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How To Inhale Weed Without Going Overboard? 

How To Inhale Weed Without Going Overboard? 

How To Inhale Weed Without Going Overboard

It doesn’t matter if you have been smoking weed for one month or for ten years. Every toker has searched for how to inhale weed. We are living things, so we need to breathe continuously. To be honest, there is no proper answer to how to inhale weed. 

So, how to inhale weed correctly?- there are a thousand ways to do that. Every smoker has their own way of smoking weed. But which ones are correct, and which ones should you avoid? In this article, we will be discussing inhaling weed without going overboard. 

First-Time Inhaling Weed

First-Time Inhaling Weed

Do you remember your first joint… we all smoked that like a cigarette, right? 

Let me tell you my story. I didn’t even inhale it properly. So, the smoke only traveled through my throat and nasal passage, and my lungs didn’t even know what the THC tasted like. And I was telling everyone that I was a strong person from the inside and outside. 

This is the main reason that first-time smokers do not get high after smoking weed. Because they don’t know how to inhale smoke properly. But don’t worry, I am here to assist you. I will teach you how to inhale weed.

How To Properly Inhale Weed

How To Properly Inhale Weed

See, different things require different techniques, whether smoking a joint, using a vaporizer, or hitting a bong. But the basic principle is almost the same. The process starts with inhaling the smoke and mixing the cannabinoids in your bloodstream. But you need to take the process slowly. 

Sometimes smoking is very painful for the throat and lungs. One inappropriate inhaling can ruin your day. So, you need to take it slow. When you are a newbie, try to inhale less amount of smoke and once you get comfortable, do whatever you want.

I can teach you how to smoke weed when you are in your early days. There is a trick that will allow your lungs to absorb more amount of THC. First, smoke two or three off your hit and then breathe deep, fresh air into your lungs. Now, wait for a couple of seconds, then breathe out. 

The extra air will push the cannabis into your lungs, and it will improve the THC’s absorption. Some people will tell you to hold the smoke for a long, but there is no need to do that. You should know that cannabinoids will increase the airflow and speed the absorption. So, don’t hold it for long.

Pro Tip: After smoking weed in the early days, wait atleast 15 minutes to see the reaction. Unlike other drugs, cannabis works after some time, and the reaction differs for different people. After some time, you can decide whether to smoke more or not. You can use a triple carbon filter to avoid tars and resin.

How To Inhale Weed Without Going Overboard

Inhale Weed

Few smoking methods are harsher than the others. There are some methods that include tobacco, and that will definitely damage your lungs. There are different ways, like blunts, spliffs, joints, and pipes. Smoking from a bubbler or bong is less harmful as these methods include the smoke filtering through water. 

When you are smoking a bong or pipe, always remember to breathe fresh air after hitting and then clearing your chamber. The fresh air will help you to absorb the THC. There are tricks on how to inhale weed to get higher. 

Just follow a step, hit one or two smoke, then close your eyes, stare into the open sky and then release your breath. It will definitely make you high, I used to follow this trick, and the trick is always successful. You can increase the dosage with time once you get comfortable, and then you can control your dose. 

Pro Tip: There are some tokers who believe that vaporizing weed is less harsh than smoke. They get higher with this trick. You should know that cannabis burns at a lower temperature than the burning point. If you don’t preserve the cannabis, it will lose its combustion.

How To Inhale Weed Without Coughing

How To Inhale Weed Without Coughing

There are people who have coughing problems when they smoke too much weed. And no matter how healthy your lungs are, smoking will definitely harm your lungs. Here are some tricks to smoking weed without coughing. 

  • Always grind the cannabis well and make it smooth.
  • It is not a cigarette. You should take it easy and slow when you smoke weed.
  • Try not to hold the weed in for a long time in your lungs.
  • The more your smoke weed, you should get hydrated.
  • You can try mints, hard candies, and cough drops when you are smoking.
  • One of the most important factors is to buy premium quality cannabis flowers.
  • You can try some other methods like edibles, vaping, and oils. Then you can try the best method that suits you.

Sometimes the reason can be different, so you should find out the reasons before blaming weed. 

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Pro Tip: There are people who want to know how to smoke a bowl, so the process is simple. You just need to light up the bowl and then inhale from the mouthpiece. Check that the weed is well-ground.

How To Inhale Weed: Bonus Tips

How To Inhale Weed: Bonus Tips

When it comes to inhaling weed, there are some things you should always follow. Otherwise, you can face some difficulties. 

  • Try not to hold for a long time as it can cause coughing.
  • If you are a newbie, try to smoke small hits and drink water. Otherwise, you can face burning throats.
  • You should crush your marijuana as smoothly as possible to experience the best way possible.

Try not to smoke it on a daily basis. Otherwise, you will miss the opportunity to get high with time.

To Sum Up

Have you tried to draw a marijuana leaf after getting high? There are some easy weeds drawing that you can check, if you face difficulties. So, I think I have told you all sorts of important things on how to inhale weed.

If you still want any help, please let us know in the comment section below. 

OH, we don’t sell weed, so other than that, you can ask for assistance.

Thank You.

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