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What Are Dubs Of Weed And What Does Dubs Mean In Smoking?

What Are Dubs Of Weed And What Does Dubs Mean In Smoking?

Dubs of weed

So, hold your seat tight because we are going to the cannabis world, you may fly otherwise. As we have already discussed different weights of weeds and what people call those different types of weeds. In this article, we will talk about different types of weights that stoners and dealers use while they make a deal. Recently, most people have asked what dubs of weed are. Before telling the answer, you need to know other terminologies as well. 

Weed Weight And Cost

Weed Weight And Cost

If you are new in the cannabis world, then you must be wondering how people buy and sell weeds. So, if that case, you must know that there are mainly two ways to deal with weeds. The first thing is the weight of the weed, and the second way is the cost of the weed. Let me give you two examples.

Suppose you want to buy weed for yourself and only for your weekends. In that case, you will need an eighth. An eighth means ⅛ of a zip or ounce. So an eight is equal to 3.5 grams. And this is enough to make two joints. So, when you will go to score, then you will ask for an eighth. 

In the second scenario, suppose you want to score weed for right now. You want to roll a joint and smoke it. In that case, you only need 1 gram of weed. So, you will ask for a dime or $20 of weed. It is the best way to score, as you don’t need anything than to get high. You will just go to the dealer and give him $10 or $20, and in return, they will give the same amount, the money you have given.

Terminologies Based On Weights

Terminologies Based On Weights

Before coming to dubs of weed and other terminologies that people use to buy weed with money, let’s talk about some basic terminologies that stoners use when they get to score some weed to get high. This will help you to answer when somebody asks you how much does a dime weigh. Normally it weighs around two grams. Let’s know all the terminologies as well.

  • Zip

Maximum stoners use the term zip to buy weed. A zip means an ounce of weed. They prefer to buy weed and stock them for a month. It is really hectic to score weed every day or week. So it is better to buy weed once every month or two months. A zip is called because an ounce can be fully put in a zip.

  • Eighth

An eighth is basically ⅛ of a zip or an ounce. Normally it weighs around 3.5 grams of weed. So when you only want weed for yourself, you will need to say an eighth to your dealer. It will cost you around $50. Different dealers will give you weed for different money.

  • Dime

It is the smaller amount that a stoner can score weed. A dime means 1 gram of weed. Suppose you leave your house for a walk and suddenly you want to smoke some weed, in that case, a dime is perfect for you. Or you can score a dime and put it in a secret location for backup. You can roll a single joint with a dime, and it will cost you between $10 to $20.

  • Dub

Dub or dubs of weed can be used in both cases. Here, a dub means 2 grams of weed. Normally you can make a big joint with a dub. There are people who like big joints rather to smoke a small joint. So they buy dubs rather than any other weight of weed. I guess now you have the answer to what does dub mean.

Terminologies Based On Cost

Terminologies Based On Cost

So, when it comes to money and ask your dealer to give you the same amount of weed that you want to score. You should know that there are no official terms of weeds or someone or some organization who give these names. These names were basically used by local stoners and dealers. And with time, these terminologies spread through different areas. 

There can be another logic that can be real. In the earlier days, there were less people who used to smoke weed. But with the increasing demand of people and with new stoners, there is a need for new terminologies. So, here are the terminologies that people use when they want weed with cost.

  • Dime

When it comes to dime, this simply means the amount of weed that you can get by spending 10 dollars. The word comes from the slang for ‘ten.’ So, when you are asking for a dime, that means you want 10 dollars worth of weed. Also, there is a precise amount or fixed amount that you will get with 10 dollars. The amount can be half a gram or even one gram. So, you want a small joint, spend 10 dollars.

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  • Nick

When you want to get high desperately but do not want to spend a lot of money. You may prefer a nick. This means that you are asking for 5 dollar worth of weed. When you are asking your dealer for a nick, they will probably give you a small amount of weed. Most of the time, that is a half-gram or even a small amount. So, next time someone asks how many grams does a nickel weigh, you can say that it is around half a gram.

  • Dub

Now to give your answers, dubs of weed means basically the amount of weed that you can buy with 20 dollars. Most of the time, a dub of weed means around one gram. So if somebody asks you how much is 2 dubs of weed are, that means 2 grams of weed. So, some new stoner is asking how much is a dub, you can say it will cost them around $20. This is the most used. There are a couple of areas where you can find different weights. 

To Conclude

So, have you understood that the next time when you will to but for weed, what are you going to say? There is also a fact that you must know. When it comes to dealing in kilos, dealers use the word key. A key means one kilo of weed. Normally dispensaries use the term. But, I don’t know what will happen to you if you are going to buy a kilo of weed. For you, dubs of weed are best. 

I hope you will like this article, and please feel free to give your valuable feedback and share this with your friends.

Thank You.

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