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High Thoughts: 21 Fun Things to Think About When You’re High

High Thoughts: 21 Fun Things to Think About When You’re High

high thoughts

It’s a universally acknowledged fact that anybody under the influence of marijuana does not think straight – I mean, none of us stay the same after a few drags. But, between crunching snacks and fits of laughter, your brain might just come up with the craziest high thoughts and sometimes even bring out the philosopher inside you! 

The other day a bunch of us sat down for a social experiment, but the experiment was laced with marijuana. We made a conscious point to note down all the crazy stoner thoughts and, in fact, even had a discussion over the same. Sounds like fun…right?

Keep reading to find out more!

But First, Why Do People Think Differently When They Are High?

Something most definitely changes inside you when you are high. Although this might mean something entirely different for each individual, there is likely more common ground in terms of how a mind high on THC usually functions. Plus, the psychoactivity caused largely by THC is very special. 

When you are not tensed or anxious, and you get high, that is when a whole lot of interesting stuff begins to happen inside your head – this is when your high thoughts are born. 

For instance, think about how humor is often impacted by cannabis consumption. So, what happens inside your brain when cannabis is introduced? And how does it even impact the thought-making process? 

Although neuroscience is intensely complicated and people are rarely acquainted with the functions of multiple segments of the human brand, having a grasp over what is really going inside your head while it is high on THC is not impossible.

One of the most helpful guides we found was from 1997 – a double-blind study was done at the time on a similar theme. It was a one-of-a-kind investigation to determine what happens inside the human brain when THC is introduced. 

The main objective of this research was to find out how the flow of blood changes inside the brand when delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol is administered in the brain. 

32 volunteers with previous cannabis experiences were included in this experiment – they were given either two intravenous doses of THC or a placebo. The MRI scans showed that there was an increase in the cerebral flow of blood in multiple regions of the brain when THC was introduced, while the placebo group demonstrated absolutely no detectable change. 

Behavioral manifestations of THC intoxication might be related to an increased functional activity inside the brain, particularly the cingulate gyrus, insula, and frontal cortex.

High Thoughts: 21 Fun Things to Think About When You’re High

The stoned mind is a strange place that experiences weird thoughts when high. You might find yourself struggling while making coffee, but at the same time, come up with an insightful idea that’s oddly brilliant. Science even backs this up!

There’s no cooldown” period for your brain after a neuron is fired when your brain is high – thus, the neuron actually stays active. In fact, you can track your entire thought process and discover yourself on this bizarre spiritual tangent. These thoughts can seem to be the most crucial thing in the entire world.

But that’s the fun thing about being high. The journey is always inexplicably hilarious, and you will have so much time in your hand for munchies along the way!

Scroll down and find out all the crazy high thoughts I experienced recently while chilling with a few friends as a part of this experiment. Here’s what we came across 👇👇👇

*Hits Blunt*

1. Spelling Mistakes In The Dictionary…Oh, My God!

Spelling Mistakes In The Dictionary

The thing about stoner thoughts is that your brain has no limits – there’s no mental taboo. So your mind is completely free to wander, and if you are one of those grammar fanatics, then have you thought about what would happen if there were spelling mistakes in the dictionary?

2. H-Ear H-Ear…Say What?

H-Ear H-Ear

The other day, I watched a documentary with a deaf protagonist – in such cases, usually, the film always shows how the deaf character is almost always thinking in the language that the film was made in, but have you ever wondered how unlikely the entire situation can be? What language do dead people actually think? But, of course, you can’t really hear, can you?

3. Synonym Of Synonym…Umm?

Synonym Of Synonym

Synonyms are perhaps the best gift that language has bestowed upon content creators. From crafting a fancy invite to nailing SEO-optimized content, synonyms are your best friend. But but but…have you ever wondered what’s the synonym of the word synonym itself? 

4. Inside The Head Of Professor X:

Inside The Head Of Professor X

Every time I watch X-Men, I can’t help but wonder why the legendary Professor X can’t move his legs with the help of his mind, just like he moves other objects with his mind. It’s weird, isn’t it? So you don’t really need weed for this conclusion, but you know what they say about good weed? Good weed can take you to weird places, even to places like Professor X’s head (*shivers*)!

5. Streetlights In Video Games And Global Warming:

Streetlights In Video Games

All those street lights on video games are technically using electricity…aren’t they? This is because the video games that you are playing are running on electricity. So all those electric devices you thought were nothing more than objects inside video games are ACTUALLY consuming electricity – so playing video games can also contribute to global warming! WHATTTTTTT!

6. If You Clean A Vaccum Cleaner, Do You Become THE VACCUM CLEANER?

Clean A Vaccum Cleaner

There are high thoughts, and then there are crazy high thoughts – this one’s one of those! And I promise if you have ever used a vacuum cleaner, then you will relate. The thought goes like this…when you CLEAN a vacuum cleaner, are you the VACCUM CLEANER? Of course, you are, aren’t you, because you are replicating the function of a cleaner. LOL!

7. Ancestors Or Incestors?

Ancestors Or Incestors

So what if the Bible’s actually true…Adam and Eve are real…then humanity itself was born from God’s own children, Adam and Eve. So, they are not really our ancestors. Humans are just incestors…geddit? We are all brothers and sisters – so the whole concept of ancestry is null and void!

