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THC Pills: Benefits, Risks, Uses, and How to Dose

THC Pills: Benefits, Risks, Uses, and How to Dose

THC Pills

Cannabis products have made their way through the selves of dispensaries. It is accessible to people who oppose smoking. THC pills are useful without needing to smoke or vape.

Marijuana has a number of medicinal benefits, and people who don’t want to smoke medical marijuana are usually prescribed THC pills. In these pills, the dose is pre-determined, so you won’t make a mistake while taking the appropriate dose. 

However, THC pills can be much more expensive than other forms of cannabis. Taking THC pills won’t cause lung irritation. In the United States, marijuana has become the most commonly used drug that can be useful in therapies. 

What Are THC Pills? 

What Are THC Pills?

THC pills contain liquid concentration or ground-up flowers from marijuana plants in the form of pills. THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol which is a psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana. Once you ingest the THC, you will feel high compared to inhaling marijuana via smoking. 

The THC pills will take an average of 30 minutes to dissolve. It will then take additional two hours for our body to absorb it. After it has been absorbed into the bloodstream, you will start feeling its effects. 

The pills contain medicinal extracts directly from the plant, and they also contain a combination of cannabinoids.

Benefits Of THC Pills 

THC’s psychoactive, which is the effect of a drug on the brain and mental health, has been taken seriously in the US currently. Researchers from the University of New Mexico discovered that role of cannabinoids in medical marijuana is more important. 

THC pills can be beneficial and have quite a number of reactions after 30 minutes of consumption.  

It can effectively enhance mood, decrease social reticence, provide pain relief, and increase appetite, relaxation, sleepiness, and creative thought. 

There are a number of benefits to consuming marijuana, as follows, 

1. Discretion  

THC pills are less fragrant than normal inhalable marijuana. For customers who face difficulty in inhaling marijuana to them, it is useful. Since it doesn’t smell, you don’t need to be aware of the public reaction. 

2. Convenient 

You can ingest THC pills at your own convenience, much like taking your vitamins. Don’t need a lighter, blow torch, atomizer, bong, sheets, or any other subsidiary substances in order to intake THC pills. You will be able to analyze how many THC pills you are putting in your body by measuring the amount. 

3. No Side Effects

THC pills are easier to see because it is kept in translucent capsules. As a customer, you will be able to measure the amount of dose you are administering to yourself. 

You’ll have to ingest the pills as your body will absorb cannabinoids through the digestive tract. So you won’t be inhaling smoke via your airways to the lung. In that case, your lungs will be free from irritants.   

THC pills are associated with no respiratory irritants. There won’t be any whining, sneezing, overproduction of mucous, or coughing. Yet, you will be able to experience marijuana-related highness after you’ve taken the dose. Your lungs will be safe from inhaling toxins. 

4. Better Experience 

Orally ingested cannabinoids will provide a more potent experience. When marijuana is ingested instead of being smoked, the heat won’t be able to destroy the terpenes. It won’t be denatured via combustion or vaporization. 

THC is responsible for synthesizing metabolites from the stomach and liver right after ingestion and is much more powerful in nature. Therefore, you will face a long-lasting effect after you’ve ingested the THC pill. 

Types Of THC Pills 

Types Of THC Pills

There are primarily three types of THC pills. 

‣ THC Oil Capsules 

THC oil capsules contain oil-based and distilled liquid inside the capsules. You can see the liquid is clearly visible from the outside of the gel caps. It will show golden liquid inside of the capsule, similar to the omega 3 fatty acid capsules. 

They can come in several concentrations containing 5 to 15 mg THC. the dosage in these capsules is regulated and determined. You can ingest the same amount next time. 

‣ Decarboxylated Flower Capsules

Marijuana flower has to be heated to develop activated cannabinoids. The heat will work as a stimulant in order to transform THCA into THC. The capsule contains a decarboxylated flower. You will have to face a little difficulty managing the dose each time. However, it won’t be too much difficult though. 

‣ Crystalline THC Capsules    

Crystalline THC is a powdered version of marijuana. It can be found in fine crystalline form. Crystalline THC is basically a white powder that looks like salt. 

