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What’s A Zip Of Weed & Other Important Terms ☘ The CBD Magazine

What’s A Zip Of Weed & Other Important Terms ☘ The CBD Magazine

What's A Zip Of Weed

May I know for how many days, months, or years you have been smoking weed? No, it’s alright, you don’t have to tell me. The reason I am writing this article is that there are a lot of stoners who have been smoking weed for a long time, and they do not know what’s a zip of weed? This is actually a measurement of cannabis. 

Why Do You Need To Know About Zip?

Why Do You Need To Know About Zip?

For actual stoners, it is important to know how much is a zip of weed? Otherwise, it is a shame for you to be a member of the weed community. And if you are new in the world of cannabis, then you must know about zip and other important terms. There are people who smoke pots, and they don’t know the terminologies. So, don’t worry, from today, you will learn all these terminologies. And then, you can spread the word to others. 

But why do you need to know about zip or other terminologies? So, when you go to buy weed, these terminologies will help you in buying the exact amount of weed that you will need. In this article, you will find zips, eights, grams, and almost every term that you will need for sure. 

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What’s A Zip Of Weed?

So, how much is a zip? A zip of weed means an ounce of weed. So, if you need around 14 to 15 grams of weed, instead of telling half an ounce, you can tell that you want half a zip of weed. This means a zip of weed is around 28 grams. But where does the name comes from?

This simply means that you can go around with an ounce of weed in a zip lock bag. And 28 grams is the weight of weed, which is a kind of hefty amount for one person. Most people use the word zip when they try to elaborate on the quantity of the weed. But it is commonly used by regular stoners as the term is considered slang. 

There was a time when weed was totally illegal, and people was not about to talk about this. So, they invented the term zip so that they could easily take the name anywhere they wanted. In a regular size of zip lock bag, 28 grams of weed can easily be stored. This is how the weight comes. So, if you want to carry weed, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just take a zip lock bag, and carry the amount that is enough for a week (If you want to spend a normal life). 

It doesn’t seem necessary that you are carrying half an ounce, half zip, or a specific amount. As long as you are carrying less than an ounce, that will be called “half.” There are other nicknames like “filths” as well. Many people also call it half of weed. And there are other official and unofficial names that are used by some people.

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How Much Will A Zip Cost You?

So, when it comes to buying weed, there are a lot of factors that work behind the price of the weed. Suppose you are a stoner like me, who is a lot into quality over quantity. Then that will cost you a little bit more. When I buy my regular one, that costs me around $350. Zip is the largest amount of weed that you can buy at once, so for me, a zip= $350. And for many people, it can cost between $100 to $400. 

There are other factors, like the area from where you are scoring. If an area has just got legal clearance, then the price would be higher than other areas. The main reason is not to have any competitors, and there is only medical use. With time, the price will drop as there will be many people who will start selling.

If we talk about some expensive cities, then a zip will cost you around $300. And the cheapest you can get is, like, how much, around $150? There are also online zip calculators that you can use before buying. If we talk further about prices, then you can see that prices have fallen drastically. Moreover, if you are in New York City, then you need to pay a lot, and if you are in Seattle, you can buy a zip at a lot cheaper price. 

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Other Important Terms

Important Terms to measure weed

When it comes to the measurement of weed, there are other terms that you must know. These terminologies will definitely help you in your weed-buying journey.

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  • An Eighth

Normally, most of the time, weeds are measured by ounce. So, eighth means that one-eighth of an ounce. That means 3.5 grams of weed. This measurement is also known as a standard measurement. You will find this amount of weed online or in dispensaries. A small joint takes this much weed to be prepared. People also call this a quarter of weed.

  • A Dime

There is also a smaller amount of weed when you want to score in the middle of something. I came to know about a dime when I was having a bad day and wanted to score in the middle of my office hours. A dime means one gram of weed. And this is enough for an hour.

  • A Dub

When there can be one gram, why not two grams? If you and your friends both are having a bad day, a dub or two grams of weed will definitely boost you guys up. In some areas, 20 bucks worth of weed also refers to a dub. If the quality is good, then $20 is enough for 2 grams. 

Final Words

I hope now you have understood What’s a zip of weed or, in other words, how many grams is a zip. So, next time, when you will go to score weed, do not ask and do not get confused. Just tell me how much you want. Now, the question is how much you should buy. See, it depends on your takings. If you like to smoke once or twice a week, then a zip will be enough for a month. The rest, you can calculate.

If you are thankful and want to show your gratitude, then you will find the medium in the comment section to thank me. Just kidding, nobody does that. But, the inner me wants it badly.

BTW, Thank You.

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