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Jumping On The ‘Stoner Easy Trippy Paintings’ Trend: Top Weed-Inspired Trippy Painting Ideas

Jumping On The ‘Stoner Easy Trippy Paintings’ Trend: Top Weed-Inspired Trippy Painting Ideas

Stoner Easy Trippy Paintings

Welcome to the ‘stoner easy trippy paintings’ trend! Both individual testimonies and experimental evidence are guarantors of the popularity of marijuana in the world of creativity and art. There is literally no other way to spell it out, but marijuana does promote art for the sake of art.

In fact, the fate of both marijuana and art are intertwined in a way that both complements each other so well. Weed has become the stepping stone for so many artists – if you think about it, all the big names in the world of art did start with trippy paintings. Think Van Gogh and The Starry Night!

So without wasting time or even dwelling on the past, let’s get started!

Jumping On The ‘Stoner Easy Trippy Paintings’ Trend: Top Weed-Inspired Trippy Painting Ideas!

Stoner Easy Trippy Paintings’ Trend

A stoner’s life is fun, at least according to other stoners, but that’s so not the point of this article. Instead, it’s all about bringing your creative side out – that being said, you need not be a pro painter and would like to experiment with your artistic side. So here we are with a bunch of ideas for trippy paintings – and these might just be the inspiration you were looking for!

So let’s not waste any more time, and instead scroll down to check out our curated list of stoner easy trippy paintings! If you weren’t sure about exploring your career in the world of arts, then this is the sign you were looking for – the Universe is asking you to do your bit!

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A Trip Down Memory Lane: Throwback To Timeless Art

Trippy drawings have always been a weakness. Yet, walking into an art gallery filled with trippy art has always been something most of us enjoy. Doesn’t it make you feel like you could perhaps create something too? Of course, in the real world, people might just laugh at you, but in the stoner world, on the other hand, the only thing we pass is our joints, not judgments.

So you and your art are safe from prying eyes. But before we can jump on the ‘stoner easy trippy paintings’ trend or even talk about stoner art, let’s check out some of the best trippy art in the world. So just grab those munchies, and embark on this artsy trip – trust us, it’s gonna be one of your best trips ever!

  • The Hallucinogenic Toreador By Salvador Dali
The Hallucinogenic Toreador by Salvador Dali
  • Garden Of Earthly Delights By Hieronymus Bosch
Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch
  • St Albert And The LSD Revelation Revolution By Alex Grey
St Albert And The LSD Revelation Revolution By Alex Grey
  • Love By Peter Max
Love By Peter Max
  • Jimmy Hendrix Explosion By Martin Sharp
Jimmy Hendrix Explosion By Martin Sharp
  • Neon Rose 12 (Chambers Bros At The Matrix) By Victor Moscoso
Neon Rose 12 (Chambers Bros At The Matrix) By Victor Moscoso
  • The Apocalypse Chapel By Ernst Fuchs
The Apocalypse Chapel By Ernst Fuchs
  • Huasi Yachana By Pablo Amaringo
Huasi Yachana By Pablo Amaringo
  • The Solitron By Paul Laffoley
The Solitron By Paul Laffoley
  • I’ve Been There By Jonathan Solter
I've Been There By Jonathan Solter

It’s About Damn Time: It’s Weed O’ Clock At 4:20

Andddd we are here! So you got to check out some of the best trippy art that has existed and enthralled people for so long. Now, it’s that time of the day – No, not when you light a joint with your homies. It’s finally time for you to join the ‘stoner 420 drawings easy’ trend! If you are a dedicated marijuana connoisseur, then 420 is definitely relevant in your life. 

You don’t need religiously follow the time – we personally find it a little uncool, TBH. It’s difficult to smoke a joint with your homies every day at 4:20, considering we all have busy lives. It seems impractical on most days. This is exactly why you need to check out these cool 420 drawing ideas mentioned below – it might just be the inspiration you needed! 

1. Lost In The Universe

2. Pass Joints, Not Judgements

3. Self Care

4. Out In The Open

5. What A Wonderful Day

6. All About The Florals

7. Worth A Trip

8. Nature Within Nature

9. Scooby And Shaggy

10. Met Two Ghosts

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Who Said Weed Would Be Cute Together? Cuteness Overload

While the whole ‘stoner easy trippy paintings’ trend caught on quickly with the weed-smoking masses, a section has also been obsessed with the ‘cute stoner drawings easy’ trend! Yes, people don’t just want to create trippy art, they want to create trippy art that’s cute. It might sound a little weird, considering the word ‘cute’ always stands out awkwardly in the world of marijuana.

