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What Strain Is Princess Haze? – A Complete Review

What Strain Is Princess Haze? – A Complete Review

princess haze

The Princess Haze strain is a unique strain that brings together the Princess Strain with the Super Silver Grail Haze, blending two powerful strains and creating something unique. Brothers Grimm, the breeders, ended up creating a strain that is known for robust resin and branch production accompanied by an earthy pack of flavors. 

If you are looking for a no-nonsense, sweet hybrid experience, Princess Haze will surprise you with that oh-so-good tingly, brain and body buzz you have been looking for! So without wasting any time, scroll down to read all about this unique strain – you gotta stick around till the end!

Reviewing The Non-Nonsense Princess Haze Strain: What Is The Princess Haze Strain?

The Princess Haze strain is well-structured and robust. She comes with strong branches, hailing from its father strain, the Super Silver Haze. The end result? A plan glistening with multiple bouts of trichomes – so much so that it appears frosty or even layered. The smell of this strain appears fruity and sweet with a tropical hint, similar to dank incense. 

While some people might end up describing the strain’s smell as similar to ‘ass stink,’ we tend to disagree. Yes, it’s strong, but you can’t call it ‘ass stink’ – isn’t that a little disrespectful for Princess?

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Most haze weed strains are popular for their enchanting effects, and the Princess Haze strain doesn’t disappoint! With about 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, the strain is only a little Sativa-dominant, created via a completely unknown combination of various hybrid strains. 

Princess Haze Genetics

Although we aren’t entirely aware of the strain’s actual parentage, the regal strain is best known for its lighting and energizing high that doesn’t cause any paranoia or anxiety. Combined with a 13 to 20% THC content, the strain is ideal for treating depression, chronic pain, nausea, loss in appetite, or even chronic stress. 

Aroma And Flavors

Before we can talk about aroma and flavors, check out the table below for a quick overview of the same!

Just like any other haze weed strain, the Princess Haze strain has a sour skunky blended with a sweet flowery flavor. The flavor is often matched by a musky and super-pungent aroma. The Princess buds come with dense and small grape-shaped green nugs characterized by a thin hair in hues of orange as well as an amber-tinted tiny coating of crystal trichomes in white. 

princess haze strain Aroma And Flavors

Is Haze a sativa or indica? – yes, we know you care about that but have you thought about how the strain boasts a dank tropical, fruity aroma? So in case you are a fan of a phenomenal, fast high, then this is so your match! The perfect addition to your marijuana garden, you can grow this one both outdoors and indoors. 

The strain has a flowering period that lasts for 60 to 70 days before its ready to be harvested. The princess haze strain is quite impressive, considering it gives exceptional yields, the buds are all rock-hard, and moreover, users experience immediate effects – what more do you need from a strain? It’s so worth the wait if you do invest the time and grow it! 

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Have you ever wondered what type of high does Haze give? If you haven’t then you just need to read up and try it out – because it’s a type of high you will never forget. 

Effects of princess haze

The high from the Princess Haze strain starts with this distinctive rush, hitting your mind immediately after you exhale the smoke. The moment you exhale, you will start experiencing the stimulating and mentally energizing effects. You will automatically feel lifted and experience a rush of euphoria. 

It will warm your mind – you will experience a creative galore and also feel focussed. The energy you obtain will immediately spread within you. You won’t spend your time, chilling on the couch – instead, you will feel like getting up and exploring the world! Both your body and mind will be relaxed, and your energy levels won’t even get affected.

THC Content

Before we can talk about the THC content of the princess haze weed strain, check out the table below for a brief overview!

THC Content of princess haze strain

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medellin strain

Highest Test32%
Strain Average30%
Sativa Average13%
Wikileaf Average18%
Wikileaf Highest35%

From checking the table mentioned above, it’s obvious that the overall impact of the strain is perfect for anyone seeking a happy calm. It can help users deal with any kind of mood imbalance and traumatic stress, even helping those who regularly deal with different types of chronic pain that might prevent them from chilling during the entire day. 

Just like any other haze marijuana, this strain hates going to bed really early – so there’s no point using the same if you have insomnia. Instead of sleeping peacefully, you will find yourself tossing and then turning around, thinking about random stuff. If you, on the other hand, use the strain at a good time, the strain can prove to be relaxing, inviting, and quite smooth. 

Alternatives To Princess Haze Strain: What If You Don’t Find The Strain?

Yes, what if you don’t find the Princess Haze strain? It doesn’t mean there are absolutely no alternatives. There is more than one alternative that you can try out. So without wasting a single second, scroll down and check out all the alternatives of the all-elusive Princess Haze strain!

  • Gelato,
  • Ice Cream Cake,
  • Wedding Cake, and
  • GG4.

What Are People On The Internet Saying About The Princess Haze Strain? 

There’s no point reading about the strain and then randomly trying it out – what about checking out some of the reviews on the internet? Sounds good to us – so without wasting time, let’s check out what people are saying about the princess haze strain in real life. 

Review 1:

“Your first taste of Princess Haze will reveal sweet and tropical flavors with undertones of incense and pungent cheese. The flavor is smooth throughout, and you’ll note hints of earth on the exhale. This strain smells like it tastes, mostly sweet and tropical, with pungent notes.”

Review 2:

“Super smooth smoke. A pleasant flowery, sweet-tasting bud. It really makes you feel tingly. No joke. It also gets you really high. It took a lot for me, and it gave me the 1000-yard stares for about 20 minutes.”

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Our Verdict: Princess Haze Strain Is Definitely Worth The Wait!

If you love smoking up and doing some creative work, then the Princess Haze strain is definitely the strain you have been looking for! It will help you to focus and be creative. It’s not the post-work joint you need when you feel exhausted, or you just want to fall asleep. Instead, it’s the joint you smoke before you sit down for a long day of work. 

So, tell us, what do you think about this all-elusive strain? And don’t forget to share your experiences with us if you have already smoked the same in the comments below.

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