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Jumping On The ‘Tattoo Weed’ Trend: Top Weed-Inspired Tattoos

Jumping On The ‘Tattoo Weed’ Trend: Top Weed-Inspired Tattoos

Tattoo Weed

20th April, or the more popular ‘420’, has become synonymous with any other statewide holiday, especially in places with legalized Marijuana like California. Yes, marijuana enthusiasts have been celebrating this holiday for decades now, way before weed was even made legal. And this year, we saw the strangest thing – the birth of the ‘tattoo weed’ trend! 

So here we are, jumping on the trend, albeit a little late. So grab some munchies, light up that joint, and enjoy this exclusively curated list of weed-inspired tattoos! You never know you might end up getting one next April, paying homage to the buds that have kept all of us going for years now!

Keep reading to find out more!

Jumping On The ‘Tattoo Weed’ Trend: Top Weed-Inspired Tattoos

Top Weed-Inspired Tattoos

While stoner tattoos have always remained popular, it was never a trend! As more and more states are legalizing marijuana, the sheer freedom to smoke weed legally has only contributed to the increasing popularity of the same. So when we found out that there was a ‘tattoo weed’ trend, there was no time to waste! 

We ended up working on this curated list of weed tattoo ideas to help you out in case you decide to try the trend out too!

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Minimal Weed Plant Tattoo Ideas

While checking out the design ideas of the tattoo weed trend, we realized there are so many categories to check out! Afterall, the marijuana industry is huge, and if you can have options for different strains, why not options for tattoo ideas? So, the first category on our list is weed plant tattoo ideas!

Check out these weed-inspired tattoo ideas!

  • Little Stoned Weed Bud!
  • No, You Can’t Harvest My Arm
  • People, Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Best Bud’

Realistic Weed Leaf Marijuana Tattoo

Realistic Weed Leaf Marijuana Tattoo

  • A Minimalistic Bud
  • I Love Nature, So What?
  • Just Spotted A Tiny Ghost
  • Chemical Compound Aesthetic
  • I Am Waiting For The Joint
  • Not So Small Anymore

Trippy Smoke Tattoo Ideas

While the weed leaf tattoo ideas are all minimalistic visually, there’s a huge possibility that you might just not be a fan of minimalism. In that case, what does the tattoo weed trend entails for you? Welcome to the trippy, smokey section! 

Scroll down and check out the best tattoo ideas, only the trippy, smoky versions!

  • Trippy Doctor Rick
  • Simpsons On Weed
  • Rick And Morty Tripping Balls
  • The One With The Paper
  • What’s On Your Tongue?
  • The Third Eye
  • Pretty Poison
  • Head In The Clouds
  • Catching Dreams
  • Close To Me

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Classic Stoner Tattoo Ideas

While our trippy smoke tattoo ideas are absolutely killer, that’s not all we have! There’s so much more we have for you to explore! Welcome to classic stoner tattoo ideas – a number of tattoo ideas that are all timeless. It doesn’t matter whether you are 21 or 5o, these ideas will speak to you!

Here’s a sneak peek at stoner tattoo ideas that have survived the pages of time. 

  • I Can Smoke Weed Wherever I Want
  • The Man, The Legend, The Tuff Gong
  • Stoner Weed Tattoo
  • Just A Little Girl On A Trip
  • Light It Up
  • I Am A Stoner
  • Just A Little Jar
  • My Cute Little Star
  • Nature’s Little Girl
  • Just A Cute Psy Bud

Elusive High-life weed Tattoo Ideas

Sometimes, it’s not about the plant – sometimes, it’s also about the different high life weed tattoo ideas! Welcome to the high-life section for creative tattoo ideas! If you have managed to stick around for so long, you might as well stay till the end while smoking that JJ on your couch. Keep reading to find out more about the ‘tattoo weed’ trend!

Here are a bunch of elusive high-weed tattoo ideas for you – scroll down to check!

