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Bonsai Marijuana: A Complete Review

Bonsai Marijuana: A Complete Review

bonsai marijuana

I think there are no people who do not love Bonsai. It is small, beautiful, and quite fascinating. Recently Bonsai Marijuana has been trending all over the internet. But is it a hoax, or it exists? Let’s find out in this article.

Before going further, a joke spread on the internet – “Little kitten held for years in small jars.” But that was a hoax. 

What Is Bonsai Marijuana?

What Is Bonsai Marijuana

Bonsai is a Japanese word that means plant in a pot or container. In this case, the marijuana plant will not grow after a few centimeters. This allows the stoners to grow marijuana in their home, and it will not take up too much space.

Bonsai has existed for more than a millennia. When it comes to the Marijuana miniature tree, it should have all the features the full-grown tree has. It is the best idea if you want to work on a plant with limited space.

You can create and maintain small mother plants and later use those for clone clipping. This way, you can diversify your cannabis garden without having seeds.

Where Does The Bonsai Marijuana Come From?

The Bonsai marijuana was typically used as a process for producing clones, and then saving space. However, several marijuana growers realized that apart from saving space, there are other advantages of practicing this kind of planting. Gradually, as time passed, Bonsai Marijuana started gaining popularity in the whole weed scene. 

The strain is not grown for any other reason than providing a means of connection and contemplation with nature. So having a marijuana bonsai technically would not be a bonsai as such, as some cannabis growers enjoy the small fruits of their plants. 

Types Of Bonsai Marijuana Cultivation:

There is more than one way to cultivate bonsai marijuana. So, before we talk about growing your bonsai, let’s look at the different types of bonsai cultivation. 

1. Cannabis Bonsai From Mother Plants:

Cannabis growers can choose to conserve the mother plants in a proper vegetative state to be able to take all the clones they require. When you are making bonsai from the mother plants, the primary goal is to actually conserve the genetics for a very long time, and that too in small spaces. 

2. Cannabis Bonsai From Seed:

This is perhaps the least advisable option, and the reason is quite obvious – the root ends up expanding disproportionately, and its leaves develop a big size. Obviously, the size here is vital – we are talking about bonsai and you want to obtain a miniature plant. The point is to save not lose space. 

3. Autoflowering Cannabis Bonsai:

If you actually want to utilize an auto-flowering strain for making your bonsai, it can be a pretty great alternative because they do not really depend on the hours of light to bloom, and can end up withstanding every 24 hours of continuous light input.

How To Grow A Bonsai Marijuana?

How To Grow A Bonsai Marijuana 

You are an expert in smoking weed, or you are not. If you want to grow a bonsai in your home, you need some great gardening skills. Before starting the process, you will need these things.

  • Small marijuana plant
  • Electric drill
  • Gardening twine or wire
  • A wooden stake

Now, come to the process of making your bonsai.

1. Drilling The Pot

Drilling The Pot
Image Source

The first step is to drill some holes in the pot. Through these holes, you will put the twines or wires. Make sure that the holes are big enough to pass the twines or wires. The process will help you to control the branches to grow larger. So, try to focus during drilling.

2. Trunk Training

Trunk Training
Image Source

This is the most important part of the process. You need to put the wooden stake in the pot. Make sure that the stake is near the trunk. Next, you need to place the stake where you want your tree to grow. This will give your plant an exotic appearance.

When you will put the stake, try to do that gently. Sometimes people damage the roots. Now it is the time to put the wires through the holes and tie them to the trunk. Do not tie the twines too tight. Try to give your tree some space to grow. Otherwise, it can die. 

3. Branch Training

Branch Training
Image Source

It is time for the branch training. This process will be the same as the trunk training. You need to tie the branches with the pot again. Make sure where you want your branches to grow. Again, you need to make sure to leave some extra space so that your tree can grow without any excessive constriction.

There are some people who want their trees to grow horizontally, then you need to tie them tightly in the same direction. And if you want it to grow vertically, then you can lightly connect it. The process is important to make your bonsai marijuana perfect.

4. Branch Pruning

Branch Pruning
Image Source

This process will be continued for many years. You need to cut extra branches by pruning them. As the tree develops with time, you must limit the branches. This process will make your bonsai perfect with time. Also, you need to make sure that your marijuana tree has enough water.

You must not cut any of the main branches. Otherwise, the growth of your plant slows down significantly. You should cut the new offshoot branches. 

5. The Harvest

The Harvest
Image Source

There will be a time when your bonsai marijuana will reach its flowering stage. It will be creamy white, and it is time to snip them off. You can leave the fresh buds to dry off. After that, you can cut the stem from the branch. 

You will need an airtight glass jar to cure the buds. After putting the buds in the jar, put it in a dry and dark place. Always check that the bud doesn’t get humid or that there is no space to enter the air in the jar. 

After Bonsai Marijuana, Its Time To Store It

After Bonsai Marijuana, Its Time To Store It

You have grown your new marijuana tree, it is time to store them.

1. Mason Jar

You must have seen that dispensaries have large jars full of weeds. There are sealed jars so that no air can pass through them. You can buy the jar from any store. And this jar will be with you for the rest of your weed career. Put the weed, seal it and place it in a dry and dark spot.

2. Cannabis Humidor

Humidity will definitely damage your weed. It will be moldy and also harmful. Therefore, you need to control the humidity between 55 to 63%. In this way, your weed will be fresh for years. You can buy either a cigar humidor or a humidor for cannabis. 

3. Tin Foil

If you have a small amount of weed, then tin foil will work best for a couple of days. You can also use a tin container, but this is a temporary way to preserve weed. Put your weed in the tin foil, wrap it well, and put it in a dark place. It will keep your weed for almost two weeks. 

Best Strains For Bonsai Marijuana 

Different strains have different genetics. So they grow differently. In case of Bonsai marijuana cultivation, the objective is to obtain mature and healthy plants that grow as they would in the midst of nature – just at a fraction of their usual, natural size. Among colors and tastes, the most popular for potency, price, and impact are OG Kush, Northern Lights, and Whtie Window. 
In our opinion, for making bonsai here are the best strains that will help you to make a bonsai.

Critical Kush

This is an Indica-dominant hybrid that naturally grows shorter and bushier. The percentage of India is 80%, and the percentage of Sativa is 20%. The strain has relaxing and high THC content. 

White Window

This is a dutch classic, one of the best strains in the world. The Indica and Sativa are almost the same, and the THC level is not that high. 

To Sum Up

I think now you will have no problem making bonsai marijuana. Though I haven’t tried it, the process is simple. I used to make bonsai a few years ago. Please let me know if you face any issues while making your bonsai in the comment section below. 

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