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Hemp Vs CBD For Dogs: There Is A Fine Line Of Difference!

Hemp Vs CBD For Dogs: There Is A Fine Line Of Difference!

hemp vs cbd for dogs

With the emergence of CBD and hemp as one of the best products to solve multiple issues in animals, markets are indeed flooding. So, hemp and CBD seem to be the same, right? Well, hate to burst your bubble, but that is likely not the case.

Hemp vs CBD for dogs definitely have a relation, but they are certainly not the same. Even then, sometimes, both the terms are used interchangeably. Inconsistency surrounding language and labeling with hemp vs CBD for dogs has left multiple owners in utter confusion. But, worry not, as we are here to clear all your confusion and help you understand how hemp is different from CBD.  

It is necessary that you know the exact differences between hemp and CBD for dogs to not only be an informed customer but also a responsible dog parent. From how these substances are formulated to how they are going to impact your pet’s health, we will uncover everything that you need to know about hemp vs CBD for dogs in this article.  

Is There Any Difference In Hemp Vs CBD For Dogs?  

Is There Any Difference In Hemp Vs CBD For Dogs

To make things crystal clear, both hemp seed oil and CBD oil are extracted from the very same cannabis plant. While hemp seed oil is extracted from cannabis seeds, CBD oil comes from other parts of the same plant, which includes the leaves and stems. The best part about both hemp seed oil and CBD oil is that they have a very low THC content, so they are unlikely to cause a high.  

What Is Hemp Oil?  

As we mentioned before, hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the cannabis plant. Hemp oil is free from any THC or CBD content. This oil is rich in necessary fats like omega six and omega three and contains many other different vitamins and minerals. Hemp oils are usually used for cooking and in skincare products. However, these days, hemp oil has become one of the most popular substitutes for pet health.  

What Is CBD Oil? 

CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol, is a substance found in the cannabis plant. But CBD is found anywhere in the cannabis plant except for the seeds. BD oil is mainly extracted from leaves, flowers, or stalks of the plant. CBD oil is popular for its potential therapeutic benefits and is usually used to treat a number of health conditions in both animals and humans.  

Hemp Vs CBD For Dogs: The Difference  

Hemp Vs Cbd For Dogs The Difference

CBD oil and hemp oil both come from the same parent plant. However, they are not really the same. By now, you know that hemp oil comes from the seeds of the cannabis plant, while CBD oil comes from its other parts. However, neither of the two contain any psychedelic element like THC in them.  

Hemp oil is quite nutritionally dense. It is also rich in healthy fats and proteins, which include amino acids and omega-3. Hemp seeds are available at almost every grocery shop out there.  

CBD, on the other hand, is not necessarily a dietary supplement. It is just one of more than hundreds of cannabinoids that are found in a usual hemp plant. CBD cannot be used all by itself. It is infused in different products with other ingredients to make it edible. 

While both hemp seed oil and CBD oil can be used to complement your dog’s everyday diet, CBD works best when it is used to cure acute situations like sleep trouble, anxiety, stress, and pain. However, it is to be kept in mind that CBD oil is not necessarily a treatment. It is only a supplement. So, you need to visit the vet if your dog does not get any benefit from using CBD.  

Hemp Oil Benefits For Dogs  

Hemp oil has a number of health benefits for dogs. Knowing the difference between the benefits of hemp seed oil and CBD oil will help you use them in the right ways in the right situations.  

Supports Healthy Coat And Kin 

Hemp supplements for dogs are high in essential fatty acids like omega-6 and omega-3. These fatty acids help in nourishing your dog’s coat and skin, making sure they stay healthy and shiny. It may also help reduce the irritation and itchiness that happens due to allergies or dry skin.  

Supports Joint Health  

As dogs start to age, they may develop multiple joint issues like arthritis. Hemp oils formulated for dogs have gamma-linolenic acid in them. It is known to reduce any type of inflammation and reduce joint pain. It may also help improve flexibility and mobility in dogs as they get older.  

Supports Heart Health  

Hemp oil is one of the richest sources of alpha-linolenic, an omega-3 fatty acid that improves the health of the heart. It may help reduce inflammation, improve cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risks of heart disease in dogs.  

Boosts Immune System  

Hemp seed oil for dogs is rich in antioxidants, which help strengthen the dog’s immune system. It may also help protect the dog against any infections or diseases, keeping them forever healthy and happy.  

Supports Canine Digestion  

Every once in a while, your dog will definitely go through certain digestive issues such as diarrhea, vomiting, and some degree of pain in their gut. This is where hemp seed oil comes in as a hero. Hemp seed oil promotes the gut health of your dog by improving their overall digestive system.  

If you have ever noticed your dog not touching their food despite it lying in front of them for hours. This might happen because of a low appetite. Full-spectrum hemp oil can help promote appetite in dogs. So, when it is time for them to eat, adding a few drops of hemp seed oil to their food increases their want to eat.  

CBD Oil Benefits For Dogs 

CBD Oil Benefits For Dogs

Dogs, just like humans, have an endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a transmitter that regulates the most important bodily functions, like mood, sleep, stress, and the nervous system, and it keeps the dog well-balanced.  

CBD, in general, is a cannabinoid that, in some way, works with the endocannabinoid system of the body. Having CBD can help regulate different bodily functions in your dog.  

