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Everything You Need To Know About The Jet Fuel Strain

Everything You Need To Know About The Jet Fuel Strain

Everything You Need To Know About The Jet Fuel Strain

Having a good smoke has become a necessity for many stoners globally. Going to sleep without getting that dizzy yet “head high” sensation feels like a waste of time and brain cells. Therefore, searching for good weed has become essential for stoners to get the high they expect and enjoy the trip. 

Therefore, this search for the best bud has led many to stumble upon the famous jet fuel strain. This strain of weed is renowned for staying true to its name. It has a diesel-like taste and smell but gives you an excellent energetic high like diesel does to a car engine. 

If you are interested in trying out this jet fuel weed strain for yourself, continue reading to learn more about its appearance, taste, effects, and benefits to health. 

What Is The Jet Fuel Strain?

What Is The Jet Fuel Strain?

The jet fuel strain, also known as the jet fuel OG strain, is one of the newer hybrid weed strains emerging in the market right now. This hybrid marijuana strain is created by Colorado-based growers 303 Seeds by mixing two different strains of weed – the SFV OG Kush and the East Coast Sour Diesel. 

If you wanted to know whether the jet fuel strains Indica or Sativa, then this weed mixes both, with most buds being 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. Due to its Sativa centric composition, it has a normalized THC level of 20%, with no CBD at all. 

1. Appearance

If you look at the jet fuel strain for the first time, you will notice it seems pretty fluff and quite plumped up. Unfortunately, this appearance is pretty similar to other diesel strains, and many pro stoners often get confused between the two when looking at it for the first time. 

For the uninitiated, this weed looks like a leaf bud with a darkish green shade. However, if left in the plantation for too long, it will soon make trichomes grow out of it, which looks like whitish and orangish crystals on the leaves. 

2. Flavors

You will get various flavors if you want to know how to roll a cross joint with the jet fuel strain. Depending on how developed your taste buds are, you might get these flavors:

  • Diesel: When you light up the joint for the first time, you will start with an Earthy flavor, pretty standard with most weed strains. However, this taste will soon become diesel-like after a few puffs.
  • Pungent: You will get an intense diesel-like flavor after smoking this weed. Do not be afraid that it tastes and smells like diesel. However, it is by no means laced with diesel and other chemicals that one might expect from cheaper weed.
  • Chemical: You might not like smoking this weed because of its chemical-like taste. Its diesel-like taste and smell are not everyone’s cup of tea, with many seasoned stoners downright hating the jet fuel strain. 

Jet Fuel Strain Sensations

Jet Fuel Strain Sensations

If you want to know how to make dabs with the jet fuel strain and feel its sensations, we have good news! We have tried this strain out to find out how it feels. These are some of the feelings that we felt after we learned how to smoke a blunt:

1. Energetic

Since this bud is composed of 60% Sativa strains, this weed makes you feel more energetic than mellow. Compared to Indica weed, which gives you a “head high” and makes you tired and relaxed, this weed makes you listen to loud music and go crazy for the night. 

2. Euphoric

If you smoke weed and do not feel euphoric, that can only mean one of two things. Either you do not know how to smoke weed or smoke some bad weed strains. On the other hand, if you feel relaxed, calm, and get that “high” sensation when tripping on high songs, then that’s exactly what you can expect from the jet fuel strain. 

3. Focused

If you want to do a study session with your friends or are engrossed in some artistic profession, then the jet fuel gelato strain should be perfect. Smoking this strain makes you attentive (not drowsy like Indica strains) because of its primarily Sativa heritage. Therefore, you can consume jet fuel pie strain and still be focused. 

Side Effects Of Jet Fuel Strain

Jet Fuel Strain Sensations

It is a well-known fact amongst stoners that smoking some good pot is not everyone’s cup of tea. There will always be that person in everyone’s group who gets super stoned after smoking one joint or taking just one bong hit. 

If your level of tolerance to THC is pretty low, then you can expect to feel some of these effects after smoking the jet fuel strain:

1. Anxiety


Anxiety is one of the primary sensations that new stoners get when they start smoking weed. If you feel anxiety, you can expect to feel your hands go cold and suddenly become sweaty. You will also feel pretty nervous about talking with others, especially those who did not smoke the joint with you. 

2. Paranoia


Paranoia about the most minute details is another familiar feeling that you get when smoking weed for the first time or smoking too much weed. Paranoia will strike the most if you are smoking outside your house. 

3. Dizziness


Dizziness is another common side effect of smoking any weed, including the jet fuel strain, the Candyland strain, and the pink lemonade strain. Dizziness is a sign that you have smoked way too much pot. You have crossed your limit, and it’s now time to hit the couch. 


If you are looking for a strain that is rewarding to grow, then you are in luck. The Jet Fuel fuel is a perfect challenge for you if you want to try your hand at growing. But in order to grow the strain, you need to have some more insight into a few of the steps that are involved. Since they play a crucial role in the whole growing process. 

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Jet Fuel or the Jet Fuel OG is a moderately difficult strain to grow. The reason behind this is that the strain requires close monitoring. As a grower, you need to keep a close watch at different aspects of the strain which include temperature, humidity, etc. You also will have to monitor other factors like soil, water, and other nutrient level so as to ensure optimal growth of the strain.  

Climate And Environment

This strain is nown to thrive in hot and dry climates with plenty of sunshine. But that does not mean that your indoor growhouse is left redundant. The strain can be grown both indoors as well as outdoors. But if you do consider growing it indoors, you just need to make certain small adjustments. For the bush to thrive, it needs somewhere around 68-70 degree Fahrenheit and with a humidity of around 40 to 50%

Yield And Flowering

It takes somewhere around eight to nine weeks to fully grow. If you are growing the strain indoor, you are looking at a late september to early october harvest. For indoor growing situation, the harvest you will be looking at is around one to two ounces per plant. Meanwhile, an outdoor plant will yield somewhere around tow pounds per plant. Therefore, this is a fairly rewarding plant when it comes to final yield. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Strain Is Jet Fuel?

The jet fuel strain is a mix of SFV OG Kush and the East Coast Sour Diesel strains. 

2. What Is Jet Fuel Strain Good For?

The jet fuel strain is good for times when you need to study and concentrate, bringing out the artistic side in the most relaxed manner possible. 

3. What Does Jet Fuel OG Tastes Like?

As the name suggests, the jet fuel OG strain tastes like a mixture of earthen and diesel-like tastes. 

4. Is Jet Fuel Gelato Indica Or Sativa?

Jet Fuel Gelato Strain allbud is 60%v Sativa and 40% Indica.


The jet fuel strain is one of the strongest weed because of its unique properties. This includes it smelling and tasting like diesel. While this may not sound appetizing to many, it still has its fair share of fans. Made from a mixture of Sativa and hybrid strains, this strain gives you a reasonable, relaxed high that makes you feel energetic and focused. 

If you liked this article and are interested to know about other strains of weed, check out our articles about cooking with cannabis and how to make a bong!

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