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Exploring The Strain: Gushers Strain

Exploring The Strain: Gushers Strain

gushers strain

Thinking of switching to a newer strain that can keep you high and functional at the same time? Then you stumbled upon the right article. In this article, we will look at one of the newest additions to the Cookies Fam, the Gushers strain. A strain that is powerful enough to make you feel sedated but will still keep you alert. So stick around and find out more.

Strain Overview

Strains Overview

Gushers strain, or as the cool kids call it, ‘White Gushers Strain,’ is a hybrid strain that belongs to the Cookies family. This is a high THC and low CBD strain of marijuana that has taken the world by storm. Users who tried this strain have said that the Gushers strain effects are mostly euphoria, a sense of relaxation, and even sedation to some extent. Named after the rich flavor profile, Gushers weed is one of the most flavorful strains that you can opt for in recent times. 

This strain was originally created by the legendary Cookies Fam, located on the West Coast of America, back in 2010. Thirteen years later, this strain can be found globally with countless users. Due to their iconic flavor profiles that resemble fruits, this strain is called by many names. Some of the most popular names are the Watermelon Gushers strain, Cherry Gushers strain, etc. 



As explained earlier, this Gushers Weed strain is a part of the iconic Cookies family of marijuana strains. This strain is a cross between the iconic Gelato #41 and the iconic Triangle Kush. The essence of the parent strains can be felt at every step of the way. With a THC level of around 20% on average, this strain is a slightly Indica-dominant strain with a 60/40 Indica-Sativa ratio. Therefore, it is perfect for being a couch potato but will keep you alert and coherent. 

Some users claim that this is a strain that shares a lot of qualities with the Runts or Zkittlez and is usually put in the same line. However, that is not true, as this is a strain that has its own characteristics that set this strain apart from others. Still, this is a new-age fruity strain that was developed in the late 2010s. 



Knowing the characteristics of a strain is an important part of knowing the respective strain closely. While the strain does share some characteristics with the other strains from a similar family, there are defining factors that set this strain apart from the others. So, understanding these characteristics is an important part of knowing the Gushers strain completely. 



One of the most iconic aspects of this strain is its flavor profile. It is a complex mix of fruity as well as sweet flavor profiles that would keep you wanting more. Users claim that a fruity tinge, similar to a well-ripe pineapple, welcomed them. A sweet candy-like essence followed this fruity flavor, which tied up the whole experience. Therefore, perfect if you are craving something sweet. If you loved this strain, then you would also love the Rainbow Gushers Strain, Purple Gushers Strain, and Blue Gushers Strain. All of these strains share a remarkable likeness to our strain of honor. 



The aroma of the strain shares remarkable similarities with the flavor profile of the strain. A Gushers Strain Leafly review beautifully captured the aroma of the strain. The user said that the strain has a spicy grape along with an herbal overtone. This is surely going to appeal to a lot of users who have a sweet tooth and hate their weed to have the iconic skunk. 



Appearance-wise, this strain exudes exclusivity. With a bright shade of green along with purple highlights. Coupled with sufficient amber crystal trichomes and thin hairs. This is a strain that looks beautiful. In fact, it looks so iconic that it takes one glance to know it is the Gushers. 

The Experience

Gushers Strain is a balanced strain with a 60/40 Indica-Sativa ratio and a THC value that oscillates between 15% and 25%. Due to the even spacing of the Indica-Sativa ratio, this weed would not make you an absolute couch potato. Therefore, it is good for late afternoon or early evening sessions. 

Several users who have tried this strain claim that it is a strain that provides a powerful high, perfect for melting away all your worries and stress. As soon as you consume the strain, you will be feeling a mild feeling of euphoria. This would originate at the back of your head and would soon move to the other parts of the body. 

Once you reach the peak, you will feel absolutely relaxed, and you will reach a newer horizon of highness. This is a quaint place where you feel like you are just going along for the ride. However, throughout the experience, the strain would never make you fall off to sleep. Hence, this is a strain that is perfect for weekend Netflix and chill.   

As A Medical Marijuana

Gushers is a great marijuana strain that comes with an amazing flavor profile and a mild high that is strong enough for you to slow down but never too strong to press pause on your day. As a result, scientists and researchers believe that there are potent medicinal benefits that come with this strain.  

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One of the proven medical properties that this strain has is the ability to handle mood-altering ailments like depression, anxiety, ADHD, etc. Due to a substantial amount of THC, which is 20% on average, this strain is perfect for calming individuals down and helping them process their feelings. 

Apart from its strong Indica characteristics, this is a perfect strain that can help an individual to have improved focus. Therefore, if you are somebody suffering from ADHD, consuming this strain can help you focus better.

Lastly, like most other strains, this strain also possesses great painkilling capabilities. In other words, if you are suffering from chronic pains of sorts, then this is a perfect strain that you can opt for. 

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The Final Drag

There you go, all the necessary information that you might need about the all-new Gushers Strain that has taken the 420 community by storm. With a unique flavor profile, aroma, and effects, this is easily one of the best strains that i have personally tried in a while.

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