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Exploring The Blue Cookies Strain: A Comprehensive Review

Exploring The Blue Cookies Strain: A Comprehensive Review

Blue Cookies Strain

If there’s one strain that can make life beautiful, then it has to be the Blue Cookies Strain – the strain is perfect, and we recently got the opportunity to review the same. And, of course, how could we undergo such a euphoric experience and not inform you guys about the same? Stay tuned and find out all that you need to know about this potent strain.

Exploring The Blue Cookies Strain: A Comprehensive Guide

So you are wondering, ‘what strain is blue cookies?’ – to be honest, if you are really confused about this epic strain, then you have arrived at the correct destination because we are here to talk about this potent strain perfect for a relaxing high.

So without wasting any time, scroll down and read about the Blue Cookies Strain – The CBD Mag presents a comprehensive review of this elusive strain.

History And Genetics

History And Genetics of bliue cookies strain

The blue cookies weed strain is one of those Indica-leaning hybrid strains that come with a solid balance of physical and mental effects. Two of the most well-known hybrid strains with established flavors are blended together to produce this delectable flower characterized by a clearheaded and focused but relaxed high.

Most marijuana veterans find this strain potent, considering the strain’s THC composition ranges aggressively between 20 to 25 percent. Also, in this context, you have to note that there are various (although similar) strains known as the Blue Cookies strain. But this strain is a distinctive phenotype of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies instead of a cross between blueberry and GSC.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor Of blue cookies weed

You don’t need to check ‘blue cookies strain allbud’ online – because we have all the information you need. These buds are all chunky and big, accompanied by a dense structure that is more typically seen in different varieties of Indica. In fact, the leaves all clump together, resulting in long and conical shapes, often threaded with pistils in hues of fiery orange and red.

Similar to its parent strain, this strain is characterized by colorful flowers – these appear to be in spring green hues, and more commonly, these are flecked with both purple and blue hues. The latter shades emerge only when anthocyanins (pigments) are stimulated in high concentrations due to cold temperatures in the growing stage.

At the same time, you will find cloudy trichomes covering these colorful leaves, adding a silvery sheen to the same. The high content of resin makes these relatively hard staring for breaking up when you are smoking the same in pipes or rolling joints without using a grinder.

In order to match the visual appeal of this strain, you will also find bold flavors. You will discover a dank and fruity smell coming from these cured buds that will start feeling like a blend of GSC’s earthy and blueberry’s berry profiles. In fact, burning or breaking the buds will cause a rich aroma reminiscent of leather.

Plus, the smoke will hit you smoothly while carrying a slight cherry taste accompanied by some skunk when you exhale. Interestingly, inspite of its purple coloration, this strain does not carry any grape flavor – this takes place only when anthocyanin pigments responsible for dictating the strain’s colors don’t have any corresponding impact on its actual taste.


Before you can start checking out different variations of the blue sugar cookies strain, let’s talk about the effects of this strain. Of course, it’s a hybrid strain that’s evenly balanced – and this is precisely why you might feel a disorienting, quick rush. And just like that, the initial buzz will start spreading throughout your body.

While this merging of body and head high feels stimulating and not overwhelming, it keeps users grounded while encouraging them to bend their experiences in order to fit the same with their surroundings. Naturally, the strain is ideal for both spending a relaxed night on the couch and going on an energetic hike.

Both indoor and outdoor blue cookies strain has stimulating effects on the brain, making it an ideal stain for doing activities or just using the same as an aphrodisiac. Similarly, the strain has value in terms of being used medically for both psychological and physical afflictions.

The strain’s sense of lucidity and focus is considered to be great for anyone suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. Plus, the strain also has powerful effects on the anxious or depressed mood, giving anything from euphoria to mellow contentment. It’s also good for treating nausea, pain, and aches – it can also help insomniacs with restful and deep sleep.

Growing Experience 

This strain is an amazing strain that literally has one of the best growing learning curves. This strain can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. So, if you want to grow this strain at your own convenience, you can do so. However, the strain is particularly easier to grow when you are doing it indoors. I mean, in that way you can control the elements with much ease and convenience.

If you are growing the strain indoors, you can expect 1 to 1.5 ounces in volume. Outdoor growing rigs will produce a tad more volume, but it also increases the chance of failure. So, if you a newbie grower, consider growing it in a more controlled environment of an indoor growing rig.

