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Know Your Cannabis: Kush Mints Strain

Know Your Cannabis: Kush Mints Strain

Kush Mints Strain

Kush Mints is one of the most varied and versatile strains that is out there. But is it worth it? Do not worry. We will answer all the questions that you might be harboring and help you decide for yourself. Stick around, and you will know all the fundamentals about this amazing strain. 

Kush Mints Overview

Kush Mints Overview

Ever since Kush Mints broke into the cannabis scene, it has gained widespread popularity amongst casual as well as veteran users. It is a unique strain that has a captivating flavor profile along with an amazing set of benefits. 

Users often compare this strain with the iconic OG Kush whenever it comes up in the conversation. In fact, some might even say that the Kush mints exceed OG Kuch in several ways. Join us on this journey as we take you through all the greeneries and terpenes to decode this amazing strain. We will look at genetics, medical benefits, growing info, and some more. Without further ado, let us dive right in. 

Genetics & Origin

Genetics & Origin

Genetically, this is a 50/50 hybrid. In other words, this is a perfect hybrid with 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. This strain is created by crossing the famous Bubba Kush with Animal Mints by a prominent Nevada-based cultivator called Seed Junky Genetics. 

Bubba Kush is a legendary Indica dominant strain, while Am=nimal Mints is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. As a result, we have a perfect hybrid of the Indica and Sativa composition. As a result, the strain offers an amazing body-melting high that is not entirely sativa-based or indica-based. 

In summation, the Kush Mints strain offers a versatile cannabis experience that is unique in its own way. As a result, the strain has become one of the most sought-after cannabis strains for cannabis connoisseurs. Maybe this is why the strain has one of the best fanfares for medical as well as recreational users.

Appearance, Flavor & Aroma


Kush Mints is not just a phenomenal strain that has one of the most iconic highs, it is also a visually striking strain that has a distinct aesthetic to it. This is a tightly packed bud with a silvery white layer of frosty trichomes. The buds have a deep forest green color with bold orange pistils and broad green leaves of dark hues. To be honest, this will be one of the finest-looking strains you might ever come across. 

The overall flavor profile of the cannabis is complex and nuanced. I personally felt that cannabis has a balanced composition of flavors. The primary flavor prile of the strain is sweet and minty with hints of earthy tones. The overall aroma was an equally enticing affair that complements the overall flavor profile. Therefore for me, the Kush Mints strain will always be the strain that will remind me of the mountains. 


Kush mints boasts around 20% to 30% THC content. Therefore, it will certainly not be a disappointing strain that is all hype and no punch. Users have reported that the strain has one of the most potent and long-lasting highs. This is because of the unique mix of the terpenes, cannabinoids, and genetic profile of the strain. 

The primary terpenes present in the strain include caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. Therefore, the strain offers a beautiful high with amazing therapeutic effects. I personally felt that the strain has a potent entourage effect due to all the elements coming together. This makes for a unique smoking experience. 

Howevevr, the strain is no joke, and improper usage can lead to total greenout. Therefore, be careful of how much you are consuming. Also, the strain is not the right one for ake and bake. It might make you a little too stoned to carry on your daily duties. So, moderation is the name of the game. 

Medical benefits

Apart from amazing recreational benefits, Kush Mints is an amazing medical cannabis as well. There are several characteristics that make this an amazing strain to experiment with. In fact, I believe that the strain excels exceptionally as a medical cannabis. Some of the potent medical benefits include:

Pain relief: Kush mints are 50% indica. Hence, it has one of the best analgesic properties. Users noticed that the strain can help people with chronic as well as acute pains. 

Stress & Anxiety Relief: The sedative qualities of the strain really make it one of the best strains that you can experiment with. I personally found that it helped me regulate extreme moods. 

See Also

Sleep Aid: This is a sedative strain. This means this strain can really help people who have insomnia or night terrors. Around 50% of people who used cannabis claimed that the sedative effect of the strain has really helped them with sleeping. 

Anorexia: This strain has one of the strongest sedative and appetizer properties. In other words, people who has no appetite will find help with this strain. It is known to boost metabolism and appetite. Then again, this is a subjective property. Some people say that they have found permanent help, and others claim that the strain provides temporary respite from no appetite. 


Growing the kush mints can be quite a rewarding experience. Several growers with varied proficiency have said that the strain can really grow in almost any environment. However, indoor cultivating can be especially rewarding as the margin for failure becomes slim. 

Average Yield

Growers have claimed that the strain can yield 100 grams per square foot and 10 to 15 pounds per plant. This is a good figure in my books. 

Flowering Time

Some kush mints take 70 days to reach the flowering stage. Meanwhile, some growers prefer harvesting the plant at around the 65-day mark. This keeps the strain fresh and potent.


There you have it. This was all the pieces of information that you would need in order to know everything about Kush Mints strain. It is an amazing strain that is a perfect hybrid of two amazing and potent strains that have established themselves as industry standards. Keep following us for more such content.

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