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THC Distillate 101: Should You Get It?

THC Distillate 101: Should You Get It?

THC Distillate

What is THC Distillate? What is its function? How do you consume it? What are the checklists? If these are the questions you are asking, then look no further. I did all my research so you can rest easily and find everything at your fingertips. Stick around to more.  

What Is THC Distillate? 

What Is THC Distillate

2024 is the best time to live for cannabis connoisseurs. The market is saturated with unique strains and products like moonrocks, libido gummies, etc. All these products have really broken newer ground and made amazing progress. Today, I would like to talk about one such revolutionary cannabis product called the THC Distillate.  

THC Distillates are concentrated cannabis extracts that boast a high THC content ranging from 90% to 100% THC. A complex manufacturing process makes this product, and it is one of the most potent THC products in the market.  

THC distillates come in different potency values. In other words, there are different THC distillates based on potency and purity. Unlike cannabis strains, these products lack aroma and flavor due to a lack of terpenes. As a result, these mostly act as a base for different products like THC vape, topicals, etc.  

How Is THC Distillate Made?

How Is THC Distillate Made

THC distillates might be cannabis products, but they differ greatly from your run-of-the-mill cannabis products. These highly concentrated products go through a complex manufacturing process to reach the market shelves.  

As per sources, the whole manufacturing process can be divided into six distinct processes. These processes include extraction, winterization, filtration, evaporation, decarboxylation, and distillation, 

In this section, I will talk about each of these steps individually in detail and help you understand the product closely.  


The first step of manufacturing distillates is the process of extraction. Cannabis plants boast several chemicals. These chemicals include CBD, CBG, THC, Terpenes, etc. As a result, you need to extract these chemicals from the plant.  

Chemical extraction comes in various forms and formats. Some of these processes include CO2 extraction, hydrocarbon extraction, and ethanol extraction. Each process of extraction comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. As a result, you need to be mindful of which process to choose.  


Next up is the process of winterization. This is a simple yet crucial step. It determines the overall quality of the distillate. This step simply involves freezing the raw extracts that were derived via the ethanol process of extraction.  

After the extraction is done, the extract is put inside a freezing chamber at an extremely low temperature. The freezing process separates the lipids, fats, and other extracts from the cannabinoid.  


The first two processes are mostly concentrated on retrieving the magical cannabis extract from a whole plant. This process is aimed at refining and filtering the extract. Cannabis extracts include a lot of solidified impurities.  

These impurities must be filtered out of the solution. Otherwise, the quality of the extract would remain subpar. Therefore, a multi-step filtration method is used to remove all the solidified impurities. Hence, this is a seminal step of the manufacturing process. 


The ethanol method of extraction is one of the most common forms of extraction.  As a result, manufacturers employ this method more than usual. One downside of this method is that it leaves residues of ethanol in the mix. As a result, it is important to remove this leftover ethanol.  

Heat and rotation are primarily used to evaporate ethanol residues and other chemicals. This is an extension of the filtration process as it refines the extract further. The evaporation process concludes the first stage of the manufacturing process. 


The first four processes determine refined extraction. In other words, the first four steps ensure that the consumer gets the purest distillate. Now comes the activation art of the process. By this point of the manufacturing process, the THC distillate is full of THCA. THCA is the unactivated variant of THC.  

Unlike THC, THCA is an unactivated cannabinoid. It has to pass through extreme heat in order to activate its psychoactive properties. Therefore, the decarboxylation process passes the cannabinoid through balanced heat in order to activate its psychoactive properties.  


Finally, the decarboxylated cannabis extract is passed through a final distillation unit. This unit heats up the cannabis extract to an insanely high temperature and vacuums it to condense it. This ensures an added step of refinement as it will automatically isolate chemicals with different boiling points.  

Some manufacturers add an extra step of molecular distillation. This ensures super refinement. However, this comes at a higher cost. In other words, THC distillates that hae gone through molecular distillation are usually priced higher compared to others.  

Potency Of THC Distillates

Potency Of THC Distillates

THC distillates go through several steps of filtration and distillation. This not only makes the extract more refined but also more concentrated. As a result, consuming distillates is very different from consuming your favorite strain.  

A single batch of THC distillate will make you higher compared to other variants of cannabis. As a result, THC distillates are comparatively more potent than other variants like gummies, edibles, resin, rosin, etc.  

General Effects Of THC 

General Effects Of THC

How do you decide if THC distillates are good for you? Simple, by learning more about the substance and what it does. This section will help you do just that. I have made a point of trying to distillate myself. And here are some of the effects that I felt.  

Euphoria: THC distillate can really work as a mood regulator. I personally felt lighter and was in a chirpier mood after taking it.

Relaxation: I tend to get worked up from time to time. But THC Distillates really helped me to calm down and let go of things. 

