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Is Your Ooze Pen Blinking Green? Here’s What You Need To Know

Is Your Ooze Pen Blinking Green? Here’s What You Need To Know

ooze pen blinking green

Ooze Pen is the talk of the town in the vaping community right now. Due to its sleek design and range of flavors, it is quickly becoming a favorite of the community. However, the Ooze Pen blinking green light in close succession is a not-so-hyped sign. We mean, this could mean a fault in the overall system. However, do not worry, as we are here to help you out. 

When Things Are Peachy

It is important to know how an Ooze pen would function when things are going perfectly. This would help you to identify the answer to the question “Why is my ooze pen blinking green” when things are going wrong. Since the blinking of the Ooze pen is also normal,

It should be noted that you need to have a clear idea to differentiate between normal functioning and malfunctioning. Otherwise, every time you see your Ooze pen blinking green, you will lose your mind.

Ooze pens are generally operated by clicking a singular button a specific number of times. This would activate the desired function, and you can use the pen accordingly.

Like for example, if you press the button five times in a row within 2 seconds, it turns the pen on. Subsequently, if you click the button five times in a row, then the pen will be turned off.

Furthermore, if you press the button three times, then you can change the temperature. 

Finally, it is very important to note that every time to press the button, the green light blinks once. So if you see the Ooze pen blinking green 3 times after you press the button three times in close succession, then things are going peachy, and you can rest easy.

Why Is It Blinking?

If you see the light of your ooze pen blinking green 20 times, even if you did not press the button, then things can be a little concerning. However, not every time it is a malfunction. Therefore, sit back and go through the article to identify the issue you are facing. 

Light Is Blinking 10/15 Times?

The reason could be rather simple. The ooze pen usually blinks 10/15 times to let you know that it is out of charge and that you need to plug it into a charger. 

Therefore, next time you wonder, “Why does my ooze pen keep blinking green 10 or 15 times?” Just plug it into a charger. Once the charger is plugged in, the green light on your pen would light up. This is to indicate the connection is secure and the charging process is well underway. Additionally, do keep an eye on the red light on your Ooze pen charger as well. If the red light is lit, then the charger is working properly. 

It takes around one to two hours for an Ooze pen to charge completely. Once your pen is completely charged, the light on the pen will shut down after blinking 20 times. So next time, do not panic and start wondering, “why is my ooze pen blinking green 20 times even after being charged?“ 

Subsequently, the red light on the charger would turn green. Indicating that the charging is complete and the device is safe to use. Therefore the Ooze pen vape and the Ooze pen charger blinking red and green are nothing to worry about. 

Now, if your ooze pen randomly blinks 4 to 5 times in a row, then things could be more serious than the pen being out of battery. This could indicate that there is a connection issue. However, these issues are simple and can be easily fixed.  

  • Leak: The first reason could be a leaking cartridge. No matter the build quality, a cartridge can always leak sometimes. When a leak happens, it could disrupt the connection between the battery and the pen itself. As a result, you will see your ooze pen blinking green in rapid succession around 4 to 5 times. 


  • Cartridge irregularities: The second reason could be cartridge irregularities. Once you dismantle the pen carefully, firstly, look for signs of leakage, as it is more common. However, if you cannot spot any leakage and the pen is still blinking, then go ahead and try tightening the cartridge, as it can be loose. Or the cartridge does not match the size or dimensions of the pen. As a result, the cartridge and the pen are not compatible.
  • Deformed coil: Unlike the other two, it is more difficult to spot a coil deformity. However, there is a simple way. Just replace the current cartridge with an old one that you already know works well. If the light keeps blinkings, then there is a coil deformity. In this case, you need to take the device back to the retailer.

Battery Damage

If your Ooze pen keeps blinking and neither of the former could be the possible reason, then the answer is most probably permanent battery damage. In this case, you need to replace the device. 

First-party Ooze products come with a five-year warranty for the battery. Therefore, if you fall under this bracket, then you can rest easy. The company will replace the damaged device without any cost.

