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Hot Take For Growers: How To Germinate Weed Seeds

Hot Take For Growers: How To Germinate Weed Seeds

How To Germinate Weed Seeds

How to germinate weed seeds? If this is what you are looking for, then we have good news for you. In this article, we will look at some pointers for germinating weed seeds at home. So relax, and let us take care of your growing queries. 

Getting The Seeds

Getting The Seeds

How to germinate weed seeds? Hold your horses! We will eventually get to that, but first, I need to get you up to speed with the basics. The very first stage of germinating weed seeds is getting the very seeds. Until you have a good knowledge of seeds, you cannot go ahead with this project. Therefore, it is very important that you know your seeds.

In this section, we will look at some of the most popular forms of weed seeds that are available in the market. Here we go! 

Photoperiod vs. Autoflowering

The first set of key terms you need to understand in order to be a master grower are photoperiod and auto-flowering seeds. Both classes of seeds come with their own characteristics and features. 

Cannabis is a seasonal plant. It has a lifecycle that lasts for a few months. The stages in the life of cannabis plants can be best divided into four distinct stages. These stages include germination, vegetative, flowering, and death. All the stages are decided by the amount of sunlight a plant receives, A plant will never grow out of the vegetative state if it does not receive enough light or dark. Photoperiod seeds are known to adjust to the conditions automatically and reach the flowering stage.

Autoflowering seeds are a tad bit different. These seeds do not follow the usual photoperiod condition. In other words, these seeds grow automatically. You just need to maintain your plant with enough water and pruning. One unique quality of auto-flowering seeds is that they only produce female plants. Also, auto-flowering plants have shorter life cycles. Hence, they grow at a faster pace than other plants.  

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Regular vs. Feminized

The second set of keywords that you need to familiarize yourself with is regular and feminized seeds. These terms might not be as technical as the previous set, but they are equally important.

Regular seeds are the most abundantly available seeds in the market. Regular seeds are cheaper and easier to grow. If you are a beginner, I suggest that you should start with regular seeds. 

Feminized seeds are a step up from your regular seeds. These seeds are more expensive and only produce female plants. They require a little bit of expertise, but they are perfect for people who know what they are doing. 

Getting Started

Getting Started

Now that you know your seeds, you are ready to know the answer to the question: how to germinate weed seeds. Then again, there are a few boxes that need to be checked in order to ensure that you are doing it right. 

Know The Law

If you are an aspiring cannabis grower, you need to understand that legality plays a huge role in the grand scheme of things. As of now, recreational usage and growing it for recreational usage are only legal in a few states. So, if you are residing anywhere outside of these states, you need to know the regulations and laws. Subsequently, you also need to understand federal laws if you want your cannabis business to grow out of your hometown. So, the very first thing that you need to know is the law.

Select Your Seed 

Once you are done with your homework, it is time to get yourself some seeds. While buying seeds, you need to understand terms like sativa, indica & ruderalis. Each type of seed is known for its unique qualities. Do your homework on the kind of weed you want and proceed accordingly.

Consider The Growing Method

Cannabis can be grown via different methods. It is a versatile plant that can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. However, not every method is at the same difficulty. While some methods are difficult, others are remarkably simple. So, choose your growing method accordingly. Try to choose the most streamlined method of growing in order to get effective results. 

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How To Germinate Weed Seed: Paper Towel Edition

How To Germinate Weed Seed Paper Towel Edition

And now, you are ready to know the answer to the question: How To Germinate Weed Seed. In this section, we will learn the best way to germinate weed seeds using a paper towel. Keep following this section to know all there is to know about growing your own ‘Jah.

Things You need

  • Seeds
  • One or two gallons of non-chlorinated water.
  • A pair of dinner plates
  • A roll of paper towels
  • A warm and dark place to store the seeds
  • Pair of tweezers
  • pH test kits (optional)
  • A good batch of soil
  • Seed tray
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Timer
  • Seed Tray


Get yourselves one or two gallons of non-chlorinated water and soak your seeds in it for around 24 hours. The seeds will initially float and will then sink. After 24 hours, take out the seeds that have sunk and discard the ones that are still floating.

The Paper Stage

Take two layers of paper towels and moisten it with non-chlorinated water. However, try not to overcompensate with water. Even if you do, drain off the excess water. Subsequently, take a pair of tweezers and plant the seeds onto the towel. Subsequently, place two more moist paper towels on the seeds and cover them with a dinner plate. This will keep the seeds warm and in darkness.

Plant The Germinated Seed

After about a week of planting your seeds in a paper towel, you have to take them out and pot in the soil. Take a small plastic cup or clay cup and fill it with soil. Moisten the soil and plant your slightly germinated seed in the cup. Do not pot more than one seed in a single cup. Now, set the potted seed under T5, T8, or T12 fluorescent light. Wait for about 4 or 6 days, and you will see a small plant. From there, all you need to do is to take care of the plant, and you are good to go. 

End Note

In summation, that is how to germinate weed seeds using a paper towel and with bare minimum equipment. While this method is suited for most of the strains like Gorilla Glue #4, Green Crack, etc., it is not the most reliable method. However, if you are a beginner, you should start with this method and then gravitate toward other methods

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