Altered Perception: THC Distillates will not cause hallucinations but my senses were dialed to 100.  

Increased appetite: THC Distillates never made me as hungry as my beloved Dollato strain, but it certainly made me order some unnecessary amounts of fries.  

Slower reaction: As you guys already know, I tend to ‘review’ strain with my partner. I mostly stay coherent and quick with my responses. However, this was not the case after consuming THC Distillates. My reaction time was way slower.  

Anxiety & Paranoia: For me, THC distillate was a smooth sailing ship. However, I can see why some people might feel senses of paranoia and anxiety. The high THC content is not something that everyone can handle.  


Going by my personal experience, distillates are magical. In fact, I can truly see some promising prospects for this variant. Here are some of the benefits that I think THC Distillate brings to the table.  

Potency: Potency is one of the biggest USPs of THC distillates. This can truly help people who are seeking something strong.  

Purity: THC distillates go through some of the most complex refinement processes. As a result, you are getting a pure THC product that has no trace of any other form of chemicals. 

Versatility: Distillates can be used medicinally as well as recreationally. This adds to its list of pros.  



THC distillate is a highly psychoactive product with a THC content that ranges around 90% to 100%. As a result, it can be a bit too much for some people. In this section, I will primarily list the darker side of THC Distillate. Here we go! 

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Greenout: THC Distillates are highly potent. As a result, overconsumption can be very dangerous as it can lead to a greenout. Greenout episodes usually range from loss of orientation to temporary memory loss.  

Legality: Cannabis and cannabis products are very much regulated in different parts of the world. As a result, consuming cannabis or cannabis products can land you in legal trouble. So be careful and make informed decisions.  

Thinning Agents: Manufacturers use thinning products in order to bring the distillates up to a certain concentration. As a result, distillates have some long-term negative impact on your health.  

Habit Forming: Regular and scheduled usage of THC distillates can lead to increased tolerance. This, in turn, will increase your consumption. As a result, you should consume it in moderation to keep it from becoming a habit or addiction.  

THC Distillate Consumption Formats 

THC Distillate Consumption Formats

THC distillates might be dangerous in higher concentrations. However, it is one of the most versatile formats of THC consumption. As of now, there are five different consumption formats for THC distillates.  

In this section, I will talk about dabbing, vaping, edibles, topicals, and other smoke formats that you can explore. However, this is not a ranked section. I will write as things and opinions come to my mind.  


Dabs are the most popular format for consuming THC distillate products. Dabs are like water pipes or bongs. There is a water chamber, a bowl, a nail to hit the dab, and a pipe. Dabs are specifically designed for consuming THC distillate.  

Dab rigs come in all shapes and sizes. So, you can easily find the one to your liking online. But be careful, as these rigs are very brittle and are prone to break.  


I believe vaping is the most convenient and consistent method for consuming distillates. You carry a vape wherever you go. As a result, I prefer vapes over ny other formats. Also, vaping is much easier than most other formats. Vaping does not have a drawn-out preparation process. But it offers some levels of interactivity and work to make the experience worthwhile. It beautifully balances between activity and convenience.  


Edibles are the most discreet form of cannabis consumption. I carry some edibles with me whenever I travel. This helps me to maintain my cannabis and nutrition intake at the same time.  

THC distillate is a pure and concentrated form of THC that does not have any olfactory properties. As a result, edibles can be great as a starting ingredient. However, do not be too generous with the distillate, as you might end up tripping too hard.  


Topicals are great for localized effects like pain management or skin rejuvenation. Mix the distillate with a carrier oil, and you are ready to use it. Topicals are usually therapeutic and demonstrate no psychoactive properties. As a result, you will not be able to use topicals as a recreational substance.  

Smoke Formats 

The final format for consuming THC Distillate is via smoke formats. This is an umbrella section I have created to categorize joints, blunts, etc. You can even mix your distillate with your buds to smoke it up using a bong. This adds to the substance’s versatility.

Quick Tips On Buying THC Distillates 

Quick Tips On Buying THC Distillates

THC distillate is a fairly new concept for many cannabis connoisseurs. As a result, people are still taking time to understand it and commit to it. Keeping this in mind, I have curated a small checklist that will enable you to buy your own distillate like a pro.

  • Only buy products from a licensed dispensary. Licensed dispensaries are the best way to go, even if they charge a little extra.  
  • Never shy away from asking questions. Ask questions pertaining to the product, manufacturing process, quality control checks, etc.  
  • Do not be lazy and buy your cannabis products from a single dispensary. Do a thorough market research to buy the best and the most affordable product for yourself.  
  • Do not buy products that come in shoddy packaging or have no information about the manufacturing process.  

The Final Thought

And there you go. This was all I had to say about THC distillate and the ways it can be beneficial or harmful for you. Keep following our page for more such cannabis-related content and stories.

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