It just doesn’t match the vibe. But we live in a dynamic world where versatility is always trending! So in this section, we will check out several trippy painting ideas, all cute in their own way. And the best part? These need not look really good – it just needs to look cute, and most importantly, you can always share these with your loved ones (provided they love weed too!)

1. Fairly Stoned

2. Tinkerbell Got Me High

3. Powerpuff High

4. Where’s My Stash?

5. A Colorful Day

6. Doobie Snacks

7. It’s Not A Joint, It’s A Rose

8. The Stoner Babe

9. Best Buds

10. Buds Bunny

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My Bong And Me: A Timeless Love Story

Trippy drawings of bongs have always been popular with any marijuana enthusiast. Bongs are pretty trippy objects, we feel, especially those aesthetic-looking glass bongs! We have even encountered people who paint their bongs and are extremely possessive about these works of art. And yes, you can still smoke with these bongs. 

But that’s so not the point. The point is to create simple stoner drawings or just works of art featuring your bong. You don’t have to type ‘stoner easy trippy paintings’ on Google to obtain the best results. You just have to scroll down to check out all the trippy bong art!

1. A Cute Bong Is All You Need

2. Chilling With My Bong

3. Alone Time

4. Who’s Inside My Bong

5. Stoned Alien

6. Vincent Got Me High

7. The Bong-Underwaters

8. Riding My Bong

9. Astronaut On A Bong Ride

10. Weekend-Like Feel

Just For The Aesthetics: Posters For Your Walls

Yes, stoner paintings have been ruling the internet for some time now. But what’s the point? Where do you intend to put up this art? You know, your walls are exactly where you start – you don’t have t paint directly on your walls, but you can create art and then use them like posters. 

When you get high in your comfort area, surrounded by art, your creative side will emerge strongly – at least, that’s what we feel! In that case, just for the sake of aesthetics, you can’t miss out on these cool weed posters – yes, that’s what we are calling them! You just gotta get these printed in your preferred size and put them on your walls!

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1. Meet-Cute With The Devil

2. The Sun’s On My Lighter

3. Floating In Space

4. Reading Under The Sky

5. A Beautiful Night To Be Outside

6. On A Road Trip With Vincent

7. Driving In Space

8. Chased By The Unknown

9. Art And Art

10. Psy Aesthetic

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Artists Who You Can Follow

What is art but a celebration of an artist’s imagination? This section will do just that. Here we have a list of some of the best and finest artists who must be recognized for their amazing talent and artwork. So, let us dive right in and see some of the best trippy artists. 

Pierre Schmidt

German artist Pierre ‘Dromsjel’ Schmidt was born in 1987.  His work is best known for its heavy sense of surrealism. The primary subject of his work that can be seen across the body of his art is that of females smoking cannabis. The image of a beautiful woman smoking cannabis is something that was not so popular back when ‘Dromsjel’ started painting. Critics claim that her work resonates deep with the psyche of an individual and makes that person relate to the artwork.

Fernando De La Rocque

This Brazilian artist is one the most vocal individuals who openly criticized laws condemning cannabis usage. In other words, this man is one of the biggest proponents of decriminalizing marijuana or cannabis. However, he is not some random artist who draws cannabis imagery. In fact,  some of his most famous artworks involve gold-painted cockroaches. Sources suggest that he is so ingrained with the cannabis culture that he uses weed smoke and vapor to ingeniously color his artworks. He is also a big name in the weed joint art. He believes that art is for pleasure and positivity. Therefore, his artwork demonstrates the same quality. 

Fred Tomaselli

American artist and sculptor Fred Tomaselli is a popular name in the sector of marijuana artwork. He is one of the few artists who is known to use cannabis and marijuana even in his artwork. He is primarily a minimalist, but his artwork has a hallucinatory and psychedelic vibe that is just unparalleled. Therefore, he is certainly an artist that you can follow if you like trippy designs and amazing cannabis message.

And It’s A Creative Wrap: Let’s Create Art For The Sake Of Art

So here we are – at the end of the ‘stoner easy trippy paintings’ trend! We are hoping that the article was inspiring enough, and the next time you are chilling with your friends wondering about stoner painting ideas, you can just come back here for the inspiration you were looking for! 

So tell us, what do you think about these trippy painting ideas? And don’t forget to share your painting experiences with us in the comments below!

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