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CBD For Dogs With Joint Pain Is The Ultimate Holy Grail? Yes It Is!

CBD For Dogs With Joint Pain Is The Ultimate Holy Grail? Yes It Is!

cbd for dogs with joint pain

Joint pain and arthritis are some of those problems that create havoc in your dog’s life. As they start to age, multiple problems arise in the dog’s body that interfere with their well-being and lifestyle. Joint pain is just one of those. While medications are quite available in the market, it is not always feasible to give them medicines that might give rise to other problems in their bodies. Painkillers, for instance, harm the liver and are absolutely not a preferable medicine in the long term. However, CBD for dogs with joint pain comes as a rescue.

It is an all-natural alternative that reduces inflammation and gives your dog relief from arthritis or joint pain.

However, there needs to be a bit more research and information before you finally decide to use CBD to help your dog get some relief. This will not only make you an informed buyer but also a responsible dog parent.

In this article, we shall talk about all the benefits that CBD can bring for dogs with joint pain and the right ways you can use it to treat and cure your dog.

Arthritis And Joint Pain In Dogs

Arthritis And Joint Pain In Dogs

Before you try to understand the use of CBD for joint pain in dogs, it is important that you understand the actual condition that your dog is suffering from. Arthritis in dogs becomes pretty much a challenge to manage. Even in the most mild cases, normal physical work, like their regular afternoon walk, may become extremely painful. While arthritis may show up in any portion of the skeletal structure of the dog, it mainly occurs in the joint tissues of the hips and shoulders.

Arthritis is usually found in dogs that start to age but may also get triggered by certain infections or deterioration of tissues due to an inflammatory response from any immune disorder. This kind of chronic inflammation in the tissues around the joint may lead to irreversible cartilage or protective tissue loss.

Can You Use Nsaids For Dogs With Arthritis?

Non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs are the preferable methods for general veterinarians to treat dogs with joint pain or arthritis. Some of the most popular NSAIDs that vets prescribe are Dermaxx, Rimady, and Carprofen. However, they do come with other problems. These medicines have been shown to result in further joint deterioration along with some other more serious side effects.

NSAIDs reduce the symptoms of arthritis by inhibiting the enzyme production that causes an inflammatory response. Now, the problem with these medicines is that they completely stop the production of certain enzymes that contribute to some of the most important functions in the body. This way, the medicines also stop all the necessary functions that the enzyme generally controls.

This ends up with possible toxicities and damages many vital organs in the dog’s body. There is also enough evidence to prove that long-term use of these medications may affect the proper functioning of a dog’s kidneys, liver, and stomach.

Is It Ok To Use CBD For Dogs With Joint Pain?

Is It Ok To Use CBD For Dogs With Joint Pain

As we mentioned before, joint pain can become a bigger challenge in dogs, particularly the ones that have started to age. While medicines are there, they are known to show more adverse side effects than actually helping with the problem.

This is where CBD comes in as your dog’s best friend. Dog parents often question if it is okay to give CBD to dogs with joint pain, and the answer is yes. CBD that is extracted from full-spectrum Hemp exhibits promising results in relieving dogs that are suffering from joint and mobility issues.

Full-spectrum CBD products for dogs suffering from arthritis pain provide a large variety of health-promoting benefits. Specific properties make it an impeccable option to help relieve arthritis and the related pain and mobility problems that it may cause.

Benefits Of CBD For Dogs With Joint Pain 

Benefits Of CBD For Dogs With Joint Pain

There are a number of benefits that CBD can cure in dogs suffering from arthritis. Knowing these benefits can help dog parents make well-calculated decisions and further help with their healthy living.

CBD For Arthritis Pain

There is no arthritis without pain. Full-spectrum hemp oil offers a natural, safe alternative to harmful prescription medications. CBD for dogs can help relieve arthritis pain in a number of ways. Cannabis is an effective analgesic that dates back thousands of years. The way in which it operates is by changing how the central nervous system interacts with the brain to communicate the sensation of pain. CBD rightly interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which plays a vital role in perception. It helps in managing arthritis pain by influencing the system.

CBD For Arthritis Inflammation

When it comes to arthritis, inflammation is a major factor that contributes to stiffness and joint pain. CBD may help reduce inflammation and provide relief for all the arthritic symptoms. CBD and the other compounds that are present in full-spectrum CBD products reduce inflammation in the body.

Inflammation lies at the roots of a number of issues happening in the body. Chronic pain, allergies, autoimmune disease, diabetes, and arthritis are all prominent examples of cases that are associated with inflammation happening in the body.

In most of the cases, arthritic pain is a direct result of inflammation in the joints. When you rightly soothe this inflammation with CBD, you don’t just treat the cause of the issue but also prevent the hurt.

CBD For Improved Mobility

A severe reduction in mobility and joint stiffness are some of the most common challenges that dogs with arthritis face. Improving their dog’s mobility is one of the major goals that dog parents look for when sticking to natural remedies for arthritis. CBD promises to contribute to improved mobility in a number of ways. CBD for dogs with arthritis can lessen pain and inflammation, resulting in improved joint flexibility and better mobility for dogs.

