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Lemon Drop Cannabis Strain: Benefits, Origin, Potency In 2023

Lemon Drop Cannabis Strain: Benefits, Origin, Potency In 2023

lemon drop strain

If you are up for some fun and Giggly sensation, you must give your lungs the taste of the lemon drop strain. If you want a positive buzz shaking your mind, this is a strain you must smoke. 

Let’s say you are a creative person and need an extra daytime boost to push you towards finishing your work – the lemon drop weed strain is just what you need in such a scenario. Your spirit is uplifted, you are focused, and you are happy. 

Now, if I spark a fire, it is my responsibility to fuel it. So, with that responsibility in mind, let me indulge you in some lemon drop strain talk in this article. 

Here, I have explained the different strain effects and answered questions like – lemon drop strain Indica or Sativa? So, without any delay, let me start. 

What Is Lemon Drop Strain? 

What Is Lemon Drop strain?

A dominant 60/40 hybrid strain, the lemon drop weed strain is a classic Sativa. The mellow, fluffy buds of this strain have a lemony taste and a crispy feel. Although it may sound like a surprise, then it has a 17% THC. The strain originated on the west coast of America. 

The tart and tasty candy-like flavor creates a euphoric effect (well, that’s about every weed does to you). Some phenotypes can produce relaxing feelings, but it does not overpower you. The strain is quite reminiscent of the lemon drop candy.

It creates the focus that you were looking for. Creative people will do it when they need an extra boost for an energizing start. Also, this strain is great for daytime use.

17% 32% 60% 40%

Lemon Drop Strain Appearance

Lemon Drop Strain Appearance

Size: The Lemon drop hemp strain is a Sativa-based strain you can grow indoors. The green buds of the strain are smaller in size. But this strain has abundant trichomes despite its small size. 

Aroma: the aroma of this lemon drop cookie is what makes it so unique. It has a sweet and sour candy-like aroma. 

Flavor: I have talked about the three different flavors below. However, the lemon drop cookie strain offers a candle-like, super-sweet flavor.

What Do People Say About Lemon Drop Plant Strain?

People who said that lemon drop strain has said that it has the following benefits. 28% of people say that this strain helps with stress management. According to 38%, they are good for managing anxiety. Also, some people claim that it helps with anxiety management.

benefits of lemon drop strain

Lemon Drop Strain Effect 

Like all the other strains, the Lemon drop weed strain also has some effects. Here is a quick heads up about what you are going to feel once you let the smoke inside


Feeling giggly is one of the effects of smoking the Lemon drop cookie strain. You get the same giggly feeling in other strains like Mystery Machine, white dawg fire OG, Capleton, and Mighty Glue.


I have already told you that if you need a boost, then the energetic effect of the lemon drop strain will bring the focus you were lacking. The lemon drop cannabis strain creates amazing energy inside. You feel it bubbling. 


Alcohol often makes people talkative; the lemon drop strain also does so. So if you are treasuring any secret, beware. Star stomper and cobra lips are also some strains with the same effect. 

Dry Mouth 

Having a dry mouth is another effect of the Lemon drop weed. Other strains like Girls scout cookies also have the same effect. It almost feels like your mouth is dry and has lost its moisture. Sometimes you may feel thirty and may crave water. 


Once you smoke the lemon drop weed, you may feel dizzy. Dizziness is common, and most weed strains cause this upon smoking. You may feel your head spinning after a lemon drop weed session. If you are new to this strain, you should be a little careful not to go overboard. 

Dry Eyes

Your eyes may feel dry from smoking the lemon drop weed strain. Ice cream cake, wedding cake, and Dosidos are some other weed strains with the same effect. Also, the lemon runtz strain has the same effect.  

Lemon Drop Strain Flavors

The lemon drop weed strain has three different flavors – 

  • Lemon 🍋
  • Tea 🍵
  • Citrus 🍉

What People On The Internet Are Saying About The Lemon Drop Cannabis Strain?

Here’s what people have to say about the Lemon Drop Strain on the internet – stay tuned to check them out! 

Review By KingFisher801:

“Reminds me of some old school from maybe 15 or 20 years back, not bad I really like the taste. It works, though. I am feeling the effects now it is a happy-go-lucky high Alnitalight you were right about that summer time was swag but come September and Oct, it was good smokin’ for a bit until the spring. I can only go four stars with this one, but a good 4 Stars.”

Review By Anitalight:

“We have that strain over down southern California in LA I’ll find it I’m actually about to smoke a bowl after breakfast great strain for the day, very citrus.”

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Review By Dairylandank:

“A very dank and dark green strain with crystals flowing everywhere. It’s a perfect choice for someone who misses laughing and becoming happy on a marijuana strain. Be careful, anything may be funny, even the pot! A good taste, much different from the smell. Mild yet potent. I can’t really find a too much mark yet. It’s wonderful for pain, anxiety, and depression.

What can I say more than I’ve never heard of this strain until I read some reviews from some patients on and decided to try it myself because I wanted to laugh too. Lo and behold, I am laughing and having fun too, your body even tingles in a good way too. You feel good, your mind is at ease.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you are familiar with this strain, you may need some more information related to it. Here are some questions and answers you can check.

Is Lemon Drop A Sativa Or Indica?

The lemon drop cookie strain is a hybrid Sativa dominant 60/40 strain. Again, there is indica, but it is only 40%. The mellow, fluffy strain creates a euphoric effect while making you feel focused and giggly.

What Is The Best Strain Of Lemon?

Lemon OG is the best strain of lemon. It has 17% to 24 % of THC and is also named The Presidential Kush or Lemon OG Kush. Upon smoking this, you will feel like a sleepyhead and will have psychoactive sensations. 

What Strain Is Lemon Drop Cookies?

The strain we know as Lemon Drop cookies is probably a cross of GSC and Lemon Kush. It is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain and is notable for its zesty lemon scent. However, it is also characterized by a terpene profile. 

What Is Wiz Khalifa’s Strain Called?

Rapper Wiz Khalifa is an intense smoker, and a strain is made for him. The strain is Khalifa Kush or Khalifa OG strain, or KK. this strain is an Indica-dominant one. The strain is bred specifically for Wiz Khalifa. River Rock Cannabis is based in Colorado. This strain has descended from the OG Kush genetics. Unfortunately, it was unavailable to the general public. 


The Lemon Drop strain helps many people work when they are tired, out of focus, or need an energy boost. The giggly and dizzy feeling is there with some dizziness and other feelings. So if you are looking for something to boost up your energy and make you feel happy and relaxed, this is your strain. 

If you smoke the lemon drop weed, share your experience with us. Also, the comment box is open for you if you have any queries or questions.

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