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Sobering Up From Weed: How To Get Unhigh?

Sobering Up From Weed: How To Get Unhigh?

how to get unhigh

Did you smoke just a little too much weed today? Do you have to face your mom in some time? Do you have to attend a work meeting, but you are stoned? Come on, people, we have all been there, and being in that position is not that important. 

Do you know what’s more important? Finding out how to get unhigh – yes! So what, you smoked up, and now you have a meeting? If you know how to handle the situation and sober up, then your life will become so much easier. But that’s the point – how do you get unhigh? We will tell you all about it. 

You just have to scroll down and stick around till the end to find out all about going sober when you are high AF!

But Before That, What Are The Typical Results Of Getting High?

The typical impact of cannabis intoxication is usually desirable and pleasant. But how much you are using and the weed’s potency will definitely have a major impact on the outcome. Even if you have been a few times, there is a possibility that the next time you will feel different. 

Perhaps, the most common symptoms of cannabis intoxication include,

  • uncheckedFeeling very happy,
  • uncheckedFeeling calm and relaxed,
  • uncheckedIncreased hunger,
  • uncheckedEnhanced perceptions of touch, colors, or sounds. 
  • uncheckedChanged perception of time – it could feel too fast or too slow. 

These effects are not always guaranteed, though. Like multiple substances, using way too much cannabis can tip your balance, so the negative effects can easily outnumber the good ones. By using way too much, you can have a very negative experience with cannabis and feel the unwanted effects of the same. 

How Long Does THC Stay In Your System?

When you begin using marijuana, you might ask questions such as ‘How long does a marijuana high last?’ or even ‘How long does it take to sober up from weed?’

Of course, these are very important questions to ask, but the answers mostly depend on how you are consuming the drug, what is its potency, and how your body is processing THC. 

Smoking or consuming marijuana creates a high that begins almost immediately and can even last between one to three hours. If you do consume marijuana by drinking or eating it, the high is often delayed because it takes longer to mix with your blood. The signs of cannabis usage can stay inside your body for weeks if you happen to be a regular user.

Sobering Up From Weed: How To Get Unhigh?

You can ask the internet, ‘how to get unhigh fast?’ as many times as you can but guess what? Unfortunately, not enough research exists on the topic, and as a result, there’s no strict formula for sobering up. However, there are a few tired and tested ways to sober up that stoners have been using for decades now. 

Without wasting any time, let’s check out all the ways you can try out for sobering up – just remember, not all methods will work for you. While some methods might work perfectly for you, other ways might not just seal the sober deal for you! So it’s best to experiment a little before you can select which one works the best for you!

1. Deep Breathing: “Take A Deep Breathe And Try Again”

Deep Breathing

What you have to understand is that there’s no exact answer to how to stop being high or even how to get unhigh. But there are certain ways that can make things a little better till the effects of THC wears off. Just make yourself comfortable and breathe deeply. 

While doing so, ensure that you are inhaling and counting upto 4 inside your head and repeating the process while exhaling. Keep breathing in this way for a minute and see how you are starting to feel. Deep breathing essentially eases both anxiety and stress, lowers the heart rate, and basically calms your down when you are really high. 

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2. Relax And Hydrate: “Keep Calm And Stay Hydrated”

Relax And Hydrate

The more you worry about getting high right after you have consumed marijuana, you will find that it makes things worse. So instead of going into complete panic mode and wondering how to sober up fast, why not play some music and take a chill pill? While you are relaxing, don’t forget to hydrate.

Marijuana can often cause your throat to dry up, and dehydration, in turn, can cause cottonmouth, dizziness, and nausea. Yes, drinking water won’t sober you up, but it can certainly make you feel better. You won’t feel dizzy or nauseous – staying hydrated is one of the best ways to keep all unwanted symptoms at bay.

3. Get Yourself Some Snack: “Keep Your Friends Close And Snacks Closer”

Get Yourself Some Snack

If you are feeling really light-headed and wondering how to get unhigh, then you need to calm down and get yourself some snacks. It is highly possible that you get very hungry after consuming marijuana. There are many people who love drinking orange juice after getting stoned.

Don’t go for heavy meals, although you might crave something grand and specific. Instead, munch on fruits, nuts, and light snacks of similar types. Don’t forget to drink enough water after snacking. This will help you to sober up a little – if you continue to feel dizzy, then it’s better to lie down for a quick nap.

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4. Take A Quick Bath: “When In Doubt, Take A Bath”

Take A Quick Bath

Initially, we had no idea about how to get rid of high or even how to get unhigh, but that didn’t stop us from always taking a bath after consuming marijuana. While you wait for the effects of weed to wear off, you can enjoy a nice, warm bath. It will not just calm you done, you can actually enjoy your high without getting anxious.

The moment you take a shower, you will feel rejuvenated, and it will also help you to refocus! In case you end up feeling paranoid and anxious when stoned, this technique is perfect for you – it not just works well, but it’s also pretty easy to execute, considering you are not outside getting high with your friends.

5. Go For A Quick Nap: “When All Else Fails, Take A Nap”

Go For A Quick Nap

Anyone who talks about knowing how to sober up from weed or how to get unhigh will tell you how taking a nap is perhaps one of the easiest ways to sober up from literally anything. No, we aren’t asking you to pass out on the couch. Instead, we are just asking you to take a nap or just sleep for some time if you have the time. 

However, if you have consumed edibles or smoked a lot of pot, it might appear a little challenging to fall asleep. So in case you face difficulties in sleeping, then it’s better to try out any of the methods listed above first and then attempt to fall asleep. If you are still not sleepy, taking a shower is your best shot!

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And It’s A Wrap!

So now you have a fair idea about how to get unhigh, what next? Are you still going into complete panic mode if you are feeling a little higher than usual? See, getting high is one way we all relax and unwind, especially after a long, exhausting day at work. But if you start feeling anxious soon after, then what’s the point of getting high in the first place? 

In that case, you can save this article so that in case if you need to sober down, you can always come back and check out some of these methods. But we wouldn’t recommend resorting to these methods frequently. Because if you can’t unwind when you are stoned, then you should rethink your marijuana consumption habits. 

In the meantime, tell us what your thoughts are on sobering down after getting high – feel free to share similar experiences in the comments below.

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