  • I Want To Smoke Your Bud
  • I Keep What I Love Close To My Heart
  • Cheech And Chong Puffin’ Along
  • I Had A Dream Of Smoking Weed In The Bahamas
I Had A Dream Of Smoking Weed In The Bahamas

  • Stoner 420 Tattoo Designs 9
  • Haters On Fire
  • Time To Walk Away
  • Fuck That Shit
  • Smoke Some More
  • Breathe A Little

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Best Weed Tattoo Ideas Of All Time

So, there’s no way we were missing out on this crazy throwback of weed tattoo ideas of all time! If you love cliches, then you have come to the right place. But of course, we weren’t going to suggest options everyone else has already experimented with – instead, we have options that will appeal the most to you.

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You just have to scroll down to find out what we are talking about. Trust us, these look too good to be true – keep scrolling to find out the best ones of all time! 

  • That Weed Is Outta This World
  • Tribute To Lord Bob
  • So Lit!
  • Medusa On A High
  • My Girl
  • Puff Puff Pass
  • Best Buds
  • It Was A Trippy Day
  • Roll Me One?

Just For Fun: The ‘Tattoo Weed’ Trend For Quote Lovers

Welcome to the The ‘Tattoo Weed’ Trend’s Bonus Section! From aesthetic gangster weed leaf tattoo ideas to artsy weed-inspired tattoos, we have covered everything. At least, that’s what we thought. 

But then we realized it’s not just about giving you ideas about your next weed sleeve tattoo…it’s also about providing a few killer quotes for all you trippy individuals! So here are a few quotes that you can get inked – sometimes quotes convey emotions better than visual aesthetics. 

#boomshankar, guys! Here we go!

  1. Ashes blunt on your opinion.
  2. Red eyes, big smiles.
  3. Roll me a blunt and call me pretty.
  4. Mary Jane is the only bitch, I trust.
  5. I’m high love…IDC!
  6. Pass joints, not judgments.
  7. This, too, shall pass.
  8. You deserve a bong hit today.
  9. Marijuana: I’m smoking it.
  10. Okay, but can we smoke first?

Top Tattoo Artist You Need To Know About.

What is an article about tattoos if it does not look at some of the best artists? So that is what we wanna do right now. Here is a small impromptu list of some of the best trippy artists from across the world who you can follow. All the artists here are the best of the best in their respective domains. Hence, the way these artists showcase their artwork is really something that challenges the basic stereotypes


If you follow instagram tattoo artists, I am pretty sure you must have heard about red-inked tattoo artists. The bright neon red inked tattoos are some of the most prominent pieces that you can find. However, Ghinkos is not a one-dimensional artist.  Apart from these red-inked fine-line tattoos, she is also known as somebody who can make really trippy pieces of art. So keep her in mind if you want something that relates to cannabis and has some very dopey-looking designs. And the best part is the fine lines of these tattoos make for a complex visual illusion. Something that is unique to Ghinkos as an artist. 

Rit Kit Tattoos

Rita Zolotukina, of Ukranian origin, is probably one of the most revered artists who can create photorealistic images of leaves and plants. And you already know what cannabis is actually. So who better there is to get yourself a great assortment of cannabis tattoos? The primary motivation behind Rita’s artwork is the fact that she wants to help people look at nature from a closer perspective. As a result, the photorealism that can be found in her work is something that is essentially unparalleled and breathtaking. Her tattoos are not something that strives for perfectionism. In fact, she celebrates the imperfections and showcases them beautifully in her artworks.

And It’s A Creative Wrap: Time To Get Inked!

So what do you think about our curated list of weed tattoo designs? Have we been able to convince you to get inked? If you are ready to jump on the ‘tattoo weed’ trend, then guess what? It’s a fantastic idea, and we completely support your decision! But we would love it if you tell us what you think about getting a weed-inspired tattoo. 

And if you already have a 420 tattoo, then you have to tell us all about it too. So don’t forget to share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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