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Anirban Mallick

15 Articles Published | Follow:
THC Crystals
What Are THC Crystals And Ways Use And Dose

Even if you use cannabis, but you may not be aware that crystalline, this is…

Male Vs Female Weed Plant
Cannabis Gender: Male Vs Female Weed Plant – Similarities And Differences

So, the topic of this article is male vs female weed plant. There are so…

What is CBG
What Is CBG: The Cannabinoid Everyone Is Talking About

Recently, there has been a new thing that people are curious about CBG. But what…

The Science Behind THC And THCa: A Comparative Analysis

There are people like you and me, who are well-known about cannabinoids. And the psychoactive…

When To Harvest Cannabis
Harvesting Cannabis: Understanding When To Harvest Cannabis Crop

So, when to harvest cannabis? If you have been wondering this question, then you have…

Edibles Dosing
Edibles Dosing 101: A Beginner’s Guide To Cannabis-Infused Treats

So many people are new to the world of cannabis-infused drinks and foods that it…

Does CBD lower heart rate
CBD For Heart Disease – Does CBD Lower Heart Rate?

Does CBD lower heart rate? Recently there have been so many rumors that CBD has…

Cannabidiol Vs Hemp Oil
Cannabidiol Vs Hemp Oil: Differences, Types, Uses, Effects

So, the topic is cannabidiol vs hemp oil… When it comes to the difference between…

Is Cannabidiol Illegal
Is Cannabidiol Illegal? CBD Legalization By State: A Complete Guide

The most common question that most CBD users ask is cannabidiol illegal. So, CBD is…

Does CBD Lower Blood Pressure
Does CBD Lower Blood Pressure Effectively? – CBD Magazine

Many people who are into using CBD have a common question among them. Which is:…

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