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What Is The Trufflez Strain? Do You Need It?

What Is The Trufflez Strain? Do You Need It?

Trufflez Strain

Want to taste a strain that has Mushroom essence? Well, the Trufflez strain is all about that. The Trufflez strain Hails from the West Coast and has steadily become one of the most famous strains of all time. This review is a celebration of this Strain.  

Overview Of The Trufflez Strain 

Usually, I’m not too fond of strains that come with a food-related identity. I mean, why would I want my cannabis strain to taste like pizza? As a result, I was very iffy about reviewing the cannabis strain called the Trufflez Strain. However, things were very different from what I expected. The Trufflez strain is an Indica dominant strain with around 20% THC. However, some growers even managed to grow phenotypes that possess a THC content of about 22%. Hence, It is a Heavy hitter in terms of potency.  

Overview Of The Trufflez Strain

Readers from California and the West Coast might be familiar with this Strain. However, I had no idea about this Strain’s existence before this weekend. The Strain’s genetics could be traced back to legendary marijuana strains like the Afghani and Purple Thai. As a result, I was treated to a unique experience. 

This article will study this Strain and will help you to choose for yourself.  

Genetic Mapping Of The Trufflez Strain 

I like to keep things organized. As a result, I believe that understanding a strain’s genetic mapping is essential. It can tell us a lot about a strain’s quality, characteristics, and other aspects of it.   


According to growers and the internet, the Trufflez strain is a product of crossing two iconic strains, the Zkittlez and the Cherry Noir. Both strains bring a unique genetic heritage to the scene. As a result, we have a 70/30 Indica strain that has a ‘magical’ presence.   

Here is a detailed rundown of the two parent strains of the Zkittlez and the Cherry Noir strain.  


Zkittlez, or the Original Z, is an iconic Indica strain. Zkittlkez is primarily a hybrid strain. It is a product of crossing Grape Ape with the Grapefruit strain. This sweet-tasting Strain is probably one of the sweetest strains I have ever ‘reviewed.’   

The Original Z strain broke into the scene around the middle of the 2010 decade. The Strain was first bred by a man called Gas Station Bob. The Original Z is a highly popular strain and has even won 1st place in the Emerald Cup, along with several other accolades in Michigan and San Francisco.  

Cherry Noir 

Next up is the iconic Cherry noir Strain. Unlike its predecessor, the Cherry Noir strain is an evenly distributed cannabis strain. This means it is 50% indica and 50% sativa. As a result, it is known to produce some zany effects on the mind as well as the body. Cherry Noir is a hybrid strain. It is a product of the crossing of my all-time favorite ganja, Chemdawg, with the cherry Lime #4.  

The aforementioned genetic splicing has resulted in an iconic hybrid strain that is delicious and packs a mean punch. However, the THC content of the Strain is just around 17% to 19%. Hence, it is a moderate hitting strain when it comes to potency. Still, moderation should be the name of your game.  

Characteristics Of Trufflez Strain 

The Trufflez strain is one of the most celebrated indica-dominant strains. The reason behind its popularity can be attributed to several different aspects. This Indica-leaning Strain offers around 20% THC. However, researchers claim that it has low CBD and CBG content. In fact, many believe that this Strain has the lowest CBD and CBG content.  


The Trufflezt is very popular for its relaxing effects, even though the Strain has a surprisingly low CBD and CBG content. In this section, we will look at some of the most common characteristics of the Trufflez strain. These characteristics include terpene profile, aroma/flavor, and appearance.  

Here we go! 

Terpene Profile 

The first aspect that I think you need to look at is the terpene profile. The terpene profile of a strain determines several aspects, like the aroma, the flavor, the potency, and the effects. As a result, it is essential that we take a moment to look at the terpenes present in the Trufflez strain. Here are some of the most common terpenes found in the Trufflez strain.  

Carene: Carene or Delta 3 Carene is one of the primary terpenes of the Trufflez strain. This terpene boasts a citrusy flavoring that is reminiscent of strains like the Jack Herrer, Super Silver Haze, and the bombastic AK-47 strain.   

Caryophyllene: This is one of the significant sesquiterpenes found in the Trufflez Strain. Only a few people know this, but Caryophyllene has some really potent. Anti-carcinogenic properties. 

Myrcene: Myrcene is probably one of the most popular terpenes found in plants. It has a sweet essence and has some significant features, such as anti-oxidant, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties.  

Aroma & Flavor 

A cannabis that does not taste good is not a good cannabis at all. As I have already said, I do not like strains that have a foody essence. I want my food to taste like food and my cannabis to taste like cannabis unless I am consuming edibles. But, I was pleasantly surprised by what I was treated to.  

The Trufflez strain has a potent aroma profile and flavoring. I enjoy musky strains like Skunk, Chemdawg, Garanimal, etc. To my surprise, the Trufflez strain demonstrates similar characteristics. The general essence of the Strain includes spicy, musky, and earthy undernotes. In fact, the Strain qualifies as a skunky strain to a great extent.  