The flowering time of this strain is standard eight to 10 weeks. after which you are c;ear to harvest. However, do keep a special look out for parasitic hosts. This strain attracts more parasitic hosts than many other strains, so you need to be extra careful to keep the strain healthy and lush.

Exploring The Blue Cookies Strain: What do Users Have To Say?

Exploring The Blue Cookies Strain

You can’t explore any strain without checking out what users have to say about this strain first. So without wasting any time, scroll down and check out the blue cookies strain review – only this time, we will find out what the audience has to say about this strain.

“The buds look gorgeous! The aroma is as wonderful as it tastes. Pine, vanilla, berries, flowers, and sweet! The high it’s strong but very chill and cozy. I would say it’s safe for beginners, as the only side effect of smoking too much is sleep. Not a super fun high, but it’s ok and comes with good medicinal qualities.”

Review By G-me182

“Beautiful colors, buds looked amazing, some were green and others purplish as hell! It looks so amazing, the purple ones display a tri-color scheme, looks beautiful. And the taste, one of the best flowers I’ve tasted. A delicious blueberry with hints of citric sweetness can be found in each toke, tastes so delicious. You gonna crave more until you finish your full batch.

Effects were tripping, too, a powerful head-high buzz and a complete body-high sensation after the first tokes, my body felt fully relaxed, my brain massaged, and my eyes felt heavy and relaxed. Good munchies, too. one hell of a high. I will always ask for more if I have the chance of getting more blue cookies to have it a dank flower, dank nugs brother, a delicious blueberry taste with powerful body and mind effects.”

See Also

Review By Stereobong

“I just tried this chocolatey-tasting leaf for the first time and was able to tell within a very short time that it would become one of my all-time favorites. Slamming head-butt plus great body effects; tingling with pain relief. Relaxed, happy. Possibly the best balance of head and body high I’ve experienced. Good strain for anxiety and insomnia, but I could easily stay awake if I wanted.”

Review By Potcity

“Overall awesome nighttime strain and could be a great strain during the day in small amounts as well. Tasty cookie flavor with some fruity blueberry notes mixed with a dank earthy flavor. This one is great after a long day when you are ready to unwind and chill out. It’s a heavy hitter that had me sleeping really well. Definitely would recommend this to someone who wants that nice heavy couch lock feeling and a sense of euphoria/blissfulness.”

Review By Stayin Medicated
“Overall awesome nighttime strain and could be a great strain during the day in small amounts as well. Tasty cookie flavor with some fruity blueberry notes mixed with a dank earthy flavor. This one is great after a long day when you are ready to unwind and chill out. It’s a heavy hitter that had me sleeping really well. Definitely would recommend this to someone who wants that nice heavy couch lock feeling and a sense of euphoria/blissfulness.”

Review By MoeBuddin22. 

I actually got a free 1/8 of this strain for signing up with a local delivery club and wow this might be my top three favorite of the “Cookies” strain. It’s definitely something that will make you calm and relaxed. Also I must say I’m usually in a lot of pain which I just got use to living with and this strain really helps in relieving all my pain. The smell is fantastic with that blueberry seeping through.

I honestly feel like this strain is for the veterans of smokers because it’s pretty powerful. Usually GSC put me to sleep, but this version kept me awake, yet gave me an intense body high. After about 8 minutes I felt an euphoria feeling and even got my creative juices flowing while working on one of my hobbies. This strain reminds me of Blue Venom which if you read my past reviews you see it’s my top three strains of all time so Blue Cookies is in some great company. Treatments – Anxiety, Depression, Hunger, Pain. Device – Bong and Glass Pipe 5 out of 5 Fuzzy Stars

Review By N3wbGrow3r

Blue Cookies strain comes on slow but then hits like a truck, starting with a euphoric head high inducing cerebral creativeness which eventually gives way to full body numbness and state of relaxation. Overall its a very nice high giving the user both Sativa and Indica qualities.

Our Verdict: Blue Cookies Strain Is A Must-Try!

Nope. You don’t need to worry about the blue cookie strain yield – you are not growing the stain, you are buying it for recreational purposes. Instead of worrying about growing issues and variations like the blue chem cookies strain, focus on buying some and trying it out. Because it’s a must-try, and missing out on the same is absolutely not rewarding!

So tell us your thoughts on this all-elusive strain. And while sharing your thoughts, feel free to let us know about your prior experiences in the comments below.

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