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What Is Shake Weed? Hint: It’s Not A Cannabis Milkshake!

What Is Shake Weed? Hint: It’s Not A Cannabis Milkshake!

shake weed

You have probably come across terms like shake weed or even cannabis shake – and you might be naturally inclined to think it is not something worth smoking or consuming. Multiple cannabis connoisseurs steer clear of the different remnants of the shake flower instead of selecting premium buds over what these people might consider a discounted weed.

So, what is shake weed, or cannabis shake, for that matter? The different marijuana pieces or buds of flowers that have been collected at any container’s (bag or jar, or some other container) bottom after simply falling from a marijuana plant due to manufacturing, moving, bumping, or shaking are known as cannabis shake.

Since shake used to be part of the different cannabis buds, these are eligible to contain THC and CBD – and not just that, it also contains terpenes.

So, What Is Shake Weed? Shake Flower is Not Kief Or Trim!

What Is Shake Weed

So, what is shake weed? Before we go deeper into the world of marijuana shake – let‘s start differentiating the same from shake misconceptions. These are the two parts of the plant that these shake flowers get grouped into kief and trim.

While the trim includes the different pieces of marijuana plants that are trimmed off during the entire harvesting process. Generally, marijuana trim happens to be the stems and leaves – all of which are considered to be undesirable for smoking in general but can also be utilized for making low-potency edibles.

On the hand, kiefs are those parts of cannabis plants that are produced when the plant’s trichomes get separated from the plants.

Generally darker than normal trichomes, kief can be defined as a substance that’s powdery in nature and also happens to be sticky. While the powder is obtained in grinders, there are several grinders that come with a device called a kief catcher.

Kief can be sprinkled or added on joints, bongs, and bowls to boost the strain’s potency that is being smoked at the time.

What Can Be Shake Weed Used For?

What Can Be Shake Weed Used For

Now that you have some idea about the shake weed definition, our next stop is its usage. But what are weed shakes or cannabis shakes, for that matter, used for?

Multiple dispensaries utilize weed shake weed as a part of the pre-rolls they usually sell. At times, these are combined and blended with the original strains. And at other times, these weed shakes all hail from a single strain which happens to be high in terms of both potency and quality. 

Additionally, licensed dispensaries sell weed shakes separately. Such dispensaries are typically considered for processing high-quality shake weed, and that too for crazy discounted prices. Of course, it is best to talk to a budtender about the shakes with the best quality.

Cannabis shakes are used in a similar way to normal marijuana flowers – you can use them in your bongs, pipes, blunts, joints, and pre-rolls. Often, these are utilized for creating edibles. Plus, these can also be infused into cannabutter or oil – but ensure that the weed shakes are being decarboxylated first.

Additionally, marijuana shakes are also used for vaporizers, concentrates, tinctures, and skin topicals. If you do want to smoke with weed shakes, remember that they will contain a majority of terpenes responsible for giving the scent.

Shake Weed: The Pros And Cons You Must Know!

Shake weed Pros And Cons

So, can you smoke shake? Well, yes, you can. But before you do, it’s always best to have a fair idea about the pros and cons of the same. There are avid marijuana consumers who might not be convinced about the quality of marijuana shakes. 

To avoid any further confusion, let’s check out the pros and cons of consuming shake weed! 

The Pros Of Shake Weed:

There are several benefits of purchasing and smoking or consuming shake weed. These advantages are as follows,

1. Inexpensive Alternative:

Licensed dispensaries usually sell shake weed at discounted prices, enabling you to purchase quality flowers at an inexpensive price. 

2. Might Be Potent:

Even thoughts cannabis shakes are parts that have already fallen from the marijuana flowers, they might still have a very high potency of THC, especially if it has not dried up. 

3. Can Be Packed As A Single Strain:

It is possible to find that weed shakes are all from a specific strain – and the good news is it means that when it’s all from a single strain, it’s the best quality of weed shakes you are getting.