8. Butterflies In Love, Human Inside Their Stomachs?

Butterflies In Love

One of the most random high thoughts that I encountered was how does a butterfly in love feel? Humans in love always claim that they have butterflies in the pit of their stomachs. In that case, do butterflies feel humans in the pit of their stomachs? 

9. The Mystery Of Cinderella’s Slippers:

Mystery Of Cinderella’s Slippers

Cinderella’s tale is one that’s as old as time itself. When Prince Charming picked up the mystery slipper from the castle’s staircase, so many little girls around the world waited with bated breath. But have you wondered how was it even possible for Cinderella to lose one of the slippers that were MADE to fit her in the first place?

10. Guardians Of Galaxy At A Samsung Store:

Guardians Of Galaxy

This one’s perhaps one of the funniest trains of thought, even from a lame point of view! One of our friends who sat down with us works as a security guard in a Samsung store. His work? To protect the new versions of galaxy safe and secure. I couldn’t help asking him whether he considers himself a guardian of the galaxy. But, unfortunately, we are no longer friends.

11. The Whereabouts Of The Lost Thought:

Whereabouts Of The Lost Thought

While you are high, your head becomes a hothouse for random thoughts that come and go at the speed of light. But that’s not what I kept thinking about. So my question is, where do those lost thoughts go to? Their last residence was your head, and once they are out of your head, where do these thoughts even go?

12. The Color Or The Fruits… Which Orange Is Older?

Color Or The Fruits

Yes, the chicken or the egg – we have all been there. But what if I ask you which came first? The color ‘orange’ or the fruit ‘orange?’ Did the fruit came first, and people started calling it orange – so when the color came out, it was only natural to call it the same? Or was it all the other way round? You never know, the cycle of life, I suppose!

13. High Or Medium: Short People On The High Train

High Or Medium

This one was one of those funny high thoughts that just makes me laugh uncontrollably! Not to offend anyone who’s not that tall but does you guys get high, or are you all just stuck at medium? It’s hilarious, I know! And all short people, our apologies! It was just a tiny joke that you have to forgive my stoned brain for!

14. Waiting For A Waiter…Wait, I mean, What?

Waiting For A Waiter

Here’s another one – so lame, yet so funny! When you wait for a waiter, aren’t you the waiter? LOL! All the waiters reading this are furious with us – we are aware, but come on, guys! When you WAIT for a WAIT-ER, don’t you become the WAIT-ER because you are waiting?

15. A Straw With Two Holes, Or Was It One?

Straw With Two Holes

This one has the potential for waging a few internet wars. I am already sure many users on Quora are already fighting over it. But tell me, how many holes does a straw have? Two holes, right? Or is it just a long hole? So tell me, tell me, tell me, and let this foggy brain breathe!

16. Ghosts Of Girlfriends Bugs Past

Ghosts Of Girlfriends Bugs Past

I had only heard of Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past, the movie! But what about ghosts of bugs from your past? Sometimes, it feels like a bug is on your skin when there’s literally nothing on your skin. What if I tell you that you feel like this because ghosts of bugs you have killed in the past have appeared to haunt you?  

17. Single Teacher For Single Subject, Single Student For All Subjects?

Single Teacher For Single Subject

I have never really figured out why students need to pass all ten subjects so differently from each other. The other day when we were high, we ended up talking about the restrive world of academics, especially its relevance in your school days. And we couldn’t understand if a single teacher teaches a single subject, then why do students need to pass all ten?

We Aren’t Done…There’s More!

*Hits Another Blunt*

18. The Little Voice Inside Our Heads? Yes, The One You Just Used!

Little Voice Inside Our Heads

Have you ever wondered how there’s this little voice inside our heads? Yes, the one you just used for reading these lines! I am talking about that voice. How does it even sound? This was perhaps one of those intense high thoughts that I encountered!

19. The Art Of Selective Binge-Watching!

Art Of Selective Binge-Watching

First things first, I love binge-watching – if Netflix paid me for binge-watching all the shows within a short amount of time, I would be a millionaire today. And those who can relate to this one will understand my foggy train of thought. If you can binge-watch an entire show in 3 hours, why can’t you watch a movie patiently for 2 hours

20. Wireless Chargers For Humans:

Wireless Chargers For Humans

Humans are not very different from robots – I remember someone said that very loudly while we were stoned out of our minds. And for a moment, there was an intensive pause. Then suddenly, another friend added to the same and said how humans are chargeable robots, and our beds are actually the human versions of a wireless charger. 

21. Big Bedroom With A Small Bed Or Small Bedroom With A Big Bed?

Big Bedroom With A Small Bed

There are high thoughts, and then there are intense, deep high thoughts that can REALLY make you think. No wonder this one didn’t strike me – I am more of a funny person with weird thoughts. But my companions were wiser because one of them did point out how you are opting for a bigger bed will make you compromise on bedroom space, and vice-versa!

All Aboard The High Train: Time For The Final Destination!

After all the mind blowing high thoughts we came across on a single day, I can only say it was a terrific day, and we had a gala time doing this experiment. Even you can try out the same. And the best part? You can always share with us your high thoughts and watch us multiply this list only with your help.

So don’t forget to share your high experiences in the comments below!

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