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Harvesting Cannabis: Understanding When To Harvest Cannabis Crop

Harvesting Cannabis: Understanding When To Harvest Cannabis Crop

When To Harvest Cannabis

So, when to harvest cannabis? If you have been wondering this question, then you have come to the right place. There are questions like when to harvest cannabis seeds or when is cannabis ready to harvest, we will answer all your questions.

Obviously, the full life cycle of the cannabis plant—germination, vegetative, and flowering—is completed before a harvest can be made. However, as you progress through these, the glorious bounty of freshly harvested flowers gets closer and closer. The only thing left to do is time your harvest perfectly to get exactly what you’ve been growing for weeks.

When harvesting cannabis plants, timing is everything. Because a bud can only be “perfectly ripe” for a short period of time, this has nothing to do with the glistering glands that give cannabis flowers their incredible stickiness—the trichomes.

The plant’s active components are housed in these trichomes: cannabinoids like THC and CBD, in addition to terpenes that enhance a bud’s aroma and flavor to an exquisite level. That is, when they are harvested at the right time. Because these cannabinoids won’t develop fully if you cut the crop too early, so the weed won’t have any psychoactive effects.

Harvest Cannabis: Trichome Color

Harvest Cannabis: Trichome Color

Observing the trichomes closely is the most precise method for determining when to harvest cannabis. Using a microscope, macro lens, or magnifying glass, you can get a very close look at things to determine when it’s time to collect the bounty. Cannabinoids of the plant are housed in these tiny trichomes, as previously mentioned. The cannabis “high” or “stone” and when it comes to medical relief, these compounds are the main things to be dependent.

By taking a gander at the trichome heads with an amplifying device, you can perceive how far along the cannabinoids are in their turn of events. Because the resin glands change color as they mature, this is possible from opaque milky white to transparent shades of yellowish brown.

Okay, now for the tricky part. As occurs with everyday items, not all of a marijuana plant’s trichomes change tone simultaneously. Trichomes develop gradually over time. Additionally, not all buds on a single plant mature at the same rate; the situation becomes even more complicated when multiple plants are grown. Because of this, it is challenging to determine the ideal time to harvest those cannabis colas.

Keeping a close eye on the development of the trichome is crucial here. You will know when it’s time to water your plants if you give them a tender close-up inspection every day. Do the majority of the trichomes appear transparent or watery, with just a few milky ones, as shown in the image above? The flower won’t provide the full range of effects because the THC and CBD—or their cannabinoid acid precursors or you can say that the flower haven’t developed fully yet.

Harvest Cannabis: Pistil Hair Color

Harvest Cannabis_ Pistil Hair Color

The color of the pistil “hairs,” as opposed to the trichomes, is another way to tell when to harvest cannabis plants. Waiting until just the right proportion of pistils turn brown or orange is the key. This method is slightly less accurate, but it is simpler to observe with one’s own eyes. So when is cannabis ready to harvest?

These little hairs are the principal signs that report the beginning of the blooming stage in female marijuana plants. Pistils are actually reproductive organs designed to collect male pollen for fertilization and seed production. Nonetheless, most producers need female blossoms without seeds for greater buds. The color of the still pistils can help you decide when to harvest and when to wait a little longer.

So, if you have decided to use the pistil hair method, then you should take these measures in your mind.

  • Your harvesting window opens when forty percent of the pistils have turned brown. It hasn’t reached her peak yet, though there is THC in the plant enough to give it a high.
  • The cannabis plant is at its best when fifty to sixty percent of the pistils have turned brown. Her buds contain a lot of THC—specifically, THCA—so now is the ideal time to harvest
  • Your weed has flowered for an excessive amount of time when 80 to 90% of the pistils turn brown. The majority of the potential THC is now CBN. Even though this has a soothing effect, it won’t get you high like when the plant had its maximum THC capacity.

Cannabis Harvest: High Or Stoned

Cannabis Harvest_ High Or Stoned

As you can see, the moment a strain is harvested, in addition to its cannabinoid and terpene profile and genetic quality, ultimately determines its effects. That makes it so pivotal to gather weed flawlessly. With this information, it is safe to say that a strain’s effect can be affected by both the genetics of the strain and when the plant is harvested.

Collect too soon, and you’ll encounter a light head buzz high impact, even from a weighty indica strain. If you harvest too late, you may experience the couchlock effect, which is not typical of a sativa hybrid. Of course, you could deliberately time your cannabis harvest to be “wrong” to get exactly these effects. You are free to do whatever you want!

Final Words

So, How and When To Harvest Cannabis? I hope now you have got a nice and clear idea about that.

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