So, without any delay, let us see how beneficial CBD oil is for your dog:  

Anxiety And Aggression

CBD has a number of calming properties that help dogs suffering from separation anxiety, aggressive behaviors, or separation anxiety. In most cases, aggression in dogs happens due to underlying reasons that CBD can easily solve.  

Fear Of Loud Noises  

Some dogs tend to be quite fearful of loud noises. Professionals may also describe it as noise phobia. CBD can help dogs stay calm in the most noisy and chaotic situations.  

Pain And Inflammation  

CBD has a number of inflammatory properties in them. Hence, it can help cure joint pain, arthritis, or cancer pain in dogs.  


The relaxing properties present in CBD help dogs get good sleep throughout the night. They can fall asleep way faster and keep sleeping for longer.  


CBD addresses situations that may make your dog not want to eat a lot. CBD helps bring your baby’s appetite to a normal level.  

Skin Health  

CBD improves a dog’s skin health, too. It has a certain therapeutic potential to cure conditions such as eczema.


While more research is needed in this scenario, CBD can help treat dogs suffering from epilepsy to some level.  

Immunosuppression And Allergy Reduction  

CBD is popular for having immunosuppressant properties. While suppressing a dog’s immune system might not be the greatest idea, CBD stops the immune system from getting extra reactive to cause symptoms of allergy.  

Hemp Vs CBD For Dogs: Ingredients  

Hemp Vs CBD For Dogs Ingredients

Hemp oil does not really have any ingredients in it. This is because hemp, in itself, is the ingredient.  

However, there are certain hemp products that are particularly for pets and contain certain flavoring ingredients that add certain flavors.  

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On the other hand, pet CBD oils contain a handful of other ingredients.  

Which One Is Purer?  

Which One Is Purer

When it comes to purity, both CBD and hemp are great choices. The extra ingredients present in CBD are all-natural, especially the ones made for dogs. These extra ingredients are added so that the dog’s body can easily absorb the oil and use the CBD efficiently.  

Can You Say That CBD And Hemp Are The Same For Dogs?  

Can You Say That CBD And Hemp Are The Same For Dogs

Before you choose the best suitable oil for your dog, it is important to know that there are certain medications that may affect CBD work for your pet. Some of these medicines include steroids, heart, allergies, liver, kidney, or anxiety medications. So, before you jump to a conclusion, it is better to reach out to your dog’s vet and get proper guidance on which CBD oil will work best for your pet’s good health and well-being.  

Nevertheless, there are a number of benefits of using CBD and hemp oil for dogs. CBD oil works best when you are dealing with extreme levels of stress or anxiety in your dog. CBD promotes a certain level of light-headedness.  

On the other hand, hemp oil is full of a number of important elements that boost the wellness and immune system of your dog.  

While both the terms have been used interchangeably for the past years, CBD and hemp are not the same. CBD and hemp cater to quite a different set of needs for your dogs. So, while you are on the run to find the best oil for your pet, first understand what you need it for. If you wish to cure a certain illness in your dog, CBD oil is the best match. On the other hand, if your aim is to promote the general well-being of your dog, hemp seed oil is what you need.  

Hemp Vs CBD For Dogs: Frequently Asked Questions  

Do Veterinarians Approve CBD?  

While this is a subjective answer, as some vets would recommend you use CBD oil for your pets, others will not. In many countries, vets are not legally allowed to discuss or prescribe CBD to their patients.  

Is It Legal To Give CBD Or Hemp Oil To Dogs?  

Yes, if you can legally get your hands on CBD or hemp oil, you can easily give them to your dogs. However, CBD or hemp are not approved ingredients when it comes to pet foods. Therefore, you, as the owner, have the option to choose if you want to give CBD to your pets or not.  

Can CBD Cause Any Psychoactive Effects In Dogs?

No, it cannot. First of all, CBD comes from the cannabis plant and is free from any sort of THC. THC is a component that causes the high and is present only in the marijuana plant. Some CBD products do contain a certain level of THC, but that does not exceed 0.3 percent. In case of a CBD overdose, your dog will likely just sleep through it, but there will not be any chance of overdose.  

How Long Does It Take For CBD To Function In Dogs? 

If you have an anxious dog and are looking for something that will calm them down, you will see certain results within just half an hour. However, if it is about something way more chronic and severe, it will take around two to four weeks for the oil to actually show its results.  

Are CBD Dog Treats The Same As Hemp Dog Treats? 

Practically yes. Both of these dog treats come from the same compound, CBD, and some of their benefits on dogs are pretty much the same. For instance, both can help reduce stress in dogs. 

The Bottom Line  

While they are not really the same thing, hemp vs CBD for dogs has been used interchangeably for years. While hemp seed oil comes from the hemp seeds of the cannabis plant, CBD oil comes from its flowers, leaves, or stems. None of these compounds have THC in them, so there is no chance for your pet to get high.  

While hemp seed oil caters to some of the more generic issues in dogs, CBD oil mainly cures more chronic and severe illnesses.  

If you wish to buy either of them for your dog, first figure out its purpose. Understand why you need it and what you expect it to do to your dog, and the whole process will become simpler, and you’ll pick just the right one for your furry baby.

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