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The 7 Most Exotic Weed Strains Of 2024

The 7 Most Exotic Weed Strains Of 2024

Exotic Weed

Exotic weed strains are variations of different cannabis strains. Weed has been a popular substance in many movies, series, and other pop culture references. Exotic weeds can have high potency. 

Exotic weeds are different types of marijuana that can be found in different locations. They can have different smells, tastes, and appearances. You can differentiate cannabis from exotic weeds on the basis of its availability and potency. 

How Do These Exotic Weeds Look?

Exotic Weeds Look

Different strains of marijuana have varied characteristics. They can have distinct characteristics from regular cannabis. 

You need to first spot the hair-like crystals on marijuana buds to know whether it is exotic or not. If the trichomes are longer and heavier, they will give the bud a crystallized appearance. If these trichomes are noticeable, you’ve got an exotic weed. 

How To Spot An Exotic Weed?

Spot An Exotic Weed

You can tell whether a weed is exotic or not on the basis of a few characteristics. The characteristics are given as follows. 

• Color And Smell 

You will see that the bud color is unusual, or the smell of the weed is also a lot different than the regular strains. 

• Taste

The shape of the bud will be different, and it will also vary in taste. The taste will be indistinguishable from the regular one. 

• Effects 

Exotic weeds will also have different effects when smoked. Usually, they have a higher potency than the regular cannabis strains. 

• Quality 

Exotic weed strains are considered rare premium quality for having an unusual taste, appearance, aroma, and high potency.  

Details Of Exotic Weed 

Details Of Exotic Weed

According to researchers, there are almost 1000 recorded strains of cannabis that are considered to be anomalies. However, the origin of the exotic weeds is not known clearly. But it is thought that some breeders must be cross-breeding to create exotic weeds. 

There is no particular genetic makeup that contributes to creating exotic strains. 

1. Potency

Potency can be determined by the THC levels in the cannabis product you are taking. Among the hundreds of cannabinoids, delta-9 THC is found to be the most prevalent cannabinoid. 

Delta-9 has a kind of psychedelic phytocannabinoid interacting with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to induce neurophysiological changes. It also does have intoxicating compounds that can create the sense of being high. 

2. Effect On Body 

If marijuana has high potency, it can create notable changes in your body and mind. Usually, marijuana with high THC levels has much more intense effects on its users. 

If you have taken marijuana with high potency, you may experience excitation, energy, impaired concentration, and being temporarily stoned. It can sometimes cause ecstasy. 

If you are suffering from chronic pain, then regulated THC levels can help you ease the pain and reduce stress. 

3. Aroma And Flavor 

If you ever come across any exotic marijuana, you’ll notice a stark difference in its fragrance. It has distinguishing fragrances from a strong woody aroma to a sweet fruity aroma. If buds have high terpene, they will taste citrusy. 

4. Availability 

Previously people thought that weed strains that are rarely available were actually exotic ones. But the growing cannabis market has given us a chance to get exotic marijuanas from dispensaries. You can get them in countries where weed has been legalized. 

7 Most Exotic Weed Strains 

Following are a growing number of exotic weed strains. 

1. Bubba Kush 

Bubba Khush is a premium-quality strain that was introduced in 1996 to the world. This strain can be found in Los Angeles and is responsible for evoking a record high. 

In the 1990s, it was a dominant strain in North American dispensaries. Within such a short time period, it has become popular in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and some other parts of Europe, where marijuana is legalized. 

The plant has a high THC content of 15% to 20%, and it has an unusual dark green coloration in a purple shade. The dark purple shade is due to the presence of active anthocyanin pigments in cold temperatures. 

It has an uplifting aroma and coffee-like flavor. It has muscle-relaxing agents, which are helpful for relieving tension. 

2. Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream cake is the result of cross-breeding. It is named this way because of its sweet, creamy taste. Also, it tastes like lavender, orange, and cinnamon. usually it has a light, woody aroma because of pinene terpene. 

It has a mild sedative effect and should be taken in the nighttime. Also It relaxes the body and can boost your creative mind. 

3. Wedding Cake 

This is the most potent strain, with a 25% THC count. It is a hybrid between two dominant strains. It is the most visually attractive. The strain has beautiful shades of green, while some breeds can even show light pink to purple colors. 

The buds can have a white coating of crystalline trichomes and multiple layers of orange pistils. It has an aroma of vanilla cake frosting. 

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The wedding cake is known for feeling euphoric. It will definitely help you to relax your muscles and unwind. It will also allow your brain to enhance focus. 

4. Apple Fritter

It is a hybrid form of cannabis between Indica and sativa. It is called recreational marijuana and has a low CBD but 25% THC count. 

Apple Fritter is highly potent because sometimes its THC concentration can get up to 32%. It is medium-sized and has a dark frosty appearance. The buds are spade-like and olive green. You will start feeling this kicking right after you’ve taken a puff. It is very strong and potent. If you have low tolerance, you should totally avoid this strain. 

5. Snowcap 

The origin of this weed is controversial. Many say that it originates from California’s Humboldt area. It is the most popular brand in the cannabis industry for having distinct flavors. 

It has a flavor of mixed citrus and fruity blend. When you exhale it, you’ll have a menthol-like feeling which will refresh you. Snowcap will produce a menthol chill in your lungs. 

It affects the user after taking just one puff. It will create a cerebral high in your brain and give you a euphoric feeling. Also It has been proven as an effective mood booster. If you can use it in a moderate amount, you will feel motivated.

6. Gushers 

It is also an Indica-dominant hybrid that originates from California. Result of cross breed between Triangle Kush and Gelato. 

Gushers has a sweet, fruity bud and smells like candy. It can be instantly distinguished for having bright colors that stand out. Gushers have THC content between 15-25%, which makes it a highly potent exotic weed strain. 

Gushers is used for pleasure, wellness, and other recreational purposes to have a soothing effect. 

7. Aussie Blue 

This is a hybrid strain created from the cross between Blue Haze and Duck. it has a strong Australian lineage. It displays a THC content of 20% with high potency. 

Aussie Blue tastes lemon, pine, and spice and has freshly earthly smells. The user will feel energized upon consumption. 


You can get these marijuana strains from only licensed dispensaries across the United States. Exotic marijuana can be potent and used for recreational purposes. You should never take it too much if you have a low tolerance. If you are using it for health purposes, you should always consult your physician.

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