strain. It has an earthy and musky essence. It smells and feels like wet soil after the first rain. It is known to enhance relaxation and serenity.  
  • Caryophyllene: Caryophyllene is the most common and abundant terpene found in the cannabis class of plants. It adds a spicy tone to the strain and counters the sweetness. In fact, the terpene also offers analgesic properties to the strain.  

Aroma & Flavor 

With the terpene profile out of the way, I think it is only natural that we take a moment and look at the aroma and the flavor profile of the strain. I think the aroma and flavor profile of a strain is very important. It adds to the overall charm. Hence, this section will be all about the aroma and the flavor profile of the Italian ice strain. 

I think the Italian Ice’s flavor profile is a beautiful blend of several things. I personally picked up hints of blackberries and a citrusy essence. Interestingly, the citrusy essence never turned sour.  

However, the flavor profile is a little more dynamic. For me, the smoke from the strain changed its essence. The first swig was mostly sweet and citrusy. However, the exhale is all about that old-school skunky flavor profile. Therefore, the strain is a beautiful mix of several different things at the same time.  

I enjoyed the flavor profile to a great extent. The strain was sweet as well as tangy. Hence, it was one of the most interesting flavor profiles. It managed to keep me surprised and guessing throughout the experience, as every swig feels different.  

A unique thing that no other strain can mimic. 


Well, appearance might be the lowest-ranking attribute for many pot connoisseurs. However, looks matter to me. You can call me vain, but I cannot consume a strain that does not look pretty. I want my cannabis to have an aesthetic appeal. This strain fulfills this requirement adequately. 

The first thing you will notice about the strain is the color palette. The strain is one of the most colorful strains in existence. The general hues of the strain include deep green and purple. This alludes to the strain’s rich genetic lineage. To wrap up the color palette, the surface of the bud is filled with thin orange hairs called the pistils. These pistils add contrast and complexity to the visual appeal of the strain. 

The aesthetic appeal of the strain might not be equivalent to OG Kush, Purple Haze, or White Widow. But it is certainly a looker.  

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Effects & Usages Of The Italian Ice Strain 

The Italian ice Strain is an Indica-dominant strain with a THC percentage that oscillates between 18% THC to 23% THC. However, some growers even went the mile and have developed variants that boast a THC ratio of around 28%.  


The aforementioned information was not accessible to me before I started ‘reviewing’ the strain. As a result, I was mostly flying blind. I had no idea of what to expect. This is something I have started doing recently because cannabis is content for me. I do not want to spoil the fun by reading about it. As a result, I chose to go in blind, so you do not have to. 

I tried this strain on a weekend. And Trust me, it was nothing that I expected. You can take this as a word of caution or as a piece of good news.  

Medicinal Usage 

The Italian ice is not your run-of-the-mill cannabis. It is a class apart from most other strains you will come across. The THC/CBD ratio and the terpene profile of the strain make the Italian Ice an absolute beast when it comes to medicinal usage. Here are the ways the strain can turn out to be helpful as a medical cannabis: 

  • Pain Management: The high THC content of the strain makes it one of the best medications for pain management. Several sources suggest that the strain is one of the best strains for combating chronic and acute pain.  
  • Mental Health Aid: Cannabis is often not prescribed by psychiatrists to aid with mental health problems. However, things are changing, and several doctors are actually considering the power of cannabis. This strain is known to aid people with depression, anxiety, paranoia, etc.  
  • Improved Sleep. The Italian Ice strain is known to improve sleep and sleep cycle. One important thing about the strain is that it makes you feel sleepy and sedated. Hence, people who struggle to fall asleep can use this strain in order to sleep better.  

Recreational Usage 

As I have said, I had no idea of what I was getting myself into. I thought that going blind was the best way to retrieve objective data. As a result, I cleared my schedule and sat down to ‘review’ the strain for the very first time.  

The whole experience lasted for an hour, and it was definitely nothing like what I expected. I personally feel that the strain’s high comes in stages. The first stage of the high resembles a mental high. A euphoric high characterized this stage. I was social, my mind was racing, and I was thinking more clearly.  

A feeling of sedation characterized the second stage of the experience. This stage was all about the Indica dominant high. This stage comes at the fag end of the experince. In my experince, this stage made staying up a bit difficult. I was struggling to keep my head upright and concentrate on certain things. However, I never lost my cognitive ability to assess and make decisions.  

The final stage of the experience was taking a nap. Unsurprisingly, the whole experience ended with a nap. Therefore, I believe that this strain is better suited as a weekend cannabis strain. Otherwise, you will end up running behind your schedule.  

Adverse Effects 

In my experience, the strain mostly performed well. However, I am a seasoned user, and my tolerance level is higher than that of most other people. Therefore, I have scoured the internet in order to learn more about the adverse effects of the strain that one needs to know in order to consume it safely. Here are some of the popular side effects of the strain.  

Paranoia: The high THC content can be a little too much to handle for some people. As a result, they could experience cannabis-related paranoia

Greening out: This is a very rare condition that is subjected to extreme loss of motor skills, loss of cognition, temporary amnesia, etc. However, 1 in 1000 people will face this issue.  

The End Note 


With that, you have reached the very end of my review of The Italian Ice strain. A unique strain that is not just well suited for recreational usage but is also great as a medical cannabis. Keep following our page for more such cannabis-related content.


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