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Know Your Canna Products: Thc Diamonds

Know Your Canna Products: Thc Diamonds

thc diamonds

What are THC Diamonds? Well, to put things simply, these are cannabis crystals that hold the truest potential of cannabis and can be only unlocked using a specific method. Stick around to find out what is it. From the manufacturing process to methods of consumption, everything is discussed here. Read more. 

What Are THC Diamonds?

What Are THC Diamonds

Think of it like this. They are shiny, they look all sparkly and share a lot of familiarity with real-world diamonds. But the best part is that they can get you high. Yes, you heard that right. They will get you high. THC diamonds are the newest addition to the world of cannabis extracts. These crystals or the diamonds, as we like to call them, are made out of live resin extracts from cannabis plants

While the manufacturing process is fairly straightforward. However, the crystals that the process creates are not THC. In fact, these crystals are THCa crystals. The overall potency of these crystals clocks at around 97-99% THCa. Meanwhile, the other 1-3% THC in these diamonds consists of terpenes and other cannabinoids. As a result, THC Diamonds are the most potent and pure form of THC on the market.

From a chemical POV, THCa is essentially a dormant or inactive cannabinoid with no psychoactive tendencies. But when you put the diamonds through heat, the structure of the cannabinoid changes, and it becomes psychoactive. But the heat supplied to this substance needs to be hot enough to make that transformation. So, consuming these diamonds in a bong or joint can be tough if you cannot make the substance hot enough.

One aspect that you need to know about is that the term THC Diamond is essentially an umbrella term at the end of the day. The reason why is it called an umbrella term is because there are a few different ways of making this form of extract. As a result, the difference in formation also transforms the potency and the grade of the diamond. 

How Are They Made?

How Are They Made

In order to truly understand the enigma called the THC Diamond, one thing that you need to know is that the manufacturing process is very important whenever you are bringing up the topic of cannabis diamonds. They determine a lot of factors like potency, quality of high, etc. So, understanding the diamonds also demands that we have a clear understanding of the manufacturing process. Otherwise, we are just looking at a singular aspect of the strain. Primarily speaking, diamonds can be formed using two specific methods. 

Closed Loop Extraction Method

The closed-loop extraction method is a method of extracting THC and terpenes from a cannabis plant using a liquid solvent. After the whole process is done, what is left behind is trace amounts of solvent to supersaturate and become THCa. Subsequently, the solution is slowly purged over a couple of days. During this time, the diamonds form. The process can take anywhere from two days to a week. And after the whole process ends, we are left with pure THCa crystals. A potent cannabis product that just needs a little heat to become something magical.

Crystalline Method

This method is a lot like making a rock candies. The THC isolate that is extracted from the cannabis plant is mixed with a solvent to create something that resembles a supersaturated solution. Once the solution is formed, head and pressure are added to the solution. As the heat and pressure enable the diamond formation, traces of the solution evaporate. In the crystalline process of creating THC Diamonds, extractors will introduce terpene sauce to create THC diamonds with sauce. The sauce is nothing but a mixture of terpenes, that creates an effect called the entourage effects.

How To Consume?

How to Consume

With the technical aspect out of the way, I think it is time that we look at how THC diamonds are actually consumed. This will help you navigate your way through different consumption methods for THC crystals. So that you can bring variations to your cannabis game. 


The easiest and he most convenient way of smoking cannabis diamonds is by using your vape. If you have a refillable vape, then the whole process becomes much easier. Just take your crystal, break some pieces of it, and add it into the concentrate chamber. Heat up the vape to 315-450 degrees Fahrenheit. Wait for the crystal to melt and then slowly inhale the smoke

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Another easy way of navigating the cannabis consumption journey is by directly smoking the crystals. The way you can go about this is by just breaking the extract into small pieces and mixing it with crushed cannabis. Roll up the mixture into your choice of roll, and then use a blue flame lighter to blast off. The intensity of the flame matters as you need the THCa to change its composition to become psychoactive. 


This is an easy process as well but will need some complex machinery to work. When I say machinery, what I mean is a dab rig. Take your diamond and break it into pieces, make sure that the pieces are sized well, and are not uneven. Heat the nail or the dab hammer using a torch. Make sure that the hammer is hot enough. And voila! You are ready to consume the diamond. 


And the final way you can consume the cannabis diamond in the most convenient manner is by infusing it with food. The simplest way is to use heat to melt the diamond and mix it with canna-infused butter or other such materials to make brownies. Cannabis edibles are the best way to experience the magic of this substance in a sociable setting. 


With that, we have reached the very end of our article discussing the magical process of creation, and consumption of THC Diamond. A magical substance that looks like a diamond but is essentially cannabis extracts in crystalline format. However, this is a very strong psychoactive substance, therefore, make sure that you navigate the wonderland of the substance carefully. Keep following our page for all things cannabis.

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