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Biscotti Strain | Biscotti Marijuana Strain Information & Reviews

Biscotti Strain | Biscotti Marijuana Strain Information & Reviews

Biscotti Strain

An esthetic of smoking weed, is trying the different strains and being able to tell how each of them hits you – differently. If you are one of the patrons of diverse strains, the Biscotti strain might have come across you, or it might not have.

Anyway, if you haven’t tried it out, there is a first time for everything. And your first time with the Biscotti strain is going to be amazing – without a doubt.

Here is a brief strain review to entertain and enlighten you. So, without any delay, let’s roll… I mean, scroll.

Experiencing The Biscotti Strain: A Complete Review

Experiencing The Biscotti Strain

The Biscotti strain is a cross of two other strains that result in an Indica-dominant strain worth every puff. Known for its heavenly uplifting, and soothing experience, the Biscotti strain is that rare hybrid and is often tough to find. So, what’s so special about this strain? Here is a complete breakdown of this strain’s –

  • Genetics,
  • Appearance,
  • Aroma,
  • Flavors, and
  • Effects.

I don’t really enjoy keeping you waiting, so let’s dive into this strain’s history, genetics, and more.


Biscotti genetics

The Biscotti cookie strain is an Indica dominant strain with a funky-sweet flavor. This hybrid marijuana strain is the lovechild of the Gelato 25 and Sour Florida OG. The hybrid strain contains 80% Indiaca and 20% Sativa.

People craving the insane delicious flavor and taste of an Indica-dominant strain should go for the Bisotti strain with their eyes closed. The strong 25% average level of THC keeps you uplifted and floating in an unfocused bliss. Once you start taking a few puffs, you will experience a calming high feeling, and you can almost kick back and relax. As the effect intensifies, you start to feel giggly and stoned –laughing at anything and everything around you.


Appearance of biscotti strain

When it comes to their appearance, the Biscotti flowers bloom into small and dense buds marked with purple and green foliage that has bright orange.

The strain has a striking trichome coverage making it an objective of attention. Cookie farms originally bred this strain.

Aroma & Flavor

Some smokers say that the purple Biscotti strain has a funky-sweet flavor that reminds you of gasoline or fresh baked goods. Some say that the Biscotti strain has a taste of sweet cookies with an undertone of diesel. The strain has also been described as having a sweet aroma of earthly herbs or of sugary cookies that leaves an s spicy feeling while exhaling. Some smokers also say that this strain has vanilla or honey-like flavor.


Once you start taking a puff, you will feel a cerebral high that leaves you feeling creative and relaxed. You will feel buzzy from your head to toe. As the smokers say, the Biscotti strain creeps up on them smokers, so try taking it slow with this strain.

The relaxing and calming effect comes slowly and lasts for hours. Once the effects peak, you will have a blissed-out feeling and almost feel giggly and baked. You can also experience a tingly or soothing body buzz. This feeling helps alleviate tension and chronic pain.

If you have planned out a chilled-out evening with your friends or chill on your own, then the effects of the Biscotti strain might be worth giving yourself. This strain is perfect for lifting your mood up, alleviating anxiety, or decreasing stress levels.

Here are some conditions this strain helps you with –

  • Stress.
  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Alleviating pain.
  • Headache.

26% of the people who smoked it said that it helps with anxiety, while 17% said it helps with stress. 17% more people have expressed feeling helped with depression upon consuming the biscotti strain.


This west coast strain of weed is truly a unique strain that captures the user’s attention with a strong psychoactive experience that is mostly unparalleled. The exquisite flavor profile of this amazing strain has made it so popular that more and more people are buying or opting to grow it at their own convenience. This section will try to shed some light on that issue.

According to various growing sources, the Biscotti strain takes about eight to nine weeks to reach the flowering stage.  If you are growing the strain outdoors, you should aim for a mid October harvesting stage. The strain is primarily an indica class of cannabis. It grows into a stout bushy plant of average size. The average height according to a grower is around 4 feet of height. Some growers claim that hydrophonic growing rig might help in growing the strain to a more sizable volume.

Consumer Review Of Biscotti Strain: Is The Strain Legit?

No, I am not bluffing when I say that such a strain exists. You will see many people reviewing the biscottis strain on the internet. From the reviews I have gathered from different corners of the internet, the Biscotti strain looks pretty legit.

Here are some patrons of the strain and their opinion they have on this sweet strain –

Very good smoke, it’s definitely different, but most of all, it’s so relaxing and helps so much with the pain. I just bought more, and I can’t wait to smoke

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Review By pikerichard836

OMG there is a reason this strain got 4.9 stars. I am an indica person who has a high tolerance because I’ve been smoking for over 50 years. This stuff knocked me on my ass, mission accomplished!

Review ByYourCrazyAunt6

I Had some of this from 2Buds not too long ago. I find this strain to be particularly good in the early mornings when I want to relax and not think about anything. There are strains out there that I find are particularly good for morning anxiety and stress. This is one of those strains. Sure, I like getting high and getting stoned. This strain does have some medicinal benefits that suit me. Smoke it.

Review By Thee_Wailing-Siren718

Review By Sheldon Hyde 

Found this to be a bit like ice cream cake. I bought it fore daytime use for PTSD and it’s relaxing without being sedating. The high thc brings on a bit of anxiety if you over do it but that just helps to keep my tolerance low 😃

Review By Stayin Medicated 

This is an okay strain. It seems to help with some muscle pains and aches but doesn’t really do the job for me when it comes to anxiety, stress and definitely not intended for insomnia. It is okay.

 Review By Joe Dirt 

This strain is excellent when using a dry herb vape, this thing produces crazy flavor off my fury edge at 345f, complex notes, better than combustion. Anyways it is a slow creeper when it smacks it smacks hard

Alternatives To The Biscotti Strain

Alternatives To The Biscotti Strain

The Biscotti cake strains are incredible due to their sweet flavor that uplifts and relaxes your mind. However, this indica dominant strain is not that easy to get. Does that mean you should go your days without smoking anything? No, there is no way. Here are some alternatives that are keens of our very own Biscotti strain.

White Runtz

FlavorPeach | Vanilla | Sweet
AromaSweet Fruity
Top EffectTingly | Relaxed | Euphoric
Helps WithAnxiety | Stress | Depression

Rocky Road Weed

FlavorCheese | Butter | Ammonia
Top EffectTingly | Relaxed | Focused
Helps WithAnxiety | Arthritis | Pain

Gummy Bears

FlavorStrawberry | Sweet | Peach
Top EffectTingly | Sleepy | Relaxed
Helps WithStress | Anxiety | Depression

Hades OG

FlavorSkunk | Lemon | Citrus
AromaKush Aroma
Top EffectTingly | Sleepy | Relaxed
Helps WithInsomnia | Lack Of Appetite | Stress

Our Verdict Of Biscotti Strain: Kick Back & Relax

Many of us are disturbed by the ailments of stress, depression, and pain. Life is full of all of these problems. While we don’t suggest making it into a habit, the Biscotti strain is often used to treat stress and depression.

Whether you want to chill on your own after a long day of work or have a fun time laughing with your friend, you can bring the biscotti strain to the party. However, it is quite a potent strain, so be careful when using it. Also, it is quite rare. If you want alternatives, you can go for the ones that I have mentioned in the alternatives section.

However, if you have any additional questions, be sure to put them down in the comment, I love responding to your queries. Till then, enjoy the strain.

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