Some ‘Quick Fix’

If you are a handyman, nothing on this planet is broken for you. All you need to do is to have proper knowledge about the thing that you are fixing to be successful. This section will look at some of the best quick fixes so that you can find some help if you are facing any issues like the ones we discussed. Okay before you start cancelling our page, let me just say this once, quick fixes are not meant to be elaborate or destructive. Sometimes they can be just simplistic and rewarding. Therefore, we will look at some of these simple fixes.

Charge The Pen

So, we have discussed it already, ooze pen blinking usually means that the pen might be discharged or is nearing the state. So, before having a panic attack, just know that charging your device might stop the blinking. As soon as the pen starts blinking, just count if it is doing that 10 to 15 times at regular intervals. If the case is so, just plug in the charger as it might be out of battery. 

Clean The Pen

Ooze pens might be super convenient and easy to carry, but they do suffer from the case of leakages. The pen does not leak, the cartridge, on the other hand, can see some leakages. This can cause the connection to face some interference. In such cases, just dismantle your device if you can, and then use cotton swabs to clean the gunk and dirt. Weirdly shaped cartridges can also cause connection errors, so make sure your cartridges are secured effectively.

Change The Cartridge & Battery

So, as you know leaky cartridges as well as weirdly shaped cartridges can make connections go bad. So if the cartridge is leaking or is shaped weirdly, the best way to proceed is to replace the cartridge itself. In the same way, if the battery is faulty and does not connect effectively, you can do the same.

Troubleshooting Issues With Ooze Vape Pen

If your beloved Ooze Vape Pen is creating problems, you can try out these few ways to troubleshoot whenever needed.

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Is It On?

While it may sound pretty obvious, first check if the battery is on. If you have the Ooze battery, press the button five times as much as you can within two seconds without any pause.

Is The Connection Clean?

With very frequent heating cycles that the cartridge goes through, sometimes it might leak just a bit of oil through the coil and into the battery connection. Even the tiniest debris may cause a connection issue, so it is better to check if your vape pen is causing trouble.

How Do You Make Sure That Your Ooze Vape Pen Is Working Properly?

Generally, a vape battery can easily last for quite a few years. However, that depends on how much you use it and how much you care for it. However, the more cautiously you use it, the less likely you will be to ruin it. Here are a few tips to ensure that your Ooze Vape Pen works for as long as possible.

Do Not Overcharge  

For anything electronic, overcharging is the worst thing you can do to it. So, to prevent this, Ooze has come up with automatic chargers that turn themselves off immediately when the battery charging is complete. Instead of sending the battery cells into a battery that is already at full capacity, it majorly damages the battery life of the vape over time. Ooze chargers are specifically designed to preserve the battery cells of a completely charged device.  When you plug in the dead battery, both the charger and battery lights should light up. The charger light will be red the whole time you charge the battery. Once the full charge is done, the battery light will automatically turn off, and the charger light will go green.That is why it is extremely important for you to charge it just once with the Ooze charger. If you use some other brand, the risk of damaging the battery increases while shortening its life span. Additionally, you’ll void the warranty; no one really wants that.

Installing Cartridges

When you install a cartridge into the battery, make sure you are not tightening it too much. If you screw the cartridge too tightly, it might cause certain connectivity issues. The metal rings that need to conduct electricity get too deeply pressed, thus making them completely unable to be in touch with one another. If this at all happens, you can very gently pry the metal rings up with a paper clip. Just make sure that you do not break the rings off, as they are just connected with a very thin wire.

Store At An Optimal Temperature

You must always store the batteries at room temperature. Temperature that is either too high or too low might just reduce the longevity of the battery.


Most battery brands come with a warranty, and as long as you follow the basic guidelines, the manufacturer will replace the device if required.  Taking good care of the battery will make sure that the issue you are experiencing will come under the terms and conditions of the warranty.  Ooze covers every single battery device they manufacture with a warranty. Before the first use, look for the authentication code on your device and fill out the registration form to activate the warranty. Make sure you are using your Ooze device with an Ooze charger, or else the warranty will be invalid.  

That Is A Wrap!

There you go; these are all the possible reasons why your Ooze Pen blinking green in rapid succession. While some issues were avoidable, others were not. Still, we would urge you to buy your Ooze product first-party only. In other words, only buy original Ooze products to avoid all of these problems.

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