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Critical Mass Strain: Everything You Need To Know And More!

Critical Mass Strain: Everything You Need To Know And More!

Critical Mass Strain

For any recreational marijuana connoisseur, trying out new strains is a matter of importance – you gotta keep up with the market. It’s almost like trying out the new restaurants in town. So when we heard of the critical mass strain, there was no way we were leaving it out. We had to try it, and try we did!

Scroll down and find out about our experience of trying out the vastly acclaimed critical mass strain. 

On The Hunt For The Body-Numbing Buzz: What Is The Critical Mass Strain?

What Is The Critical Mass Strain?

An Indica-dominant Strain, the Critical Mass Strain, is made by blending the strains of Skunk #1 with the Afghani strains. When taken in smaller doses, the strain makes you feel calm and creative. But in case you end up taking a large dose, you will likely end up feeling sleepy or in a state of couchlock.

The most interesting thing about the critical mass marijuana strain is its name – more importantly, why do you think the strain is known as the critical marijuana strain? In terms of growth, the strain is blessed with the potential of reaching ‘critical mass’ – the strain is known for these large buds that can snap their branches into two halves. 

Considering the critical mass strain is one of those strains that come with large buds, it is quite impressive that it has a high THC level, somewhere between 19%-22%. When the Cola flavors blend with those of Kush, you are more like to experience this body-numbing, potent buzz that might leave you feeling lazy and, in some cases, sedated.

1. Genetics: Family First

A hybrid cross between the legendary Skunk No.1 and the Afghani strain, the critical mass strain, is a paradox. While the Afghani strain is pure Indica which is the response behind Critical mass’ heavy sedating effects, the Skunk No. 1 strain is a happy sativa-dominant hybrid. 

The cross between these two contrary strains has resulted in the birth of a mentally light but heavy-bodied flower. Since the strain happens to be decently potent, it has become a popular option for both consumers and farmers. The critical mass strain can reach a THC level of 22%.

  • Sativa: 20%
  • Indica: 80%

Although the strain is popular for its effects in the cannabis community, it also has an earthy, herbal taste and a subtle sweetness. Moreover, the burst of flavors in critical mass cannabis is also reflected in its aroma, which promises a satisfying, pleasant experience. 

The strain’s Skunk heritage brings a sweet, pungent musk, giving an aged-mango feel to the strain. You can also experience a ‘classic earthy kush taste’ owing to the strain’s Afghani origins. 

Check out the table below to find out how the critical mass strain allbud tastes!

Strain Flavors:

2. Awards And Achievements: Not Once, But Several Times!


The critical strain has won several awards. Check out the table below for an insight into the top achievements of this award-winning strain! 

High Times Cannabis Cup – several times
Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup – 1st place

3. Sensations: More Than Just A Party Drug


Perhaps one of the most potent sensations of the critical mass weed strain is the intense sedation, which can last for two or more hours. It can prove to be highly effective in the 1st hour, making you vacantly stare with a trance-like vibe. However, after the initial effects, the strain lowers its impact, making it perfect for being used at night.

Strain Effects: PositivesStrain Effects: Negatives
SleepyDry Mouth
Relaxed Dry Eyes

4. Medical Benefits Of The Critical Mass Strain:

Medical Benefits

The killer THC and CBD combination in the critical mass strain has several medical applications. Scroll down and find out the medical benefits of the strain,

  • Pain management.
  • Helps muscle spasms.
  • Treats Insomnia.
  • Stimulates appetite.
  • Relieves nausea.

Critical Mass Strain: The Overall Experience! 

The Critical Mass Strain is an Indica that produces some intense physical sensations. If you are the kind that holds stress as a type of muscle tension, this strain will definitely help you to relax. The high from this particular herb is very physical. Heavy-lidded and drowsy, this strain can actually induce couch lock when consumed in high doses. 

The strong physical high can actually last for two or more hours, making this Indica a great choice for a movie night. However, when consumed in moderate doses, the strain provides a great balance between happy euphoria and physical sedation. Plus, the effects of sativa also shine through with a solid mood boost. 

Overall, the combination is a mellow and low strain with an elated twist. When consumed in low doses, the strain technically promotes a euphoria that is expansive and definitely creative. 

It is a great idea to consume snacks on hand before you sit down with the strain. The strain has a reputation for actually inspiring your demand for munchies. When you are midway through the experience, you might just find yourself prepared for some quality time in front of your television or even a nice nap, for that matter. 

A potent CBD-version of the strain is also available with 1:2 or 1:1 ratios of THC: CBD. This particular variety happens to be a cross between the original strain and another high-CBD strain. The result? An Indica which is equally vigorous like the high-THC version.

Alternatives To Critical Mass Strain: It’s Always Better To Keep Up!


Critical mass weed is that, like any other strain, even this one has more than one alternative you can check out. Of course, these alternatives might vary in terms of both look and feel from the critical mass train – that’s only natural. So without wasting any more time, let’s find alternatives to this body-numbing strain. 

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User Reviews: Is The Critical Mass Strain Reliable?

User Reviews: Is The Critical Mass Strain Reliable?

Check out what critical mass weed strain users have to say about their experience!

‣ Review By Greg:

“Super stoned. It takes a lot to get me high. I just bought some critical mass prerolls in Denver at 26.2% THC. It definitely has the body-mellowing effect. I have super anxiety, but right now, I’m just high as a kite, sitting on my balcony, watching traffic go by, and it’s literally the best thing ever right now. Go get some!”

‣ Review By John C Barlow III:

“One beautiful indica strain, the initial mental and physical relaxation hits like a slow rising wave and is good for appetite. I enjoy the flavor a good deal, too, but be careful will nick you down, so I suggest this greatly for good R&R or sleep, especially with another indica hybrid to fall back and out.”

‣ Review By Malte Blume:

“long effect!-quite strong-relaxing-guarantees wonderful sleep (at night I always wake up 1 or 2 times, but not after consuming Critical. in my opinion perfectly suitable for insomnia)-the taste is the typical “simple” weed flavor.”

‣ Review By Hal B:

“I’ve grown this cultivar for two outdoor seasons and one “up and down” indoor garden and was impressed with every aspect cannabis presents. She likes a lot of room, but you’ll appreciate what she provides you…Amazing for the pain of all sorts, especially migraines and stress.”

Our Verdict: Your Short Cut To Super-Stoned!


Any critical mass strain review will tell you about how the strain affects people – from a body and mind-numbing high to some basic laziness, there are so many effects of this strain. But what we personally loved was how we ended up super-stoned while reviewing this strain. Like Greg says in his review, it does take a lot to get regular marijuana users to get high. 

So, if you are planning on trying out this fun strain, what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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