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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Sundae Driver Strain: A Comprehensive Review 

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Sundae Driver Strain: A Comprehensive Review 

sundae driver strain

It is Sunday, and you are thinking of taking a drive across the coastline. You want to feel the wind in your hair and hear the music created by the cackling of the gulls. This feels like heaven, right? But, do you want to know what could make this Sunday drive even better? The answer is Sundae Driver strain, an all-new fruity strain that is making waves in the cannabis community. So let’s see what this strain is and everything related to it.  

What Is Sundae Driver?

What is Sundae Driver

Sundae Driver strain is a popular strain amongst potheads, sorry, cannabis aficionados. It is also known as Fruity Pebbles OG, due to its iconic fruity flavor. The reason for this flavor profile is because of its parent strains. Sundae Driver weed strain is a hybrid of two quite popular strains, Grape Pie and Fruity Pebbles. Therefore, it offers a strong grape aroma along with a happy and relaxed effect. Therefore, making it perfect for a day of Netflix and chill.

This tasty hybrid is a Sativa-dominant strain. Therefore, expect a lot of giggles after consuming it. In fact, it is noticed by users that they feel rather energetic after consuming the strain. This is because of the dominant sativa strain that is present. This effect can also be seen in the parent strains. 

The average THC level of the strain Sundae Drive ranges from around 15% to 24%. Therefore, the THC is not too concentrated if you are a rookie. However, do not underestimate the general strength of the strain, as it can knock off your socks. However, the CBD and the CBG content of the strain are around 1% providing a calming effect. As a result, users claim that the general high of the substance is a balanced one. 

Unlike most hybrids, this is a balanced hybrid. This means the Sundae Driver is an even 50/50 hybrid. As a result, the Sundae Driver strain contains features from both the parent strains. As a result, users say that the general effect after consuming the strain can vary greatly. 



This Sundae Driver strain review is going to be incomplete if we do not talk about the general effects of the strain. Whenever a user asks, ‘Is Sundae Driver strain indica or sativa?” The answer might surprise them. The Sundae Driver strain is 50% sativa and 50% indica. Therefore, users claim that their general experience oscillates between both spectrums. That is to say, while some people might explain their experience closer to an Indica strain, others would say that their experience was more akin to a Sativa strain. 

Most people define their experiences with words like ‘euphoric,’ ‘uplifting,’ etc. Therefore, it is the sativa that is working. Meanwhile, others claim that it made them all sleepy, effects akin to Indica. The intensity of both effects is directly related to the amount you smoked and your general tolerance. 

The strain contains equal parts of Indica, which is responsible for body high.  Therefore, it is a perfect strain if you want to manage your PTSD. However, before going ahead with this decision, do consult your physician. But, the general consensus amongst the population is that they have seen positive results after using the strain. 

Since this is a multi-spectrum cannabis strain, do expect a wide range of general effects. However, this cannot always be a positive thing for all users. Especially if the user is new, things can get really too much to handle at times. Some users have explained increased heartbeat, blood pressure, the feeling of panic attacks, and messed up homeostasis.

As a result, moderation is the key to avoiding such extreme Sundae Driver strain effects.  Also, if you are trying Sundae Driver for the first time, then we would suggest you use the strain after the day is done. Otherwise, a bad trip can creep up on you quite unexpectedly. 

Flavors And Characteristics

Flavors And Characteristics

This is a fruity-flavored strain that would remind you of a Sundae ice cream. The primary terpenes present in the strain include linalool, limonene, and caryophyllene. These terpenes are the primary reason behind the earthy, fruity flavor of the strain. Due to its richness in flavor, this is a strain that also parented a lot of other iconic strains like the famous Apple Sundae and the Kitchen Sink. 

The strain predominantly has a fruity aroma due to its origin. However, the precise aroma profile is defined by different users as varied as berries, cherry-ish, or even akin to what a banana split would taste like. 

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However, after extensive personal use, we have our own version of the ‘fruity taste’ of the Sundae Driver strain. The strain has a strong earthy flavor that would coat the back of your throat as you inhale. However, the initial flavor that you would experience is a sweet berry-like flavor reminiscing of freshly picked blackberry. However, if you take a longer drag, the sweet flavor of the berry will be replaced with a citrusy flavor of tangerines. The whole flavor is, at times, underlined with a slightly musky flavor which makes the whole package come together great 

How To Grow?

How To Grow

This is a popular strain that has millions of users across the country. Most people say that this is a unique strain that provides a great mix of both worlds. Therefore, no wonder why it is so popular with the growers. 

Even though the seeds of this strain are very hard to come by, sources suggest that you can procure them from individual breeders in your community. Since this is a popular strain, you would be able to procure the seeds easily enough from the local breeders. 

It takes around seven to ten weeks for a Sundae Driver plant to grow into maturity. During this time, you have to take regular care of the plant, which includes watering, sunning, pruning, etc. Even though it is a low-maintenance plant, you still need to be careful of parasites that can eat away at your beloved Mary Jane. 

Final Thought

In conclusion, these are all the necessary “sundae driver strain info” you would need to start your journey. However, again a word of caution, this is a 50/50 hybrid between sativa and indica. Therefore, it is very important to know the downsides of using this strain. Nonetheless, we believe that this article of ours did the justice and brought you all the necessary information that you would need to know your bud. For more CBD-related content, keep following our magazine.

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