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Exploring The Strain: LA Kush Cake

Exploring The Strain: LA Kush Cake

la kush cake strain

Knowing your strain is very important. Having proper knowledge about the different characteristics of the strain is crucial for having an optimal experience. Therefore, today, we bring to you the LA Kush Cake strain, which is a hybrid of two legendary strains. So sit back and lemme take you on a ride.

Strain Overview  

The LA Kush Cake strain, or the Kush Cake, is a strain that goes by many names. Even though it is sometimes confused with the Wedding Cake strain or the iconic LA Kush, LA Kush Cake Weed Strain is a completely different strain that a unique generic make-up and characteristics.

This is a hybrid strain that is a product of crossing the Wedding Cake and the Kush Mints strains. However, this is a contentious topic of discussion amongst cannabis enthusiasts. Due to its genetic makeup that shares close similarities with other strains, cannabis aficionados harbor different schools of opinion regarding the genetics of the LA Kush Cake.

No matter the lineage, researchers categorize this as an Indica-dominant strain that has potent couch-locking capabilities but can provide a smooth high, unlike many hybrid cannabis strains that are out there on the market. On average, the LA Kush Cakes strain boasts a 21% THC content. Therefore, this is a unique strain that is suitable for medicinal as well as recreational usage.



LA Kush Cakes is a unique strain that has taken the world by storm, and rightly so. With a high THC percentile and a unique blend of characteristics, this is a strain that will keep you entertained for hours on end, depending upon the user’s tolerance and method of consumption. Therefore, without wasting a minute, let us see some of the important characteristics that you need to know about.



As soon as you open your bag of LA Kush Cake, the very first thing that would come to your notice is how the strain actually looks. This is a beautiful-looking strain that can knock off the knickers. The strain has light green foliage with bright orange hairs poking through them. Subsequently, the buds are coated with small crystals called trichomes, which add a kind of luster and shine to the nug. In fact, users claim that the nug is so iconic that it takes a single look to identify the strain. Therefore, the visual appeal of the strain is significantly beautiful. In fact, as a huge fan of the LA Kush Cake strain, I would definitely deem it one of the prettiest nugs I have ever seen. The vibrancy in the green will certainly make your mouth water.  

Aroma & Flavor  

Aroma & Flavor

Apart from the looks of the bud, another thing that you are bound to notice is the aroma of the bud. Due to a rich genetic lineage, the LA Kush Cake strain has one of the most recognizable weed aromas in the cannabis industry. Both the parent strains, Wedding Cake and Kush Mints, boast a rich flavor and aroma profile that has an established fanbase, and if you try this strain, you will know that the nug did not fall far from the tree.

LA Kush Cake has strong notes of earthy flavor profiles with undertones of sweetness. In fact, the flavor plays such a key role in the weed’s popularity that several users claim that it enhances the general effects of the weed.

Knowing the Terpene profile is seminal to understanding the flavor with more accuracy. So, if we analyze the terpene profile of the strain, we would find terpenes like  Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene to be the three most dominant terpenes that are present.

Caryophyllene is a terpene that is associated with spicy, woody, and dry flavors and anti-anxiety properties. This terpene would make you feel relaxed and euphoric. Myrcene is a terpen that has sedative qualities that would make the user feel ‘high’ or ‘under the influence.’ This has a fruity flavor that is equivalent to mangoes, hops, etc.

Finally, Limonene is a terpene that is exclusively found in citrus fruits like lemons, tangerines, etc. Therefore, the flavor profile that the LA Kush Cake strain boasts is a culmination of all these flavor profiles coming together to bring something magical.



This LA Kush Cake Strain review is not going to be complete if we do not discuss some of the effects this strain might have on the users. Now, each body reacts to this strain differently. Therefore, chances are that your experience might vary from somebody else’s. So, I have compiled some of the broad-spectrum LA Kush Cake Strain Effects that are seen in most cases.

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Gellati Strain

This is an Indica-dominant strain primarily. Therefore, the most prominent effect that one would notice is the feeling of relaxation, euphoria, and surges of creativity. Therefore, this is a perfect strain for late-afternoon smoke sessions or creative work. Several users of the LA Kush Cake have claimed that this strain helped them accomplish tasks and did not render them useless. But does it mean that it is devoid of side effects? Of course not.

One of the first things that you must note is that this is primarily an Indica-dominant strain. Hence, it must be approached carefully by people with minimum knowledge about cannabis and its possible effects. If one overshoots the usual dosage, then the person can go through something called a ‘bad-trip.’ It would not kill you but will certainly make you wish you did not consume the cannabis. Bad trips are usually characterized by increased anxiety, loss of sense, and, in extreme cases, loss of memory.

Even though it is a strong substance, researchers claim that the substance has some medicinal capabilities. In other words, due to the psychoactive nature of the substance, this is a perfect strain for managing health issues like PTSD, stress, chronic pain, depression, etc.

The Final Thought

With that note, we have reached the end of our review of the popular LA Kush Cake strain that took over the 420 community. From a beautiful visage to a punchy flavor, this strain is perfect if you want to jazz up your cannabis game. Keep following us for more iconic strains that you can experiment with.

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