I personally enjoy the essence of the Strain and want more strains that demonstrate similar flavor and aroma.  


For many people, appearance means very little when it comes to cannabis strains. However, I enjoy a good-looking strain. It gives the Strain a top-shelf look. While the Strain might not hit things out of the park regarding appearance, it is still one of the best-looking strains.  

The best feature of the Strain’s aesthetics is its color profile. The Strain is an interplay of colors. Some of the primary color profiles of this Strain include green, orange, and purple. This makes the Strain vibrant anbd aesthetically appealing.  

The Strain is tightly packed. However, crushing the Strain never feels like a herculean task. The nugs break easily and are sticky with trichomes. In fact, this makes the Strain one of the best strains to touch and feel.  

Effects & Usages Of The Trufflez Strain 

I have mostly covered all the ‘boring’ stuff about the Zkittlez strain. However, a cannabis strain is much more than how it looks, smells, and feels. In this section, I will primarily talk about the zany stuff about this Strain, like its effects and usage.  


In today’s world, cannabis is a huge topic of conversation. It has transcended from its initial, intended usage and has become a substance with multiple uses. This section will look at some of the different forms of usage and side effects.  

So stick around to know some of the best usages and the ‘dangerous’ effects that the Strain might have on your body and mind.  

Recreational Usage 

The first form of usage is the recreational usage. I personally feel that the Strain is best for weekend cannabis sessions. The indica dominant aspect of the Strain really makes it seem more potent than most other strains I have come across.  

Howevevr, I felt that the Strain works in stages. The first stage of the experince is all about the euphoric feeling and mind high. During this stage, I mostly felt my mind expanding with ideas. I was more sociable, and I felt a rush of energy. This stage lasted for around 45 minutes.  

The next stage of the experience is all about the Indica side of the family. After the first 45 minutes, the body high took over. This stage was all about couch-lock and gorging down food. I was never too high to move or feel passed out. I was coherent and aware of my surroundings. Still, the Strain cannot be consumed in the middle of the week.  

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The couch-locking capabilities of the Strain are very high and should not be underestimated. In fact, it is better suited for night-time usage. I would prefer to consume this Strain before bedtime. The indica side of things will help you calm your mind down and slowly drift away into the land of dreams.  

Medicinal Usage 

The Truifflez strain is known for its iconic high and sedative capabilities. Research shows that the Trufflez strain has low CBD and CBHG content. As a result, many people might think this affects the Strain’s medicinal properties. However, that is farthest from the truth. Here are some of the most common ailments that the Trufflez strain can aid you with: 

Anti-Inflammation: The high Indica part of the Strain makes it a perfect candidate for anti-inflammatory medication. 

Analgesic: Studies show that the Strain has some really potent analgesic properties. In fact, individuals claimed that the Strain really helped them deal with chronic as well as acute pains. Therefore, it is very useful in several aspects.  

Insomnia: I personally felt that the Strain was really useful as a sedative substance. In fact, I usually suffer from night restlessness. I struggle to fall asleep. However, I slept soundly after consuming this Strain. This is because it helps me calm down and eventually fall asleep.  

Side Effects 

While reviewing the Trufflez strain, I mostly experienced a mellow high.  However, the Strain might get a little out of hand for some people. As a result, I believe that I need to discuss some of the side effects for people who are still new in this sector. Here are some of the most basic and possible side effects of the Trufflez strain: 

Paranoia: The high THC content of the Strain might be a strong driving factor for cannabis-induced paranoia.  

Loss of motor control: Cannabis at moderate levels affects a person’s motor skills. This includes a feeling of disorientation, slowed movement, and a feeling of heaviness. 

Green out: Cannabis overdose might not be fatal, but it can be dangerous. Green out is an extreme case of cannabis overdose. In such cases, the person in question can feel extreme levels of disorientation, temporary memory loss, and other things.  Therefore, moderation is the key.  

Growing The Trufflez Strain 

Being a cannabis lover is all about different stages. The first stage is all about loving cannabis. The second stage is about wondering whether you can grow it on your own. This section is all about that itch to grow your own cannabis. 


Sorry to break your bubble, but the Trufflez strain is known to be a difficult strain to grow. As per veteran growers, the Trufflez strain can be a little difficult to handle due to its lineage. The success rate of growing the Trufflez strain is around 60%. Therefore, it is a difficult strain to grow. 

Veteran growers claim that the Strain thrives better in indoor growing stations. This will give you more control over your crops. Also, it will keep the Strain protected. Please do not go SCROG or SOG growing techniques, unless you have an idea about what you are doing. 

This is a slow-growing strain. A proper batch of Trufflez strain will take around 12 weeks to flower. Therefore, you need to be very patient with your crop.  

The Final Puff 

With that, you have reached the very end of my review of the amazing Trufflez strain. It is an iconic Californian strain that has lately taken over the cannabis community. Still, it is an underrated strain that needs to be explored more in order to understand its appeal.


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