If you are a kind of a person who wants only plant products, then you can avoid crystalline THC since there is no plant remains present. Crystalline THC is produced by leaving out all the plant matter, terpenes, and minor cannabinoids. 

Why Should You Choose THC Pills?

Why Should You Choose THC Pills?
  • THC pills agave regulated dosage. If you want to have the essence of marijuana but aren’t much fond of the smells, then you can select THC pills. 
  • The pills are convenient and can be taken anywhere. Even if you are hurriedly going to the office or college, just take a pill on the go. 
  • If you are the kind of person who likes to consume discretely or who doesn’t enjoy smoking, then you can consider THC pills. 

How To Take The THC Pills?

How To Take The THC Pills?

THC pills can be ingested just like taking any vitamin capsules or pills. If you are taking it for the first time, then you should consult an expert. You can start by taking 5mg to 10 mg at first. 

You can take the pills with food or without food. Some people have said that pills work better for them on an empty stomach since they can be absorbed faster. THC pills usually take 30 to 45 minutes to start affecting your body and mind. They have psychoactive chemicals which will stimulate the neurotransmitters in the brain and give you a feel-good effect. 

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Risks Associated With THC Pills

Risks Associated With THC Pills

THC pills are safer to use than inhaling marijuana. It is much safe, convenient, and useful to take with or without food. However, there are certain negative side effects associated with THC pill abuse. 

1. Concentration Levels

  • When a person is inhaling marijuana, they can regulate the concentration of marijuana they will be smoking. The concentration can be controlled along with the amount of smoke they are inhaling. However, in the case of THC pills, the concentration is constant. 
  • THC pills have high concentrations of dose, which is why getting the right dose is necessary. Having too much THC in the system can affect the neurotransmitters in your brain. 
  • It can increase the chances of addiction. People who are already addicted to marijuana can become severely addicted if they can not control the dosage. 

2. Livelihood

It can have a severe effect on your livelihood at the same time, harming you psychologically. If you have developed THC-related addiction, then you should take therapy to ward it off. 

Using this drug as a coping mechanism can have serious psychological issues. You can feel good whenever you are taking the drug. You might feel stress, anxiety, or depression whenever you are not taking the drug. This can have a severe effect on maintaining a healthy livelihood and a good work-life balance. 

3. Heart disease

Cannabis can increase your heart beat rate, and thus it is not useful if you are suffering from any heart conditions. 

4. Allergies 

You first have to find out whether you are allergic to anything or not. If you are a person who is allergic to most things, then you should avoid THC therapy. Sometimes cannabis can increase the chances of growing allergies to vegetables, tomatoes, citrus fruits, and bananas. 

5. Diabetes

THC pills or marijuana therapy will make it harder to control blood sugar levels. If you are suffering from diabetes, you should avoid marijuana therapy at all costs. 

6. Nerve Diseases 

Taking uncontrolled THC pills can elevate the chances of seizures in people suffering from epilepsy. If it is not taken in a controlled dosage, you may feel depressed whenever you are not under the dosage of THC. 

If you are a person who generally suffers from mental illnesses, then you should avoid the treatments unless it is advised by your doctor. 

How To Treat THC Addiction? 

How To Treat THC Addiction?

Usually, THC is nonaddictive since it doesn’t contain addictive components which can be inhaled via marijuana smoking. However, if you are already dealing with marijuana addiction, then chances are you might develop THC addiction. 

To treat THC addictions, you will need to go through the following options, 

  • Counseling 
  • Drug Rehab
  • Dual diagnosis treatment 
  • Relapse prevention 
  • Residential drug rehab 

Uses And Effectiveness Of THC Pills 

  • If you are suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS), you can find THC treatment helpful. The pills will give you a feel-good effect after 45 minutes of ingestion. 
  • A person suffering from disc slip or spinal bulge will find this useful. The THC pills would ease muscle spasms and nerve pain. 
  • THC is further associated with relieving nerve pain and pains developing from other terminally ill conditions such as HIV and cancer temporarily. 


THC pills are good if the dosages are controlled and you are under the therapy of your healthcare practitioner. THC pills can not provide you with a long-lasting effect. All its effects are mostly temporary, so it’s good to take if you take advice from a healthcare professional before initiating the cannabis therapy associated with THC pills.

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