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Why Is Effexor So Bad? The Truth Behind This Controversial Antidepressant!

Why Is Effexor So Bad? The Truth Behind This Controversial Antidepressant!

If you have some knowledge about prescription drugs, then chances are you have heard about Effexor XR. It’s a type of prescription drug that is often used for treating multiple mental health conditions, such as a major depressive phase in someone. 

Of course, like most mild drugs, this can also cause several side effects that can range between serious to mild. From high levels of blood pressure to sweating and weight changes, there can be so many examples of the side effects of Effexor. 

Today, we need to discuss Effexor and why it is so bad for your health – stay tuned to find out more about this drug in detail. 

So, What Is Effexor? All That You Need To Know About This Prescription Drug!

What Is Effexor

What most Effexor reviews will tell you is simple – it’s a prescription drug that is used by adults for treating conditions such as,

  1. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (also known as depression),
  2. Social Anxiety Disorder, and 
  3. Panic Disorder.

Venlafaxine is the active ingredient inside Effexor XR (FYI, active ingredients are responsible for making different drugs work). The drug, in this case, comes with a capsule that has XR or extended-release. This basically means the drug gradually releases active ingredients over a long time period. 

But What Are The Most Common Side Effects Of Effexor XR?

Side Effects Of Effexor XR

Multiple people might experience serious or mild side effects during their basic treatment with Effexor. The most common examples of Effexor’s side effects also include,

  1. Exhaustion, 
  2. Nausea,
  3. Constipation,
  4. Sweating, and
  5. Sexual Side Effects. 

Mild Side Effects Of Effexor XR:

Effexor XR reviews also have a tendency of clubbing the top side effects together before moving on to the specifications or benefits of the product. But the point is it might not be good for your health. But why is Effexor so bad?

While the common side effects are just that – common, there are also mild and serious side effects that people can experience. And we hardly ever pause to think about those side effects.

The most common examples of mild side effects caused by Effexor XR are as follows,

  1. Nausea,
  2. Constipation, 
  3. Sweating,
  4. Exhaustion, 
  5. Dry Mouth,
  6. Headache,
  7. Appetite Loss,
  8. Unusual Dreams, and
  9. Weight Loss or Gain.

In most cases, the side effects are temporary. Plus, some of these side effects are easily manageable. But the problem arises when the symptoms are ongoing, or they keep bothering you over a prolonged time period. 

In these situations, it is best to consult your pharmacist or doctor. And under no circumstances don’t randomly stop using the drug just because you feel like it – consult with your doctor. Stop taking it once your doctor has recommended the same to you. 

Effexor XR might lead to certain mild side effects – the ones listed above are not the only ones. You can look for the product’s prescribing information for more details. 

Please Note: After FDA (Food And Drug Administration) usually gives a drug its approval, it is easily able to track the medication’s side effects. So, if you do want FDA to know about some uncommon side effects, then you can definitely do so by visiting MedWatch

Serious Side Effects Of Effexor ER:

Before you ask again why is Effexor so bad, understand that there can also be very serious side effects of such a prescription drug. There can be multiple side effects of Effexor XR – of course, but a huge majority of these are pretty serious. 

These side effects are as follows,

  1. Suicidal Behaviors or Thoughts.
  2. Serotonin Syndrome (high percentages of chemical serotonin).
  3. Allergic Reactions.
  4. Seizures.
  5. High Cholesterol.
  6. Lung Problems (Pneumonia).
  7. Hypomania or Mania 
  8. Low Sodium Content in Blood. 
  9. Eye Problems (closed-angle Glaucoma).
  10. Unusual Bleeding. 
  11. Sexual Side Effects (Irregular Ejaculation or Erectile Dysfunction). 
  12. High Blood Pressure.

If you do develop any serious side effects when you are taking Effexor, you can contact a medical expert right away. If the side effects you are experiencing appear to be life-threatening or if it seems like a sort of medical emergency, then calling your local emergency contact or 911 is the most practical idea. 

Side Effects Explained: So, Why Is Effexor So Bad?

Like we just mentioned that Effexor XR has multiple side effects. But why is Effexor so bad? Without wasting time, scroll down and check out the explanation associated with the major side effects of Effexor – stay tuned to find out more. 