It also has the potential to reduce any stiffness in joints and also contributes towards improved flexibility. Dogs that have arthritis usually experience a reduced range of motion, and CBD can help solve this problem by increasing their fluid movement. Arthritic conditions may lead to muscle tension as the body keeps on trying to protect all the affected joints. CBD comes with muscle-relaxing properties that help in relieving such tensions, thus allowing for more comfortable and smoother movements.

CBD For Anxiety

Dogs that have arthritis may suffer from anxiety, particularly if their movement is painful. CBD comes with calming properties that help in alleviating anxiety. In the brain, CBD can copy serotonin by binding and activating the serotonin receptors. They are often known to be the “happy chemical” and are certainly responsible for causing an emotional balance.

When arthritis and joint pain make it difficult for your dog to move around freely, it might make them anxious when it comes to running, walking, or climbing stairs. CBD helps them remain comfortable and calm and allows for improved mobility and quality of life.

How Can CBD Help With Arthritis In Dogs?

How Can CBD Help With Arthritis In Dogs

To begin with, CBD does not fully cure arthritis in dogs or anyone. It can only reduce the inflammation, which will further help with the pain. Arthritis is a condition that can never be eliminated completely; what CBD does is reduce pain and further promote movement in dogs.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the many active constituents present in the cannabis plant and can help with profound healing and balancing effects on mammals. CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system to rebalance the body to homeostasis.

The endocannabinoid system is a chain of receptors present throughout the body. It is named after the plant that resulted in its discovery. All the natural endocannabinoid substances get synthesized by the body to keep a stable internal environment, which is also called homeostasis. If a case like arthritis causes the endocannabinoid system of the body to fall behind in producing what it actually needs, CBD supplements can majorly help.

CBD products may also stimulate the body to make more receptors, making the natural cannabinoids in the body work more efficiently.

What Is The Best CBD For Dogs With Joint Pain?

What Is The Best CBD For Dogs With Joint Pain

There are a number of variants available if you wish to give CBD to your dog. The most common one is a CBD tincture, more popularly known as CBD oil. This is one of the most convenient ways in which you can give CBD to your dog. You can either directly give it in their mouth by a dropper, mix it with their food or drink, rub it on their bodies, or drop it in their paws for them to lick it off. CBD oils come in different flavors. Therefore, it might not be such a big problem to get your dog to like them.

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If your dog is a fussy eater, you can also go for CBD treats, which are an easier option for the fussy ones.

How Do You Give CBD To Dogs With Arthritis?

How Do You Give CBD To Dogs With Arthritis

If your dog is suffering from chronic joint pain, it is preferred that you maintain consistent doses of CBD for best results. Selecting the accurate dose may require a bit more testing than usual. If the pain is too much, you would have to offer a higher dose every 8 to 12 hours. For long-term doses in bigger dogs, products with high potency will give the best possible results.

Administering CBD For Dogs With Joint Pain

Administering CBD For Dogs With Joint Pain

For the most thorough and fastest absorption, lift your dog’s lip and apply the oil directly on their gums. This is one of the most direct ways to introduce CBD into their bloodstream, bypassing their gastrointestinal system.

You may also add it to their food, but that might take a comparatively longer time to reach their blood. That is because the supplement passes through their gastrointestinal system before finally reaching their bloodstream.

Another way, if you are unable to get your dog to take CBD oil orally or with their food, may try to apply it to the soft skin present in their inner ear. This is, however, not the best option as it takes the longest time to reach the bloodstream.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does CBD Really Help Dogs With Joint Pain? 

Ans: Yes, CBD is one of the excellent options if you wish to reduce the suffering of your dog with joint pain and arthritis. As dogs age, arthritis becomes a prominent problem that reduces their flexibility and mobility. While CBD does not completely end the problem, it reduces inflammation and relieves your dog from the unbearable pain they are experiencing.

2. Do Vets Recommend CBD For Dogs? 

Ans: Most vets will be skeptical about discussing the use of CBD in dogs. This is because, in most states, CBD is still illegal for consumption by pets. So, if you at all want to discuss the benefits of CBD for arthritis in dogs, make sure to look for someone who is willing to do so.

3. What Is The Best CBD Oil For Dogs’ Joints? 

Ans: There is nothing better than full-spectrum CBD oils in comparison to CBD isolate. Full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oils contain all the vital compounds that are present in the hemp plant.

4. Can CBD Cure Joint Pain? 

Ans: CBD is a safe and effective option to cure joint pain and arthritis pain in dogs. However, it cannot fully cure the pain; it just reduces the pain by deciding how the sensation of pain reaches the brain.

The Bottom Line

Arthritis and joint pains are some of the most common issues that dogs face as they start to age. While medications are available, they are certainly not as safe and can cause issues in the long term.

This is where CBD comes out as one of the safest and most natural ways to treat arthritis pain in dogs. CBD cannot fully cure arthritis. It only aims to reduce inflammation in joints to further reduce the pain they have been suffering from. Arthritis also gives rise to anxiety issues in dogs, where CBD is also of great help. Its relaxing properties help calm your dog and keep them relaxed for the longest time.

However, vets might not be very willing to discuss CBD usage for pets due to legal reasons. So, try to look for a vet who is willing to give you the correct advice you are looking for.

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