4. Convenient:

Consumers do not have to grind their weed shakes before consumption. It’s already grounded, ready to be packed or rolled and smoked.

5. Great Cannabinoid Profile:

If you purchase your weed shakes from a licensed or reputable dispensary, chances are that your weed shakes include a decent percentage of terpenes, CBD, and THC. 

6. Can Still Get You High:

In case cannabis shakes are obtained from high-quality marijuana strains, then these can get you pretty high, especially if you are a habitual consumer of the same. 

7. Mild Alternative For Consuming And Smoking:

If you are not really into getting stoned or very high, shake weed then typically includes lower percentages of THC. 

The Cons Of Shake Weed:

There are multiple drawbacks associated with a shake of weed – you need to know these before using or purchasing the same. These are as follows:

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1. No Idea About What You Are Actually Buying:

With marijuana shakes, certain strains are blended into the actual shake you are buying from a dispensary at a discounted price. So, you don’t really know what you are getting exactly. 

2. Blended With Trim At Times:

Sticks stems, and leaves from marijuana plants can be blended with weed shakes. Now, this can have a negative impact upon the weed shakes. 

3. Dries Quickly:

If the jar, container, or bag has not been sealed right, then it’s possible that the marijuana shakes can dry up fast. So, it’s always best to make complete use of the flowers as soon as possible. 

4. Hard To Figure Out The Dosage:

Medical marijuana consumers should not consume shake weed to treat the different symptoms of their conditions. This is because such consumers need to take the accurate dosage of the same for obtaining the desired results. You will never know the dosage of weed shakes – it’s just hard to determine. 

5. Perception Of Poor-Quality Weed: 

Weed shakes are typically talked about in the context of low-quality marijuana. 

Some More Usages Of Shake Weed

It is quite natural to use shake weeds in bongs, blunts, bowls, etc. However, we really need to broaden our perspectives and consider using Shake Weeds for something more. In this section, we will look at other ways you can consider using shake weed for more than what it is initially used for. 


Cannabis tea is an amazing addition to your palette if you love new and unique things to try. Shake weed is a great ingredient for making cannabis-laced tea.  This recipe is more for the experience than the psychoactive properties. But if you go the mile to decarboxylate the herb before using it, you might activate its psychoactive properties.  However, before you start cooking concoctions, just remember that cannabinoids are not at all water soluble. So, THC will have a hard time leeching into the water. Therefore, I personally prefer infusing milk with cannabis instead of water. This makes for a better mixture that is more consistent. 


Shake weeds are also great for making edibles. The process of making edibles includes collecting the cannabis, decarboxylating it, and then using it to bake whatever edibles you want.  Cannabis shakes are so versatile that several cannabis connoisseurs treat it as just another spice in the kitchen cabinet and then use it as and when required. I personally believe that adding a tad bit of cannabis dust to your food can actually work in favor of enhancing its flavor profile. Even if your herb is not decarboxylated, you can still use it and feel the magic of cannabinoid acids. Therefore, it is an amazing ingredient for weekend cooking recipes. 

Homemade Tinctures

Even though tinctures and infusions are different from each other, they are often confused. Tinctures are primarily made using ethanol. However, infusions are made using oils. In order to make tinctures, you just need to follow a few steps. First, you must decarb your cannabis shake for 30 minutes and at 230F. Subsequently, soak the mixture in high-proof alcohol and shake it violently. Then, let this solution sit for 24 hours. During the sitting phase, stir it from time to time. Then strain the solution and add it to your desired containers.

And It’s A Wrap!

Shake weed often lives with a pretty bad reputation amongst different cannabis evangelists and stoners. But maybe it is time we get rid of such a bad reputation. Using flowers that have fallen off is only a way to make the most of what you spent while ensuring that you are using even the last bits of the plant. 

So, what are your thoughts on consuming shake weed? And while sharing your thoughts, feel free to share your experience related to the same in the comments below.

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