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Know Your Cannabis: Mimosas Weed Strain

Know Your Cannabis: Mimosas Weed Strain

Mimosas Weed Strain

Is Mimosas weed strain good? Well, if this is what you are looking for, then I got you. I have personally consumed the Mimoasas weed strain and went through some crazy trips to bring you my hot take on this amazing Sativa-dominant strain. Stick around to find out more. 

Mimosas Weed Strain: Overview & Genetics

Sandy shores, salty winds, the smell of the sea, and a mean glass of Mimosa. That sounds about perfect, right? If this is the vibe you are looking for, why not try the all-new Mimosas Weed Strain? 

Fans of citrusy weed strain rejoice. It is one of the best lemony weed strains out there. Mimosas has raised such a fire that it is popularly lauded as one of the finest strains that is equivalent to top-shelf strains like Grand Daddy Purple, OG Kush, Horchata, etc. 

The Mimosas strain is a hybrid strain that is a result of crossing the iconic Clementine weed strain with the Purple Punch weed strain. This strain was first created by the popular grow house, Symbiotic Genetics. This has created a balanced Sativa-dominant hybrid with 70% sativa and 30% indica properties. 

The mimosas weed strain is a hugely popular strain. It even managed to earn the accolade of ‘Best Sativa’ at the 2019 Karma Cup. Let us look at its parent strain to learn more about the Mimosas strain. 


The Clementine is a hybrid strain that is a product of crossing the Lemon Skunk with Tangie. This is primarily a Sativa-dominant strain that is known for its sweet and citrusy flavor profile. Apart from a remarkable flavor profile, this strain is also known for its potency. Since it is a sativa, it is best used in the morning or before you sit down to work on something creative. 

Purple Punch

Purple Punch, on the other hand, is an Indica-dominant strain. Similar to Clementine, this is a hybrid strain. The Purple punch is a result of splicing the genes of Granddaddy Purple with Larry OG. As a result, you will be able to identify some characteristics of these parent strains in Purple Punch. The Purple Punch is an amazing strain that has a high THC content and an amazing flavor profile. As a result, these characteristics can even be found in the Mimosas weed strain as well. 

Smell & Flavors

Smell & Flavors

With the family tree of the strain clarified, it is obvious that some of its characteristics have been derived from its parent strains. Like the Clementine strain, the Mimosas boasts a sweet yet citrusy aroma profile.

As for the flavors, they share a stark resemblance with the general aroma of the strain. The strain is saturated with slight undertones of earthiness and skunk. This helps in countering the sweetness. 

I personally felt that the smoke of the Mimosa strain has a rich, earthy, and tangy undertone. However, the initial flavors subsided, and a skunky undertone took over my senses. The strain produces smooth smoke that is easy to drag.

If you are enjoying a spliff, do watch the tobacco limit. Overshooting can really prove detrimental to the amazing flavor of the strain. 

Terpene Profile

The mimosas weed strain is one of the most flavorful strains in existence. This is because of the rich terpene profile of the strain. In this section, we will look at some of the primary terpenes of the Mimosas weed strain:

Myrcene: This is the most common terpene that can be found in most cannabis strains. Myrcene is known for its musky and earthy aroma profile. Apart from the aroma, this strain is also famous for its relaxing effects on the human mind. 

Pinene: Pinene is primarily found in pine trees, sage, rosemary, etc. This terpene adds a sense of sweetness to the Mimosas weed strain. 

Caryophyllene: Caryophyllene is primarily found in spices like cloves, black pepper, etc. This terpene has a spicy and woody aroma. Caryophyllene balances the sweetness of Myrcene and Pinene. As a result, the mimosas are a well-balanced strain when it comes to aroma and flavor. 

Effects Of Mimosa

Effects Of Mimosa

The Mimosas weed strain is a hard-hitting cannabis strain. The THC content of this strain ranges around 19% to 27%. Subsequently;y, the strain boasts a remarkably low CBD content that ranges around 0.5% to 1%. 

The Mimosas weed strain is an amazing conversation starter. I prefer consuming this strain before a party or a social gathering. This helps me regulate my mood and be a better orator. This is the sativa dominant aspect of the strain that is coming into play. 

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Mimosas is a well-balanced strain, but it should not be taken for granted. Mimosas strain in moderation is one of the finest strains. However, things will go downhill if you overshoot the prescribed volume. Here are some of the positive effects of this strain:

  • Mood regulation
  • Enhanced appetite
  • Better sleep
  • Enhanced cerebral high
  • Controlling blood pressure
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Can stop relapse
  • It can help patients who are suffering from anxiety, ADHD, dyslexia, depression, etc. 

Side Effects

Whenever we are talking about a psychoactive substance like cannabis, we must take a moment and look at the negative or detrimental side as well. This enables us to understand the substance from a broader perspective. Here are some of the most potent side effects of the Mimosas weed strain.

  • Altered sense of time, place, and identity.
  • Extreme fluctuations in mood
  • Loss of motor skills
  • Psychosis
  • Panic attacks
  • Impaired memory or false memories
  • Hallucinations (in extreme cases)



The strain is known for its myriad of usages. This is primarily because of its versatility. Let us look at the strain as recreational and medicinal cannabis


The strain boasts a whopping 18% to 27% THC. Hence, this strain is one of the most sought-after strains for sativa fans. I personally enjoy my Mimosas in the morning. It helps me to center myself and get my creative juices flowing. 

However, if you are a novice user, try microdosing. In other words, do not consume too much in one go. Try building your tolerance slowly in order to take advantage of the strain effectively. 


The strain is one of the most accomplished strains when it comes to medicinal usage. The Mimosas strain is believed to hold some great medicinal properties like analgesic, sedative, anti-emetic, etc. As a result, people who are dealing with certain medical ailments can find help while using this strain.

Closing Note

With that, we have reached the very end of our article about the iconic Mimosas weed strain. A phenomenal strain that is popular for its huge punch and beautiful aroma. I would personally recommend you try this strain out at least once in order to experience some top-shelf cannabis experience.

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