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What Is CBD Used For? Top Benefits of CBD

What Is CBD Used For? Top Benefits of CBD

What Is CBD Used For

CBD is the abbreviation of Cannabidiol. It is one of the chemical compounds found in cannabis plants. If you want to use it, you may like to know its benefits.  It is a natural remedy for some common health ailments like pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Here you will learn more about, what is CBD used for?

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is a well-known cannabinoid found in cannabis. It has a psychoactive effect, and it can get you high. On the other hand, CBD is not psychoactive like THC. For that reason, most people choose CBD products for pain relief and other mental ailments. The demand is growing in the wellness sector; more research and scientific evidence can ease anxiety symptoms. 

What Is CBD Used For

Among all the products, CBD oil is the most useful. Many popular products are available, such as creams, serums, gummies, chocolates, and pet treats. If you have never used any products, it’s essential to know, what is CBD used for? Here is an overview of CBD’s potential health benefits. 

  • Relieving Pain
  • Reducing Anxiety
  • Alleviating Cancer Related Symptoms
  • Reducing Acne
  • Helping in Neurological Disorders
  • Improving Heart Health

If you are running out of time, take a quick look and bookmark the article to read it later in detail. Before I explain CBD’s benefits, in particular, let me share some of the most popular CBD products.

CBD Products

CBD Products

Explore different CBD products available in the market before you know, what is CBD used for? There are mainly two types: (1) For external use, (2) Oral use

  • For external use, there are many varieties of health products available for external use, such as oils, lotions, creams, balms, etc.
  • For oral use, gummies, chocolates, and oral spray are available. Be careful before you take any oral products; you should verify their composition. 

Now let’s know about the benefits of CBD products.

1. Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Marijuana has been used since ancient times for pain relief. Recently, scientists have found that many marijuana components have pain-relieving qualities, and CBD is one of them. 

Our body has a unique system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that regulates the immune system, appetite, and sleep. Our body produces neurotransmitters named cannabinoids, which binds the cannabinoid receptor in our nervous system.

Research shows that CBD interacts with neurotransmitters and helps in reducing pain and inflammation. CBD, in combination with THC, can help in relieving many chronic problems like sclerosis and arthritis. Sativex is an oral spray that is available in several countries for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. 

2. Fight Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are the most common mental problems that majorly impact the health of many individuals. The World Health Organization (WHO) report says that both anxiety and depression are the major contributors to disability worldwide. 

Many pharmaceutical drugs are available to reduce anxiety and depression. But most of them have adverse side effects like headaches, drowsiness, agitation, sexual dysfunction, and insomnia. Some of the drugs can also be addictive and result in drug abuse. 

On the other hand, CBD oil is a natural approach to relieve anxiety and depression. Again, oral CBD can also help fight against stress, depression, insomnia, and post-traumatic disorder. It acts like serotonin,  one of the neurotransmitters of our brain that affect our mood and behavior. 

3. Reducing Cancer Symptoms

Cancer Symptoms

CBD can also be useful in reducing the symptoms related to cancer. It also improves the side effects such as vomiting, nausea, and pain caused due to cancer treatment. The combination of CBD and THC have a better pain relief effect than THC alone. 

There are many side effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea and vomiting. Although some drugs are available for this, they are sometimes ineffective and harmful to health. Here CBD can help reduce the side effects caused due to chemotherapy. 

Some studies show that CBD has anti-cancer effects. However, research has been done on animals, so studies on humans are required to conclude. 

4. Reducing Acne

Reducing Acne

Acne is a common skin problem caused due to various factors. Some of them are bacteria, genetics, inflammation, secretion of sebum, and other reasons. Sebum is an oily secretion from the sebaceous glands in the skin.

Applying CBD oil can reduce the secretion of sebum and also prevent your skin from inflammation. According to a test-tube study, it reduces the excess production of sebum from the sebaceous gland. It also prevents the production of the ‘pro-acne’ agents like cytokines. 

The anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD oil help to treat skin conditions like acne and inflammation. Although the research results show that it can help acne treatment, more human studies are required.

5. Helping in Neurological Disorders

Neurological Disorders

Researchers believe that CBD can be beneficial for neurological disorders. It has the ability to interact with the endocannabinoid system and other neurotransmitters. Studies have shown that it is useful in treating epilepsy and sclerosis. Although it’s a new way to treat these conditions, studies have shown proven results. 

In combination with THC, CBD can be used to treat muscle spasticity, multiple sclerosis, and seizures. CBD oils are useful to reduce seizure activity and epilepsy in children. However, some adverse effects have been found with the treatment. It can result in fever, fatigue, and convulsions. 

Several other neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease can also be treated with CBD. Again, it can also be beneficial for the neurodegenerations that occurred due to Alzheimer’s disease. A study done on mice has shown that it can be helpful to reduce cognitive decline. 

6. Improving Heart Health

Improving Heart Health

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Next, CBD can also be helpful for heart health. Research has shown that it can lower high blood pressure. As a result, it can reduce the risk of heart attack, strokes, and related health conditions. 

One of the main reasons why CBD can be useful for fighting anxiety and depression is it can lower blood pressure. Additionally, it can help reduce inflammation and cell death due to heart disease. Also, it has antioxidant and stress-reducing properties. 

Other Benefits

Apart from the above health benefits, there are other health benefits of using CBD. 

Although it is not exclusively used for treatment, studies show that it is beneficial for the following health conditions. 

  • Diabetic prevention: Several tests were made on diabetic mice. It reduced the effect of diabetes up to 56% and also prevented inflammation. 
  • Antipsychotic effects: CBD is beneficial for many mental disorders like schizophrenia by reducing psychotic effects. 
  • Substance abuse treatment: It is also helpful in reducing drug addiction. Researchers found that CBD can modify brain circuits and help in fighting drug abuse. 
  • Anti-tumor effects:  In many animal studies, it has shown that CBD has anti-tumor effects. It is beneficial for breast, prostate, lungs, and brain cancers. 

Till now, we have discussed what is CBD used for? but are there any side effects? 

Adverse Effects Of CBD

I hope you have gained some knowledge about what is CBD used for? Next, you should know about the negative health effects before using it. Some of the side effects of using CBD are: 

  • Change in mood
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Headache

In some conditions, it can also increase stress levels and anxiety. Additionally, CBD can also interact with other medications and result in harmful health problems. So you need to consult your doctor before using CBD to ensure your safety and avoid further health problems.


Before wrapping up, it is important to understand whether it is legal to use CBD. 

Is It Legal?

The legal status of CBD is dubious. It is illegal in some states to use CBD products. At the same time, other states allow you to use them. Further, hemp-derived products are legal in several states, but marijuana-derived products are not permitted. On the other hand, a few states also allow for marijuana-derived products. Thus, you need to know the legal status of CBD products in your state before using them. Now let me summarize, what is CBD used for?


CBD products are helpful in many ways. It can be used for common ailments like anxiety, pain, and inflammation. It is also beneficial for health problems, including acne, neurological disorders, and heart disease. Moreover, it can also reduce psychotic symptoms, diabetes, and drug addiction. 

With all of these benefits, CBD also has some side effects such as fatigue, headache, mood change, dizziness, etc. Hopefully, the article has helped you to know, what is CBD used for? If you want to use CBD products, there are oils, lotions, gummies, etc. However, consult a professional before taking any oral spray of CBD. Lastly, if you have any queries regarding CBD, please feel free to ask.

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