1. Weight Loss Or Weight Gain:

Weight gain or weight loss might occur in individuals who take Effexor XR. However, it is not a common side effect reported in different studies related to Effexor XR.

What Might Help? 

If you are actually concerned about any type of unexpected weight loss or gain that you experience while opting for Effexor XR, then consulting your doctor is vital. Professionals can help you to find out more about your next steps. 

2. Sweating:

You might undergo sweating while undergoing an Effexor treatment. After all, sweating was one of the most general side effects that consumers reported. 

What Might Help?

If you start to sweat more after taking Effexor than you generally do, and it bothers you, then consult with your doctors. They will be able to easily recommend multiple ways to decrease the side effects of the same. 

In multiple cases, they might even recommend different medications for treating any mental health issues. 

3. Suicidal Thoughts: 

If you are asking why is Effexor so bad, then you are probably also asking why is Effexor withdrawal so bad. For one, Effexor has risks of causing suicidal thoughts in young adults and children, basically people in the age bracket of 18 to 24 years. 

Most antidepressant drugs can easily carry a boxed warning from FDA about different suicidal behaviors and thoughts. These effects can take place within the initial months of beginning the treatment or even when the dosage decreases or increases. 

It is vital to note why Effexor is not really approved for individuals younger than eighteen. 

What Might Help?

It is definitely vital for you to let your doctor know if you are experiencing any new symptoms or even worsening of the older symptoms related to suicidal behavior, thoughts, or even depression. 

These might include,

  • Aggression or violence, 
  • Panic attacks or anxiety,
  • Feeling irritable or restless,
  • Suicidal attempts or thoughts,
  • Mood swings, and
  • Insomnia. 

If you do notice any of the symptoms we have mentioned above, then immediately consult with your doctor. Also, if the effects appear to be life-threatening at any point, then contact 911 or any local emergency number. 

4. High Blood Pressure:

Effexor might easily increase an individual’s blood pressure. Certain studies show that come, individuals who already did not have high BP might have developed the condition after beginning the Effexor XR treatment.

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But it needs to be noted that if you have blood pressure already, then Effexor can only make the same worse. 

What Might Help?

Before you can begin to take Effexor, you need to contact your doctor – let your doc know about all issues related to your blood pressure or also about any medication that you take for lowering your BP. 

This is only because the Effexor drug can definitely increase your BP levels which might be very unsafe for you, especially if you have a high BP. 

At the same time, your doctor will definitely check as well as track your BP throughout the entire time you are being treated. 

Tips You Need to Know

So Effexor is not something you can kid around with. It is a highly potent drug that can be dangerous if left unregulated. So, we brought forth some tips which will help you navbigate the nuanced world of Effexor so that you do not end up in the ER.

Always take Effexor with food. This will enable your body to process the medication in a more effective manner.

Usually, patients tend to break the Effexor capsule into two pieces. Well, this might make it easy to swallow, but doing so you are damaging the medication inside. So please do not crush, soak it in water, chew, etc. If it is getting too much to swallow, just sprinkle on whatever you are eating and swallow the food whole

If you are on Effexor or know somebody who is one effexor and is showing signs of behaviorial shift, then things can be serious. Effexor is a drug that can alter the mind of a user. Several users claimed that they felt suicidal, depressed and agitated after consuming the drug. So, keep an eye out for equal signs.

Effexor is a drug that is known for its sedating qualities. So, if you are under theinfluence of the drug try not to operate heavy machineries. The reason behind this is that a small error can even turn fatal if you are disoriented behind the wheels of heavy machinery.

Effecor is not a joke. The strong sedation of the drug is something that can really muddy the waterways. So if you feel like you are experiencing hallucinations or visions that are not there. Get yourself checked for brain damage. Effexor is known to do such things. 

If you are on Effexor, it is best to avoid any sort of opioids or hallucinogenic substances like alcohol or drugs. This can really turn the positives of the substance into something detrimental. So, keep your distance from substances. 

And It’s A Wrap!

Now that you have a fair idea about what is Effexor so bad, what are your thoughts? Whatever you decide, it’s always best to consult with your doctor over the same – it’s not good to make changes to your dosage or even stop taking it just because it seems to be bad. You can stop once your doctor asks you to! 

Feel free to share your experiences related to the same mentioned below in the comments below.

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